restaurant neon sign ideas

If you want your business to look appealing, why not take the first step with restaurants neon signs? Their superb looks are the ideal way to do the job. There are millions of restaurants neon sign ideas that you can choose to enhance the client experience. Let's see through some great examples right below!

1. Have your customized neon signs in restaurant

Customers come to restaurants not only for grabbing a meal but also for having a warm conversation. While waiting for service, people will share stories with their significant others. Therefore, a cozy place with dim light will make them feel comfortable. Placing the artwork of the restaurant's signature dishes in the dining area will create a more vibrant feeling of space.

1.1 Your Custom Neon Sign

Your Custom Neon Sign

Restaurant neon signs are not only used in the interior but also can be displayed outside the door. For outdoor restaurants, having an LED sign will be a huge plus. It not only lightens your space but also attracts the eyes of passers-by. Your custom neon sign can be engraved with your favorite saying, your logo brand, fantastic artwork, etc.

1.2 Sotally Tober Led Neon Saying

Sotally Tober Led Neon Saying

Sotally tober” is a pun on how drunk you are. This comic saying placed inside the restaurant will help diners know that yours is not only for eating, but also entertaining with loved ones. The stunning yellow color also makes your space become spiced up.

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1.3 Eating Utensils Restaurant Neon Sign

Eating Utensils Restaurant Neon Sign

If you just want a simple neon sign, then this illustration will be suitable for you. Eating Utensils Restaurant Neon Sign is forever a timeless decor. For restaurants selling pastries and desserts, this is a pleasant option for purchase.

2. Signature restaurants neon sign 

Neon sign reflects the style of your restaurants. It can be minimalism, modern-industrial, one of your menu staples, etc. Having a good one can make it much easier for pedestrians to notice your business. Let's dive in to see some unique restaurant neon signs!

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2.1 Kebab Restaurant Neon Sign

Kebab Restaurant Neon Sign

A well-designed neon sign with the restaurant's signature dish is an effective statement. It can be used as a decoration as well as make customers aware of what food you are selling. The powerful red radiant of neon sign restaurant hung on the black wall creates a contrasting impact. With such uniqueness, your store is great for leaving an imprint on passers.

2.2 Pizza Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

Pizza Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

A pizza slice is covered with a layer of cheese and toppings strongly appeal to the guests. They will feel cravings that motivate them to order more. Furthermore, the Pizza neon sign creates the perfect ambiance in your fast food restaurant. Your business can turn into an excellent place for customers to spend time.

2.3 Astronaut Hamburger Acrylic Artwork

Astronaut Hamburger Acrylic Artwork

A basic burger neon sign in restaurant never goes out of style. To add more difference to your restaurant, however, we have an illustration of an astronaut sitting on the moon with his meal. There are a ton of ways to use burger artwork to channel yours into a piece of art.

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2.4 Taco Time Led Neon

Taco Time Led Neon

Adding a Call To Action can make customers feel more interested. By combining both artwork and saying, your LED sign will stand out from the others. Not only visuals, but the color of neon signs also has a positive effect. Neon sign restaurants are a useful way that helps them feel comfortable while waiting for food. Plus, it also can be a stunning backdrop to take some selfies. 

3. Clarity restaurants neon sign 

To stand out, your business needs strong clarity. Neon signs at the entrance primarily impact the guest experience very well. With a colorful, yet stylish led sign, they will know what kind of restaurant you are. In addition, an eye-catching sign placed on the exterior can entice them to enter store.

3.1 Open 24/7 Neon Sign In Restaurants 

Open 24/7 Neon Sign In Restaurants

This “Open 24/7” clarity neon sign can tell the guest that your restaurant opens from dusk to dawn. With this visual message, your business particularly stands out from early morning to late evening. The message of the sign must match the operation time of the restaurant.

3.2 Hello Restaurants Neon Sign 

Hello Restaurants Neon Sign

If your restaurant wants minimalism in style then “Hello” neon sign is a perfect choice. It not only reminds passers-by of your business but also draws their eyes. It is an ideal neon sign idea for your restaurant to hang on the exterior. 

4. Direction neon signs in restaurant

Besides, neon signs can be used as a direction. You can easily introduce the architecture of your restaurant by placing directional neon signs. With those, you can boost the guest experience by quickly helping them find their way around.  We assure you that directional signs can make a huge impact.

4.1 Gender Symbol For Restroom Neon Sign In Restaurant

Gender Symbol For Restroom Neon Sign In Restaurant

Restrooms are an integral part of a restaurant. Customers who first come to your business will ask the staff for directions. Adding a restroom neon sign can help guests find it by themselves. It is a creative design you should have in store.

4.2 Smoking Area Restaurant Neon Sign 

Smoking Area Restaurant Neon Sign

In some restaurants, diners are only allowed to smoke in the smoking area. Therefore, a neon sign which indicates a smoking area can be used for both decoration and guide. This will create a pleasant feeling for them as well as those people sitting around.

5. Catchy sayings restaurants neon sign

Obviously, in the highly competitive F&B industry, no one wants to be left behind. So, having a customized neon sign can help your business to be ahead of the game. In addition, a restaurant that has a better overall appearance is always well-received most of the time.

5.1 Let’s Eat Restaurant Neon Sign

Let’s Eat Restaurant Neon Sign

With a call to action “Let’s eat” neon sign, you can encourage your customer to have a memorable meal. Neon signs are truly a friend of a restaurant because of their splendid complement. This also can be a perfect backdrop for diners to take magnificent pictures. In this way, your business will gain some earned media if they post them on social media.

5.2 Today Is A Good Day Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

Today Is A Good Day Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

With a warm-hearted quote such as “Today is a good day”, your restaurant can easily boost customers’ moods. This is a pleasant way to urge them to come back. Moreover, the radiant sparkle from neon signs helps elevate guests’ feelings.

5.3 Just Eat It Neon Sign In Restaurant

Just Eat It Neon Sign In Restaurant

Hanging a Just Eat It neon sign in restaurant next to the dining space can brighten the ambiance well. You can turn your restaurant into a joyful date space that fascinates guests to bring their friends along. As guests walk through the doors of your restaurant, they'll notice a fiery red neon sign overhead.  

All in all, neon signs are a must-have for your restaurant. It can be used in many ways depending on how creative you are. They can truly make a huge impact on your business. Zanvis Neon offers you both pre-made and customized neon signs. So, with the several ideas above, let's art up your restaurant space!