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Are you looking for some novel ways to polish your coffee bar? If yes, you’re in the right place. Though having a long history back to the beginning of the 20th, neon signs have stood the test of time as a fresh and innovative way to decorate coffee shops. These gorgeous signs not only light up your space tastefully, but also increase the appeal of your site, thus attracting more clients into the shop.

1. Cafe open neon signs

Cafe open neon signs are an essential element of a coffee store. They are perfect decor pieces which not only add an accent to the atmosphere, but also complement other furniture well. It is highly advisable to seriously invest in some good neon lights in order that your coffee bar shines bright 24/7.

1.1 Hot Cup Of Coffee Neon Sign

Hot Cup Of Coffee Neon Sign

If you want to get your coffee shop noticed, consider getting this well-designed Hot Cup Of Coffee Neon Sign and hanging it on your front glassdoor.  It is so eye-catching and welcoming that it appeals to not only the people who want a hot cup of coffee, but also those who are looking for a chill place. Once the night falls, this awesome sign will light up your store elegantly, differentiating your café from many competitors in town. This is also to signal to customers that you’re open and ready for service.


1.2 Central Perk Coffee Neon Sign

Central Perk Coffee Neon Sign

If you’re a big fan of the iconic Friends film series, this colorfully glowing sign will sweep you off your feet. Though Central Perk - the famous hanging out spot of the group has their logo decals adhered to the front glass door, you can try out a brand new idea for your shop. Get a well-lit logo neon sign and hang it above the entrance, or on the front glass door to attract a stronger flow of customers.

1.3 We Love You A’latte Coffee Neon Sign

We Love You A’latte Coffee Neon Sign

We’ve been discussing neon lights as open signs placed on the outside, but indoor neon is just equally important. They are conducive to creating a refreshing and refined atmosphere, and in turn increase the comfort customers experience while in the shop. If you have an idea, go to custom service link right here to get your dream neon sign here.

1.4 Clark’s Coffee Co EST 2021 Neon Sign

Clark’s Coffee Co EST 2021 Neon Sign

We understand that coffee businesses are highly competitive; therefore, having attractive decor poses a huge advantage. As investing millions of dollars in expensive furniture can be a risky move, neon signs are a cost-effective,  yet efficient choice to decorate your business in a way that differentiates your brainchild from other competitions. Zanvis Neon offers you a wide variety of unique coffee neon signs. If nothing catches your eye, don’t be worried!. You can create your own signs using our quick neon sign generator (Link provided above). Order some cool neon signs today and Impress your guests tomorrow!

1.5 Cafe Open Neon Signs

Cafe Open Neon Signs

This cafe open sign is perfect for any coffee businesses that have a straightforward and simple style. It looks endearing while a sense of practicality is ensured. Hanging this above the front door, customers and pedestrians will be aware of when your coffee shop opens services.

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1.6 BUT FIRST, coffee neon sign

BUT FIRST, coffee neon sign

Reel in more customers with this beautiful neon sign glowing in the dark. Neon lights are pleasantly bright and glowy, which enhances your store visibility and exposure even from afar. These signs can basically work as a constant source of advertising, getting people noticed and walked into your café/ 

2. Coffee neon light signs indoors

Interior coffee neon lights are just as important as the open coffee signs. While outside neon attracts people, inside neon lights are what impress clients and keep them coming back for more. High quality and well-designed signs make an inviting and comfortable setting, creating the perfect spot for coffee lovers and others.

2.1 CAPPUCCINO ESPRESSO coffee neon sign

CAPPUCCINO ESPRESSO coffee neon sign

This immaculate CAPPUCCINO ESPRESSO café neon sign works both ways. For indoor options, you can hang this on the wall in the reception or above the cocktail counter. Make sure it is a clean and empty spot, so that the new sign will be the star. For those who want to place this signage outside,  consider installing this in the middle of the entrance or on one side, whichever easily catches the attention of pedestrians.

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2.2 COFFEE BAR Neon Sign


There’s a compelling reason why the perfect hanging out spot is the cafe, not offices or homes. Offices can be too formal, while hanging out at homes often puts privacy at the expense. People usually find themselves in a coffee shop, sipping on freshly brewed coffee and talking passionately with their friends. Make your coffee shop the best hanging out place in town with neon sign decor and you’ll see customers keep coming back for more.

2.3 Coffee Neon Sign (Basic style)

Coffee Neon Sign

Of course, you don’t want your café to look dull and uncomfortably empty. The thing is that this can be hard to avoid. You can invest heavily in expensive furniture and the space still ends up looking bland. If this happens, consider purchasing a custom neon sign for your coffee shop. A sparkling neon sign never disappoints as it works well on its own and with others.

2.4 Heart-shaped Foam Cappuccino Neon Sign 

Heart-shaped Foam Cappuccino Neon Sign

If you’re a coffee lover, then this Heart-shaped Foam Cappuccino Neon Sign certainly excites you. You can either let this sign shine on its own or couple it with some great decor pieces, like a painting or drawing of neutral colors. Two items of contrasting colors complement each other tremendously. Place this masterpiece in the serving area and turn some heads!

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2.5 Coffee Cup Neon Sign

Coffee Cup Neon Sign

This paper-based coffee cup neon sign, if hung above the cocktail counter, adds accent to your whole ambiance. The place will look insanely more interesting and eye-catching afterwards.

2.6 Taste of Coffee Neon Sign

Taste of Coffee Neon Sign

If your café follows the minimalist style, then it is highly advised that you get some beautiful glowy signs for your furniture. Minimalism in architecture is characterized by neutral colors and warm lighting. Purchase some gorgeous signs of cool shades and place them next to your simple paintings or plants. They’ll not only light up the place, but also highlight and complement other decor items well.

2.7 Happy Fridays Neon Sign

Happy Fridays Neon Sign

Refresh your coffee interior decor with this Happy Fridays Neon Sign once weekends are approaching. It is a great way to attract new customers, while providing a new visual adventure for loyal patrons. Showing care and love through these super affordable, yet high quality signs can increase customer loyalty and strengthen connection with target audience.

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2.8 But First (purple color), Coffee Neon Sign

But First (purple color), Coffee Neon Sign

If you’re anything like me, a cup of coffee once the sun rises is a must to start off the day. This sign is absolute perfection for people like me and you. Get this sign custom-made for you and hang them in your shop, or even at your own comfy corner at home. Make a statement with this simple, yet elegant neon sign right now!

2.9 Today’s Vibe …Coffee Neon Sign

Today’s Vibe …Coffee Neon Sign

For some people, less is more. This simple neon sign in quotes is perfect for those who always follow a straightforward and simple approach in life. If you’re among this group, consider getting this Today’s Vibe …. Coffee Sign. 

3. Coffee neon sign for home

Neon coffee signs are also great for decorating your home café. They’re not as harsh as regular light bulbs, but light up the space beautifully thanks to a dimmer that can adjust the lights. A neon sign of your choice also adds character into the atmosphere.

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3.1 Coffee Cup With Heart Ring On Top Neon Sign

Coffee Cup With Heart Ring On Top Neon Sign

This sign is just pure perfection for couples living together. If you too consider decorating your home café, then order this cute sign. Hang them on the wall above the couch or sofa and spice up those sweet loving coffee moments.

3.2 Coffee LED Neon Sign in Kitchen

Coffee LED Neon Sign

Get some lighting in the washing area with this yellow coffee neon sign. You enjoy extra lighting to make better drinks and clean utensils. Also, neon lights make your home cafe look like a real coffee shop, giving you professional cafe experience without traveling far.

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3.3 Coffee Cup Neon Sign - outdoor

Coffee Cup Neon Sign

This coffee cup neon sign is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Hang this incredible sign above your drink table  or if you have a table outside, then place this on the wall next to it. Once the night gradually falls, your family and you can enjoy some afternoon tea in the magical ambiance -  truely a memory of a lifetime.

3.4 Hot Cup of Coffee LED Neon Sign

Hot Cup of Coffee LED Neon Sign

Get this two-colored Hot Cup of Coffee LED Neon Sign for your home bar right now! Switch up the vibe and enjoy some relaxing time with this!

3.5 Coffee Time Neon Sign

Coffee Time Neon Sign

Purchase this well-designed coffee time neon sign and place it on your wall. This will not only light up the space, but also set the tone for your home bar.

So, that’s our 20 ideas for coffee shop decor with neon signs. We hope you’ll get inspired. It is now time to create a beautiful and  signature sign of your dream. Go to our quick neon sign generator and let us turn your vision into life!