bar neon sign ideas

Bar neon signs are a wonderful way to attract customers to your business. They are super affordable, yet very effective in drawing attention and letting potential customers know that your bar is ready to attend to their needs. You can customize your neon sign for bar to your specific needs and personal preferences, so your bar will look as unique as possible. If you don’t know where to start off, we’ve got your back. In this article, we will introduce you to some of our best neon bar sign ideas.

1. Outdoor bar neon signs 

Bar neon signs are lightweight and easy to transport. Plus, unlike traditional glass neon, these hand-made neon signs are super safe and durable. 

You can hang these signs on the front door or next to the entrance as long as they can easily be spotted by pedestrians. We provide custom neon signs so you can freely personalize bar signs, with your bar name, your family name or any sayings that mean a great deal to you. Below are some of the best outdoor bar neon signs that certainly will inspire you for your next neon sign project.

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“Giddy Up” bar neon sign
“Giddy Up” bar neon sign

In tough competition, your bar must stand out  in order to impress and attract prospective customers. A bar neon sign that can shine bright in broad daylight is a great way to draw attention. You can place it right above the serving counter if the bar is a mobile truck or hang your sign under a porch roof or under a roof overhang if it’s a whole establishment. 

Don’t worry about the rain! We have two options: indoor and outdoor to fit your special needs. Each sign comes with a full set of necessary equipment and  installation guides, so you can install your bar neon sign properly. You can watch it online here!

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WISSERSCH bar neon sign
WISSERSCH BAR EST 2022 bar neon sign

Bar neon signs turn your bar into a piece of art looking from afar. With a large bright neon sign engraved with your bar name, it is even harder to ignore your business. Out of curiosity, they’re going to come in and check your place out. 

2. Bar neon signs interior

While outside bar neon signs draw attention, neon signs in the bar create a positive impression on customers. Beautiful bar neon signs decor can leave an imprint on the customers, thereby encouraging them to come back. There are 4 key places you can hang these eye-catching signs: cocktail area, dance floor, bar lounge and restroom.

2.1 Cocktail area.

Kelly’s cocktails bar neon signKelly’s cocktails bar neon sign | Cocktail bar decor

A bar name neon sign below the hanging wine glass rack is a cool and fun way to brighten up the bar. It is also eye-catching, which helps draw customers to the cocktail section.

SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS bar neon signs“SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS” bar neon signs

This “SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS” neon sign encourages the guests to raise their glass and bottoms up! The bright shade of yellow color exudes warmth and happiness, which helps elevate the mood and vibes of every party.

Open Bar Neon SignBar OPEN bar neon sign

Neon signs are truly a friend of darkness. They complement each other so well to the point that one needs the other to shine brighter. Bar neon signs are truly a must in nightlife scenes. The radiant glow from the neon together with great drinks and company is what truly makes a night special. 

2.2 Dance floor.

Follow the call of the disco ball bar neon sign“Follow the call of the disco ball” bar neon sign

Adding some Call to Action sayings on the dance floor and kick start the fun of the night. Get your guests on the dance floor, turn up the music and enjoy the time of their life. Everyone can dance!

Trust me, you can dance - Tequila bar neon sign

“Trust me, you can dance - Tequila” bar neon sign

2.3 Bar lounge.

Cocktails and dreams bar neon sign“Cocktails and dreams” bar neon sign

Lounge is for people who are in a bar, but want to enjoy the lowkey casual fun, rather than engage in high-intensity activity. Lounge is great for talking and laughing together. Under the neon sign light, the experience seems surreal and magical as if it was a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie. Let’s give your bar lounge this magical ambiance with our bar neon signs!

Happy hour bar neon sign with a cocktail glass in the middle

Happy hour bar neon sign with a cocktail glass in the middle

The environment affects our mood. Well-lit rooms, both artificial and natural lights can evoke happy feelings. Bar customers always look forward to a good time in the bar. So, why not light up your space and fill it with positive vibes only!

2.4 Restroom

Male & Female Gender Symbol bar neon sign

Male & Female Gender Symbol neon sign

Are your guests often drunk and not be able to find their gender-specific restrooms? Well, we cannot blame them since a bar is the place to get drunk and have fun. Instead, let’s think of a good solution and take immediate actions. Hanging these brightly-lit Gender Symbol bar neon signs above the restroom can really make a difference, helping the guests find their right bathroom and thus, better guest experience. 

Selfie bar neon sign

Selfie bar neon sign

Selfie spots can help promote your business. It is a great way to connect with customers and gain some earned media as well. A simple, yet unique bar neon sign placed on top of a selfie mirror can go a long way. Make sure the lights are flattering, not too dark or harsh. Our bar neon signs come with a wireless remote that allows you to adjust the brightness exactly how you want.

Angel wings with halo on top bar neon sign

“Angel wings with halo on top” bar neon sign

A pair of angel wings and a halo on top can be a game changer for your bar. Decorating these fabulous wings with a quote, like “Hello Gorgeous” or “Hello Beautiful” is absolutely picture-worthy. 

2.5 Home bar decor.

Big Dog’s Gin - home bar neon signBig Dog’s Gin - home bar neon sign

Home bar is absolutely indispensable to a successful young entrepreneur. This is a place where magic happens, where business deals are closed and successful partnerships kick off. Make this spot of yours one-of-a-kind and impress your future business partners with our best personalized home bar neon signs.

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Cheers bar neon sign - Home bar decorCheers bar neon sign - Home bar decor

Home bar can also be a friendly spot between you and your loved ones. Add vibrant colors into your space using our bar neon signs. So, you can invite your friends and treat them to a nice cocktail and food on the weekends. Or turn this spot into a romantic date space just between you and your significant other. 

We’ve taken you through some of our best bar neon signs ideas and inspirations. Now it’s time to make one of your own and see your vision come to life. You can order our best bar neon lights for sale right