custom bar neon sign

Finding the perfect custom bar neon sign is some challenging work. We understand you’ve explored quite a few online sources already, but still haven't made up your mind. Then let us give you the right nudge. Browse through these top picks on coolest custom bar neon signs that our customers have custom-made for their bar, and maybe landed one for you.

1. Personalized neon bar signs for home

Bring the 80s-90s nostalgic vibes into your modern home bar by customizing gorgeous bar neon signs. You’ll get to make a personal statement, impress your friends by your quirky design as well as plan a surprise party for, let’s say, your best friend and loved ones. 

High quality illuminating source, while pleasant to the eyes, neon signs for home bar are the top safe, eco-friendly & low electricity consumption lighting option out there. This aesthetic decor is also durable and low-cost, so customizing one for this exciting corner in your house. But first, check out some of our best designs below. Our customers are super satisfied, and I believe so will you!
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intage bar neon sign

1.1 BEERIOGS neon sign

BEERIOGS neon sign

Enjoy a Saturday night party with your friends and colleagues under the magical & captivating neon atmosphere! If you love vibrant pops of neon color, pink flamingo. Imagine sipping your favorite beverage, purple, yellow or red neon signs would suit the occasion perfectly. Custom bar neon signs in these color hues brighten the atmosphere, and add emphasis to the decor, so those group photos will turn out so lit !!!!

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1.2 BEER custom bar neon sign

BEER custom bar neon sign

Light up the beverage table with this colorful BEER custom bar neon sign! Parties are so mediocre without divine neon lights hung on the wall. With a disco ball in the center, you’ll have everything you need for a fun soiree!

1.3 Cocktail bar neon sign

Cocktail bar neon sign
Cocktail bar neon sign

Simple, yet capture the mood perfectly. Place this versatile Cocktail BAR neon sign anywhere in your home bar, let’s say on the blank wall on the same level as those fixture lighting.  It makes the space look 100x more awesome and of course, enlighten  every single item in its way. Once installed, the sign will instantly bring a sense of warmth and depth into the room, giving you the best time of your weekend. Whether you’re planning happy hours for just you or with someone else, this neon sign will not disappoint you.

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1.4 Wine glass custom bar neon sign

Wine glass custom bar neon sign

Look how the Wine glass bar neon sign just looks so real and lit-up placed next to the real wine glass. So transparent & high quality, and look awesome as well. For party host, if you’re looking for some ambient lighting that’s adjustable and customizable, looks cool as well as exudes opulence, look no further.

Custom bar neon signs are just perfect for your needs. You’ll save a couple of bucks as well, as this form of lighting made from robust material can last for years, without consuming much electricity. Hurry up and customize one for your dream home bar.

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2. Custom neon signs for bar

Neon signs are a must-have item for bar decor. Back in the 1920s - 19602, neon signs were an instantly recognizable scene of nightclubs and bars. In recent years, they have rebounded with a totally new look and design, less bulky and more aesthetically diverse. Besides, they’re a whole package: low-cost, high quality, durable and eco-friendly. Bar owners looking for unique decor must not miss these custom neon signs below.

2.1 Custom bar neon signs

Bar neon signs

This restaurant customized 3 large neon signs to hang above the kitchen to enhance customer dining experience, and they absolutely loved it. If you’re looking to boost customer experience, and thus sales, investing in superb custom neon signs for your bar will be one of the most lucrative business decisions you’ve made!  

2.2 Open bar neon sign

Open bar neon sign

Bars must shine bright at night, so customers will know your bar is offering service. A normal sign cannot attract as it’s eclipsed by the dark. Neon lights, on the other hand, serve as great nighttime advertising that costs less, but brings in more $$$. The bonus is that the neon sign is there to stay for years.

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2.3 Champagne Bar neon sign

Champagne Bar neon sign

Showcase the special offers at your bar shop in neon light and hang the sign above the entrance. This attractive display will reel in the right customers to your shop, while serving as a signature piece of decor that’ll stay in their head rent-free.

2.4 David’s Bar neon sign

David’s Bar neon sign

You can have the best wine and beer beverages in the world, but if you don’t show them off in some magical neon light, this is some poor marketing strategy. Customize bar neon sign using your own name. This way, the neon sign gives you exposure, and of course, serves as an appealing decor item that keeps drawing new customers to your bar.

2.5 Pint & cocktail BAR neon sign

Pint & cocktail BAR neon sign

Who wouldn’t love seeing beautiful neon signs glowing? Eyes are naturally drawn to vibrant colors, so using this neon lighting is a sure-fire way to attract people to your party, or bar shop. Custom bar neon signs also add accent to your whole decor game. If things look kinda boring, invest in superb quality bar neon signs at Zanvis Neon. You’ll be amazed at how our bar neon signs can transform the whole room. Neon light also leaves an imprint on guests, and thus helps your business stand out. And it’s low-cost. Customize one for your business right now.

2.6 Other Custom bar neon sign

Other Custom bar neon sign

2.7 Cheers neon sign

Cheers neon sign

Hang this Cheers custom bar neon sign above the wall next to the guests’ table. Get them to raise their glass and bottoms up! Also, this can be used as aesthetic decor wall art that ‘ll have your guests staring as well as add fun to your place. People love having fun after stressful work hours, so make sure you provide just what they’re searching for.

2.8 Switched on beers neon sign

Switched on beers neon sign

If turned off, this beer's custom bar neon sign looks beautiful. The clear acrylic backboard gives off opulent vibes. Also, made from robust acrylic material, the sign feels strong and is actually durable. Make this your signature wall art, and you won’t regret it!

2.9 Beers custom bar neon sign

Beers custom bar neon sign

Brighten up that black uninteresting wall by hanging a bright vibrant neon sign like this! Enjoy warm sun-like light and dynamic energy, while sipping your favorite drink. What a great way to enjoy a weekend with your loved ones.



Add color pops to your somber wall with glowing neon lights. Also, this I LOVE THIS BAR & BEER GLASS custom bar neon sign sets the mood for the space, creating the ideal setting for those wonderful happy hours with friends and family.

Gorgeous custom bar neon signs will have your friends and guests cheering! Upgrade your bar decor and be that host everyone’s dreamt of having. Go to custom request, send us a sketch and specific requests, our team will get back to you with a mockup and quote within a few hours. Custom neon signs turn your bar into the hottest spot in town!