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Once an era-defining feature, kitchen neon signs are now taking over our home sweet home, particularly our kitchen. They’re great at illuminating the space as well as add a whimsical and fun touch to your dining area.

If you love to see that vintage charm of the 90s back in your modern kitchen, neon signs are just perfect for you. Also, you have 100% freedom in expressing exactly what your heart desires in neon lights. Let us inspire your next kitchen makeover with some of our best ideas below!

1. Kitchen Neon Saying Sign

1.1 Bon Appetit Kitchen Neon Sign

Bon Appetit Kitchen Neon Sign

If you’re still wavering over which neon signs work best for your kitchen decor, then pick this Bon Appetit Kitchen Neon Sign. It is simple, yet versatile.

This classic goes well with all contemporary decorating items, so you don’t have to rack your brains on where to put this sign along with other decor items.Consider hanging this well-lit sign above the kitchen counter or on an empty wall. This perfect combination will ensure you a fun and attractive kitchen.

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1.2 Let’s Cook Kitchen Neon Sign

Let’s Cook Kitchen Neon Sign

Throw yourself into the kitchen and make some delicious food for your hungry stomach. There’s nothing better than an encouraging Let’s Cook Neon Sign to spice up the ambiance. So next time you’re in the kitchen cooking with your loved ones, you’ll feel a change of scenery, more exciting and relaxing.

Those cooking sessions will be filled with fun and lights, making you enjoy cooking even more. In the end, there’s no doubt that food nurtures you, so having a well-lit and inviting kitchen is extremely significant.

1.3 Let’s Eat Neon Sign

Let’s Eat Kitchen Neon Sign

Get this beautiful Let’s Eat Neon Sign and place it near your dining table. This well-lit yellow-colored sign exudes such warmth and sunshine into your space so that you enjoy an extra warm light and coziness during your friendly meals with your loved ones. It can even be used as a soft lighting device once the darkness falls, so you don’t fall over things when getting a glass of water in the middle of the night.

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1.4 SNACKS Kitchen Neon Sign

SNACKS Kitchen Neon Sign

For those of you owning a bakery, this SNACKS Kitchen Neon Sign is built just for you. It is important that your customers know where you display your baked goods and snacks, so they’ll know where to look for without much hassle. More convenience, more customers coming back to use your service. If you’re a house owner whose kitchen has a section for snacks, you should place this Snack Neon Sign above the cupboard.

This way, your kids or guests will know where you put the snacks. It is even beneficial for you as this reminds you of where you put your food, so you don’t get mixed up next time. The busy lifestyle can mess with our memory sometimes.

1.5 Treat yo self Kitchen Neon Sign

Treat yo self Kitchen Neon Sign

Societal standards in terms of weight and looks can be overwhelming sometimes. Subjecting yourself to those harsh standards is one form of self-sabotage. It is important that we respect and love our body and health no matter what. After those stressful hours at work and study, you must treat yourself to some delicious food.

Recharging your batteries and filling your stomach with nutrition should be one of our priorities rather than giving in to other people’s judgements. Get this inspiring Treat Yo Self Neon Sign for your cooking space right now and let it encourage self-love to you tomorrow!

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1.6 Eat the cake Kitchen Neon Sign

Eat the cake Kitchen Neon Sign

See how this sign glows up even in broad daylight! It helps add extra glow and lighting as well as fun to your cooking space, both at night and during the day. What’s even more interesting is that this neon complements and highlights other items so well to the point that a sense of perfect harmony is created. You can turn it on 24/7 without it consuming much electricity or creating annoying buzz. You’ll absolutely love it in your kitchen corner.

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1.7 Eat, Pray, Love Neon Sign

Eat, Pray, Love Kitchen Neon Sign

Get this Eat, Pray, Love Kitchen Neon Sign if you’re a fan of the 2010 box office of the same name starring Julia Roberts. A newly-divorced modern woman in the quest for her self-discovery finally finds true love and inner peace at the end. Customize this neon sign to your liking here and hang it in your kitchen. You’ll notice a brand new air of freshness and peace within your space.

1.8 Cuddles in the KITCHEN Neon Sign

Cuddles in the KITCHEN Kitchen Neon Sign

Remember these iconic lyrics from the famous single Mardy Bum of Arctic Monkeys! Get this quote in glowy neon lights and hang them in your kitchen. You can use any of your favorite quotes and turn them into radiant neon lights with Zanvis Neon. Use our custom neon sign generator right here and let us turn your vision into reality.

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1.9 “Cuddles in the kitchen” Neon Sign

“Cuddles in the kitchen” Kitchen Neon Sign

We offer a variety of different fonts for you to experience, so you are free to create signs exactly to your liking. Get this sign in bright yellow and hang them above a neutral color painting of yours. Objects of contrasting colors complement and enhance each other so perfectly, I’m sure you or any of your family members will fall in love. 

2. Kitchen Neon Sign Shapes

If kitchen neon saying signs are a bit minimalistic for your taste, then consider our creative neon shapes. These gorgeous signs not only illuminate your cozy space pleasantly, but also make a real statement for you. Dazzle your guests with these following signs!

2.1 Cheers Neon Sign

Cheers Kitchen Neon Sign

This colorful Cheers Neon Sign is perfect for your chill space, especially when you often host night parties or intimate get-together with your significant other. Purchase this romantic sign and hang them in your kitchen whenever you invite friends or close members into your homey space.

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2.2 Wine Party Neon Sign

Wine Party Kitchen Neon Sign

Spice up those romantic date nights at home with this fiery red Wine Party Kitchen Neon Sign. It allows you to show off your creativity and artistic aptitude to your partner and dazzle them with your skills. What a wonderful way to enjoy those passionately in love moments with the most important person ever!

2.3 Coffee Time Neon Sign

Coffee Time Kitchen Neon Sign

For avid coffee drinkers, you cannot miss out on this lovely Coffee Time Kitchen Neon Sign. Put this sign above your coffee maker or above your couch where you would often enjoy your coffee. Slow down a bit and sip your favorite cup of coffee while admiring the beauty of nature under our dimly-lit neon sign. It is important that you take some time to strengthen your mental health and nurture inner peace despite the chaos happening outside.

2.4 Lemon Neon Sign

Lemon Kitchen Neon Sign

With this Lemon Kitchen Neon Sign, you don’t have to stress over your next kitchen makeover project. It is simple, yet so elegant and refreshing as well. This sign just ticks all the quality boxes for you, even the budget-friendly category. So, why not order one for your own kitchen and hang it in your favorite spot.

2.5 Mango Neon Sign

Mango Kitchen Neon Sign

Mango lovers must get this sign for their kitchen decor. Nothing feels more fulfilling and refreshing than your kitchen filled with favorite fruits and vegetables. It’s almost as if you’re having meals next to nature. Let’s bring a tropical summer into your kitchen with this stunning Mango Kitchen Neon Sign right now!

2.6 Ice Cream Neon Sign

Ice Cream Kitchen Neon Sign

This cute Ice Cream Neon Sign screams a spot of its own in your kitchen. It is gorgeous, colorful and illuminating. You can get this for your kids on their birthday or use it as kitchen decor in their birthday party. Besides, this neon helps add some fun and color pop into your kitchen, so it will be more interesting to dine in there.

2.7 Fried Eggs Neon Sign

Fried Eggs Kitchen Neon Sign

This Fried Eggs Neon Sign is a beautiful piece of decor for egg lovers’ kitchen. If you imagine a bit further, you’ll see a daisy with a yellow disc and white petals. Get this sign and put it up any spot that feels missing or empty. You’d be surprised at how this sign alone can transform your space.

3, Kitchen Neon Sign Acrylic Artwork

Acrylic Artwork is a great medium to bring contemporary artwork into your space, without spending an obscene amount of money. They’re handmade, so they’re super safe. You can customize your kitchen neon signs to your liking and preferences, so creativity is endless with this option. It does not have to be sophisticated, just a meaningful quote and a favorite drawing of yours. Let us work out the rest for you.

The great news is neon signs are eco-friendly and energy-efficient, so you can switch on a neon acrylic artwork for 24/7 without it creating that annoying buzz or causing any damage to the environment. They’re eye-catching artwork as well, so putting up one acrylic artwork in your kitchen can really showcase your artistic aptitude.

3.1 Pepperoni Pizza Kitchen Neon Sign

Pepperoni Pizza Kitchen Neon Sign

This stunning Pepperoni Pizza Neon Sign will be a great addition to your kitchen interior. It lights up perfectly, while making your kitchen stand out in the most tasteful manner. Purchase this one for your own home or for your loved ones on their birthday. This creative gift will definitely  put a smile on both of you and their faces.

3.2 Chocolate Sprinkle Donut Neon Sign

Chocolate Sprinkle Donut Kitchen Neon Sign

This high quality hand-crafted Neon Sign deserves a spot of its own in your kitchen. It’s beautiful and illuminating with divine colors, making it a great decor element. It is totally fire safe and has a low energy demand, so 24/7 operation all year round would cost less than $100. Let’s add some fun and relaxation into your kitchen.

3.3 Lips Biting Sweet Cherry Neon Sign

Lips Biting Sweet Cherry Kitchen Neon Sign

Are you a modern woman with a bit of edginess in your blood, well say no more because we’ve got this perfect Lips Biting Sweet Cherry Neon Sign for you. This sign screams sexiness and charm. It not only livens up the ambiance of your kitchen, but also showcases your character to whoever is lucky enough to be invited to your home.

3.4 Dripping Lips Neon Sign

Dripping Lips Kitchen Neon Sign

Boring and cold kitchens are no more with Kitchen Neon Signs. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that kitchens have been ignored for such a long time, whereas it’s one of the most important rooms in a house. Get this glamorous and stylish Dripping Lips Neon Sign for your kitchen to brighten up the place and create mood! You’ll save a ton of money, while achieving exactly what you set out in the first place.

3.5 Hamburger Neon Sign

Hamburger Kitchen Neon Sign

This well-designed handcrafted Harmburger Neon Sign is the ultimate choice for burger lovers. The purple and yellow blend so well together, creating a pleasant illuminating effect. You can use this to decorate your kitchen as well as gift it to your friends and relatives.

3.6 Flying Hamburger Neon Sign Flying Hamburger Kitchen Neon Sign

Let your imagination fly high with this creative and original Flying Hamburger Neon Sign. Invite some friends over, show off your originality and crack some jokes regarding flying burgers. Zanvis Neon promises you’ll have a lot of fun with our neon signs. 

No matter your personal designing style, these brilliant kitchen neon signs will undoubtedly inspire you for your next kitchen makeover project. Let’s start crafting your dream cooking space with our neon signs today!

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