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Custom Neon Signs - Create Your Own

Show off your personality and enlighten your home with this handmade and unique neon artwork. Bring the ambiance of the big city, with its bright lights and vibrant colors to your home, and illuminate your creative space.

Custom neon signs are perfect for almost any business. You can show off your logo, or make the perfect sign to represent your name. Placing a custom neon sign in your window will instantly catch the eyes of people passing by and make them take notice of your store. A well-made neon sign is also more durable than other more common sign methods, so you can rest easy knowing that it won't wear down with time.

Designed for consumers in mind, our neon artworks are made from LED Neon, rather than traditional glass neon. Our signs are more durable, energy efficient, and only take a fraction of the time to install, compared to traditional glass neon signs.



10 colors


23 Fonts 

Can display at

Home room, Bedroom, Living room,...


Acrylic + LED

Mounting Type

Wall Mount

Power Supply




Wireless Remote



  • Neon Sign Customized to Your Specifications
  • Power Supply and Adapter
  • Wireless Remote
  • 24-Month International Manufacturer Warranty
  • Drill holes for installation and screws
  • 100% Shipping insurance

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1. What’s custom neon sign ?

Neon signs are electric signs that are lighted by gas-discharged tubes containing rarefied neon, or gas. They are now available in various forms, including traditional gas neon, LED neon signs and UV printing artwork.

Neon signage can be customized based on your preferences and needs. The design can range from a simple quote, sophisticated drawing or both. The most popular, and modern form of neon sign, LED neon, is made by carving the design on a piece of clear acrylic board. The LED neon strips are then inserted on carefully, and then covered by protective polymer whose color is what you picked out. The final result is glorious neon lights which give off vibrant, yet pleasant lighting, and of course, serve looks.

LED neon signs are highly chosen among buyers. They’re eco-friendly, energy-efficient and safe as there’s no annoying buzz or fire hazards involved during operation. Neon signs are increasingly preferred for wedding decor, home decor and advertising. As this form of light up decor looks stunning, can be customized however customers want and attract attention, more and more people are turning to LED neon signage to spruce up their day or space, and help their store stand out.

custom wedding neon sign

2. How many types of custom neon signs are there?

Custom neon signs vary according to what they present. They can be quotes, displaying meaningful or sassy quotes that ring to your heart. These signs can be a picture of anything you want to use as decor, such as flowers, animals, hearts, trees, food …. etc. In addition to those two, UV Printing artwork, the most advanced form of neon sign, display original and creative picture in neon light, giving you a world-class wall art that costs much less, and lasts longer. Plus, it serves looks and leaves strong imprint on others. 

3. What are custom neon signs used for?

Thanks to the eye-catching and gorgeous look, custom neon signs are used for versatile decorations. First, couples and wedding planners turn to custom neon signage to infuse something special and personal into their weddings, like Mr & Mrs, The Smiths or Better Together. Later, these light decorations can be used as home decor. Married couples can hang them in their bedroom, or living room. If you want to decorate your own space, say your kitchen, home office or game room, personalize neon signs displaying your favorite quotes, food, or pet…. etc and hang them wherever you want.

On special occasions, like birthday parties, anniversary or the holidays, custom neon signs allow homeowners and host to make personal statements and jazz up the atmosphere. They add an accent to the whole party decor, and thus leaves strong imprint on other people.

Besides, neon signs work wonders as outdoor advertising as they easily makes shops stand out, and thus draws attention of potential customers. 80% of our customers ordering custom storefront light signs succeeded in boosting sales.

4. How big should the custom neon signs be?

cminchfeetMaximum LettersMaximum Lines
50 cm19.7 "1.8 ft8 Letters2 Lines
75 cm30 "2.4 ft14 Letters3 Lines
90 cm36 "2.11 ft18 Letters3 Lines
100 cm40 "3.3 ft20 Letters3 Lines
120 cm46 "3.11 ft24 Letters3 Lines
150 cm59 "4.11 ft28 Letters3 Lines

Neon sign that are 36", 40", and 46" wide are suitable for indoor weddings! For outdoor weddings, you should customize a larger sign, like 59’’ for example.

 As for businesses, storefront signs should be big enough to attract attention, 99’’ (250cm), whereas office signs should be around 40’’ (100cm).

For home decor, neon signs in most living rooms should be between 29'' / 75 cm and 79'' / 200 cm, while bedrooms call for signs between 20'' / 50 cm and 60'' / 150 cm.

5. What materials are the custom neon signs made with?

Custom neon signs are electric signs that are lighted by gas-discharged tubes containing rarefied neon, or gas. Various shapes and letters have been achieved through bending and heating processes. For this reason, as the glass tubes are difficult to bend, the final look of gas neon isn’t as neat as the LED version.

Custom LED neon signs, on the other hand, are made from Light Emitting Diodes which are put close together into a clear acrylic backboard that can be bent easily and cut into the shape of your choice. As the plastic tubes are bendable, theseLED signs possess a clean and neat look.

6. How to hang the custom neon signs?

Step 1: Mark the ideal spot you want to hang it with a pencil. Make sure it matches up with the pre-drilled holes on the LED neon sign.

Step 2: Use a drill to drill the holes at every spot that has been marked. Use the hammer to pound the wall anchors or the while gib.

Step 3: Take the longer hollow mounting pin up to the hole.

Step 4: Match the sign holes with the small ones through the hollow entry.

Step 5: Repeat the process with other hollow bases and turn the LED neon sign on.

7. Are custom neon signs dangerous?

Neon signs do not contain toxic chemicals. Two primary types of gas, including neon gas and argon gas are used to make these signs. These gas can be found in the air we breathe. The modern version, LED neon signs run on little electricity, so you can rest easy knowing that there will be no fire hazard or dangers arising from this. Besides, it’s super safe to touch as well since the sign doesn’t emit much heat while operating. As neon lights consume little electricity (1.2 watts/24 hour) and doesn’t produce annoying buzz or emissions, they pride themselves on being eco-friendly form of lighting.