Neon Lights Meaning

This article will provide a breakdown on the most frequently asked questions regarding neon lights. It’s important to know all the basic facts before making the purchase, so this article on NEON LIGHTS MEANING will have you covered. Scroll down to read more! 

1. History

Neon lighting refers to glowing electrified glass tubes that contain rarefied neon. The term neon dated back to 1898; however, only after 1910 was the modern form of neon lighting introduced to the public at the Paris Motor Show by Georges Claude - a French engineer and inventor. He then went on to patent it in 1915 and secured monopoly over neon signage 5 years later. Years later, Claude’s patent expired, meaning that everyone could profit off neon lights. 

Neon lights in downtown Times Square

Neon lights dominated the nightlife scene in the downtown of Times Square, New York city

Neon lights were at the peak of popularity between the 1920s and 1960s and then in the 1980s. They became an iconic symbol of major cities in the West, Las Vegas and New York city for example. However, things took a turn for the worse since the 2000s. Following the 1997 Asian financial crisis, demand for neon dropped. It was then replaced from major economic hubs by cheaper alternatives, like LED bulbs. The once-glowing neon lights officially fell off the radar ever since. In recent years, however, handcrafted signs using neon lights are coming back on trend. They have gradually regained their foothold in the market they once lost, but this time, it’s LED Neon Light. 

2. The difference between Traditional Neon Light & Led Neon Light

fish and chips neon light

Fish and chips traditional neon light

you wanna pizza me neon light

You wanna pizza me LED Neon light

Traditional neon lights are made by bending glasses, inserting electrode on each end and then filling inert gas inside. Therefore, the final look could not be as seamless as the LED Neon Light. Besides, traditional versions are prone to shatter and fire, making it less safe than its successor. 

LED neon lights, on the other hand,  are more flexible in terms of sizes, texts, font and colors. You can customize your own neon sign quotes exactly how you envision effortlessly using online neon sign generator

LED neon lights are shatter-resistant, energy-efficient, safe and durable. They’re made from robust acrylic material. Their electricity usage is 80% less than that of regular glass neon. What’s more, LED neon lights are safe to touch as they don’t emit much heat. Leaving it on 24/7 doesn’t cause a fire hazard either. On average, neon signs are long-lasting as most can last around 10 years.

LED Neon Lights are customizable, so online custom request is the best way to get your hands on your dream sign. Each LED Neon sign comes with a power supply specific to your country, an adapter, a wireless remote, dimmer, drill holes for installation and screws, in addition to a 24-Month International Manufacturer Warranty and 100% shipping insurance. 

Traditional Neon Light

LED Neon Light



Real glass tubing

Electrode on each end

Filled with inert gas

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) Strips hidden inside protective polymer 

Acrylic backboard


Difficult to bend glasses

Rough edges

Limited colors


Easier to create intricate shapes and make tight bends

Neat, seamless look

Various color options

Electricity consumption

20 watts/ 1 hour use

1.2 watts/1 hour



Breakable glass

Heat up

Fire hazards due to gas

Heat proof, no fire hazards, no gas

3. What are neon lights used for?

welcome to the jungle neon light

Welcome to the Jungle Home Decor LED Neon Sign

Once belong to the glamorous nightlife in prosperous downtowns, neon lights have made a name for itself as vibrant, appealing and aesthetic light decor. 

They are now increasingly used to light up the humble corners in our homes and offices,  extremely popular among retro-meet-modern fans. Neon lights are also popular fixture in outdoor advertising for beauty salons, night bars, restaurants and cafés…etc as they easily catch the attention of potential customers and get more through the door. 

Neon lights’ meanings vary depending on its designs and colors. As for designs, you can freely customize your own neon sign specific to your preferences and purposes. In terms of color, each color conveys a particular meaning. Blue neon lights represent calmness and tranquility, best for bedroom decor, while pink adopts the fun and feminine characteristics of pink. Greens, on the other hand, symbolize growth and nature, perfect for home office whereas muted tones look more chic and delicate, ideal for minimalists.

4. Why are neon lights attractive?

love you to the moon and back neon light

Love you to the moon & back neon sign

As human eyes are attracted to vivid and bright color displays of neon lights, many people admitted to being attracted by neon lights, even from afar.

Unlike regular lighting, LED neon lights have a protective polymer which not only helps the sign give off radiant glow, but also appear pleasant to the eyes. Plus, you can adjust the brightness however you want depending on the time. The latest version of neon lights possess 8+ dynamic modes, which will instantly add fun and playful vibes into wherever you chose to put your sign.

5. Why are neon lights so popular?

this must be the place neon light

This must be the place LED Neon Sign for Home Decor

In recent years, appealing handcrafted neon lights are coming back on trend. They are now increasingly used to light up homes and offices, especially popular among people who love to bring back the retro vibes of the 80s into their modern-looking space. 


Hey Gorgeous LED neon sign for an Esthetician Decor

Besides, due to its high visibility, more and more beauty salons, night bars, clubs, restaurants, cafés…. are on the hunt for attractive LED neon signs to adorn their space and boost sales. Not only will this new addition attract more guests into their shop, but also serve as attractive decor accent that costs less, but lasts long. It’s no-brainer that neon lights have become a popular fixture in outdoor advertising.

Now that you know the basics of neon lights and how they vary. Are you interested in making one for your needs and interests? If yes, Zanvis Neon looks forward to working with you. Place you trust in our hard-earned experience and abilities, and we’ll make your vision a reality.