Beauty Salon With Neon Signs

Neon signs do wonders for beauty salon decor. They help create that relaxing and serene atmosphere all customers desire. With neon signs glowing in the corner, your salon will stand out from the rest, thus attracting the right folks into your place. You can either choose custom neon signs in texts or upload your image and ideas. Either way, Zanvis Neon will  bring your vision to life. If you’re still undecided about what neon signs to get for your beauty salon, this article will surely inspire you with some of our best designs.

1. Neon Sign for Nail salons decor

A perfect balance of serenity and dynamic is needed in the atmosphere of a beauty salon. Regular light bulbs can be too casual and too bright sometimes, which may cause eye strain for customers and thus, result in poor customer service. Pairing your task lighting fixtures with some beautiful softly-lit neon signs will not only please the eyes, but also set a cool and fun tone for the salon. Neon lights add a color pop and personality to your nail salon.

1.1 Nail Salon With A Hand Holding A Nail Polish Neon Sign

Nail Salon With A Hand Holding A Nail Polish - Beauty Salon Neon Sign

Hanging this Nail Salon Neon Sign in front of your salon will surely turn a lot of heads, either next to a big road or in a small alley. Random passers-by will think of your store when they need to do their nails. First-time visitors can turn  into a patron at the store if your first-time customer service and quality are competitive. It is then safe to say that neon signs are like display ads on the internet, but this time it costs you less, yet adds value to your business over a long time.

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1.2 Take A Seat Sweet Cheeks Neon Sign

Take A Seat Sweet Cheeks Beauty Salon Neon Sign

Pairing this beautiful neon sign with floral decorations will certainly help your salon stand out from other random beauty salons. Not only does this sign instill a sense of sweetness and romance into the space, but also lights up the whole beauty room elegantly, while making it feel alive, like being at one with nature. Make sure to add some small round light bulbs that resemble delicate flower buds below the floral decorations. This type of neon decor can turn your beauty room into a beautiful garden.

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1.3 Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign

Hello Gorgeous Beauty Salon Neon Sign

Make every moment count with this Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign, even when your guests are waiting at the lounge. Let your beloved guests know that they’re beautiful and they deserve the best. Make them feel heard, acknowledged and treasured in your space. If your beauty shop can evoke happiness and fulfillment in your customers, they’ll visit your store more often and eventually become your friends.

1.4 Beauty Salon Neon Artwork

Beauty Salon Neon Artwork

Get this neon artwork and pair it with your iconic beauty salon decor! Match the cushion with the color of the neon sign for example. This would create such an elegant, yet beautiful uniformity within your space. So alluring to the eyes!

2. Neon Sign for Hair salons decor

Installing a couple of aesthetically pleasing neon signs can enhance the look that customers see themselves in the mirror. You should either hang them above the mirror fixtures or on the wall as long as this would reflect good lighting into the face of a customer. Make sure you adjust the lights in order that they flatter guests instead of making them feel uncomfortable.

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Our beauty salon neon signs come with a dimmer and a remote controller that can adjust the brightness however you like. If you’re having difficulty finding the perfect neon signs for your beauty room, here’s a few awesome ideas for you.!

2.1 Beauty Salon Neon Sign - Logo

Beauty Salon Led Neon Sign

Customize your signature neon sign and hang them above the entrance of your beauty salon. This will surely attract a ton of passers-by that will be likely to come to your store to check out. Or else, your business would pop up in their mind the next time they think about getting beauty treatments. Neon signs are really an effective, yet super affordable way to get your beauty store some exposure and publicity without going through too much hassle. 

Enter your Shop Name below the artistic image and bam! You have a fresh and attractive sign for your store.

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2.2 Heart-shaped Hand Beauty Salon Neon Sign

Heart-shaped Hand Beauty Salon Neon Sign

Neon signs are super decorative as they can not only brighten up a whole place, but also make it look aesthetically pleasing. Choose the right colors and watch how these signs can change the ambiance of your beauty shop for the better. Bear in mind that each color represents different moods and vibes, so picking the right ones would help you create the effects of your dream. Combining different colors into one sign design is a cool idea also. Why not try it and get your own beauty shop neon sign right now!

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2.3 Too Glam To Give A Damn Neon Sign

Too Glam To Give A Damn Beauty Salon Neon Sign

Get this gorgeous and snap-worthy neon sign for your salon and see how this flatters your guests! 

After getting hair done, we love taking a selfie or a photo of ourselves to show the new change in our appearance.  More often than not, hair salons do not allow for good selfies or photos. Take initiative and be the first hair salon to attend to this need of customers. What’s more, it’s a great method to advertise your store. They either share the pic on their social media, giving your business free exposure, or you can use it as advertising material for your brand marketing posts or your next PR campaign. Either way, it is a win-win situation.\

2.4 “You’re like really pretty” Neon Sign

“You’re like really pretty” Beauty Salon Neon Sign

The Mean Girls mean it when they say: “You're like really pretty”. Get this iconic neon sign and hang it above the checkout area. It will definitely flatter your guests for days to come.

2.5 Beauty with a Hair Brush and Hair Iron Neon Sign

Beauty with a Hair Brush and Hair Iron Neon Sign

Set up this magical neon sign in the back of the styling room and you’ll see how mesmerizing this light looks on your guests. Remember to adjust the brightness with our dimmer, so this neon will complement your space, not to subdue it. Start making every moment count with our incredible neon signs!

3. Neon sign for Spa decor

Neon signs are perfect lighting for spa. Most of the customers spend approximately 8 hours in front of the computer screen and thus experience eye fatigue. Therefore,  your beauty salon lights must be pleasing to the eyes, not too harsh or too dark. With our LED Neon signs, you are in control of brightness level. Also, you are free to choose which colors would suit your beauty room best. For example, blue-colored signs generate a sense of calmness and peace, while green-colored ones give out security and rest. Hanging a blue neon sign on your premises will put tired customers at ease

3.1 Glofab Med Spa Neon Sign

Glofab Med Spa Beauty Salon Neon Sign

You would not like it if your customers forget your spa name after they walk out that door. Don’t let this be an option! Besides casual chat during the service, hanging a large neon sign with your shop name in the reception area or above the entrance would leave a long-lasting imprint on customers. You want your first-time guests to remember about you, then order these appealing signs right now.

3.2 Female Pose Neon Sign

Female Pose Beauty Salon Neon Sign

Unlike the rigid work environment full of codes and rules, turn your spa into an artistically creative space where there are no limits. It is important that your spa decor inspires people and fuels their sense of self and creativity so that your guests feel at home.

3.3 Treat Yourself Beauty Salon Neon Sign

Treat Yourself Beauty Salon Neon Sign

This Treat Yourself Beauty Salon Neon Sign is a wonderful addition to your beauty room and your display cabinets. This affirms that it is now time to treat yourselves after a hard working day or week.

3.4 “All you need is lashes” neon sign for beauty salon

“All you need is lashes” neon sign for beauty salon

Get this fun and quirky quote in neon sign and hang them on the wall in the waiting area. This will for sure attract a few snaps, and also bring a sense of playfulness into your beauty space.