baber shop neon sign ideas

Are you looking for some unique neon signs to decorate your barber shop? Well, you’re in the right place. Neon signs are ideal for barber shop decor. They not only add an accent to your shop, but also leave a strong impression on your guests. These glowing signs also boast superior features. Unlike traditional gas neon, LED neon signs consume 80% less electricity and produce much less heat, hence higher energy efficiency and safety. They’re also very robust and durable (last up to 100,000 hours). 

If you’re struggling to find the perfect neon signs for your shop, check out our list of 11 incredible barber shop neon sign ideas below!

1. Barber Shop Neon Sign

Barber Shop Neon Sign

First, let’s get started with this Barber Shop Neon Sign! It’s simple, yet so efficient in drawing attention. Human eyes are naturally drawn to vibrant lights and colors, so it’s hard for pedestrians not to see your store signs. Though they may not need to touch up their hair at the moment, they will remember about your store and pay a visit next time they have a hair request. If these initial visits are worth the money, they’ll become your patrons. Therefore, neon lights are definitely a conversion-worthy, yet cost-effective marketing method, helping your barber shop get more exposure.

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2. William’s BARBER SHOP Neon Sign

William’s BARBER SHOP Neon Sign

If you want something more unique, then consider purchasing this sign for your barber. It has your name on the sign, so everybody will know who opens the barber shop. Besides, who would not love to see their brainchild get their birth name? It is a great way to build personal branding as well. Pairing this sign with a barber pole neon sign on the left, or right would be game-changing. Barber poles, which are normally made of steel, aluminum, and glass, are known as the symbol of barber, so adding a barber pole in neon lights brings a sense of vintage and freshness into the shop.

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3. A Man With Mustache Barber Shop Neon Sign

A Man With Mustache Barber Shop Neon Sign

A picture is worth 1000 words. With this original design, you don’t need to add any texts to clarify what your business does, since the neon sign already says “barber shop with 5-star service”. Purchase this creative sign and hang it outside, right above your shop entrance! You’ll see how this sign alone helps bring in a steady flow of customers for your shop.

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4. Great Hair Til Death Barber Shop Neon Sign

Great Hair Til Death Barber Shop Neon Sign

Neon sign sayings showcase your barber shop character and personality, helping you attract and retain the right customers. You can try to connect with your guests using neon sign sayings, displaying some iconic hair quotes or inspirational ones of your choice. This way, you’re letting customers know more about your business and thus developing a stronger bond with your brand. 

If you haven’t done this yet, PLEASE DO! You’re missing out on this big time when you haven’t thought of getting a neon sign saying or quotes to hang on the wall!

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5. THE MEN'S ROOM Barber Shop Neon Sign

THE MEN'S ROOM Barber Shop Neon Sign

Your picture will turn out better if taken in good lighting. The same goes for your barber shop lighting. Besides your task lighting fixtures, install some decent glowing neon signs above the mirrors. The better the lighting, the more handsome your guests would look in the mirror. This will encourage them to snap a few quick pics and share them with friends on social media. This way, your store gets more word of mouth.

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6. House of Handsome Barber Shop Neon Sign

House of Handsome Barber Shop Neon Sign

See how a couple of neon signs can really highlight your whole decor! These magnificent neon lights not only add a color pop into your space, but also accentuate everything around them. After you’re done setting up all the basics, make sure to get one or two radiant neon lights on sale to brighten up the space.

7. Mustache Barber Shop Neon Sign

Mustache Barber Shop Neon Sign

Next is a cool mustache neon sign. This one is pretty versatile. You can hang it in the waiting area, above the mirrors or on the wall as a wall art. Not only does it suit the theme, but also light up the space pleasantly. It is a fun and cool idea for decor too, then why not get this sign and hang them in your store!

8. Scissor and Comb Barber Shop Neon Sign

Scissor and Comb Barber Shop Neon Sign

If you’re a straightforward barber shop owner, then this Scissor and Comb Neon Sign is perfect for you. This saves you from the hassle of having to think of a deep quote or a symbolic image. A meaningful saying or a well-designed image in neon lights is a wonderful addition, but if simplistic is the style you’re going for at this stage, then a simple neon sign like above would be best suited for your taste. Remember it’s never about right or wrong, but what suits you the most.

9. Barber Pole Neon Sign

Barber Pole Neon Sign

The Barber Pole in neon lights is an awesome sight. For so long, people have been familiar with barber poles that are constructed from stainless steel, shiny aluminum and crystal glass. This neon sign would be a great change of scene for your store decor, adding some freshness and color pop into your barber shop. Your customers will absolutely love this thoughtful exchange!

10. Welcome Barber Shop Neon Sign

Welcome Barber Shop Neon Sign

If you’re an art lover and own a barber shop, you cannot pass on this beautiful masterpiece right here. This neon artwork screams masculinity and professionalism which are two most sought-after features of a popular barbershop. If you want your brand identity to be professional, your shop decor must exude professionalism. Purchase this magnificent neon artwork and hang them above your store entrance or in the center of the shop. You’ll be mindblown by how much this small detail levels up the ambiance. 

So that is our 11 incredible neon sign ideas for barber shop decor. We hope that our work inspires you in your decor project. If you have any product request based on the pictures you’ve seen, or want to create your own neon sign, visit this page right here and drop us your idea and a simple illustration. Our team will get back to you within a few hours.

We’d love to hear from you soon!