hair salon neon sign ideas

Neon signs make game-changing additions to your hair salon. If you’re tired of the oh-so-common color palette or decor, and want a fresh scene, neon signs are the top of this game. Magical illuminating effects, gorgeous look, and superb quality. You’ll get it all with a bargain price. The ultimate triple threat in neon light decor! In this article, we’ve compiled the most popular hair salon neon sign ideas to help you find inspos for your next remodeling project!

1. Hair salon logo neon signs

Logos are part of a brand’s visual identity. Brightly glowing logo neon signs promote your brand and products by attracting the right customers into your shop.  Customizing neon signs will give you the chance to have unique decor, thereby impressing customers and turning them into patrons of your shop.

Gold Hair Salon Neon SignGold Hair Salon Neon Sign

This hair salon shop owner picked the yellow neon color for their logo neon sign. Such the right match for the name “GOLD”.  With the neon sign hung on the faux greenery, the room looks extra fresh. It feels as if we’re at one with nature, while not having to make extra efforts to care for the plant and neon lighting.

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The beauty room hair salon neon signThe beauty room neon sign

Look how simple, yet chic this flamingo pink neon sign looks! This beauty shop owner wanted to infuse soft, feminine energy into their space, by customizing a pink neon sign for their logo, and they loved it! You can totally see the pink color permeating the ambience, creating a magical & aesthetic scene. Who doesn’t want to walk into such place!

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Angel Wings Neon Sign

Beauty Nails and Lashes neon sign

Does your hair salon have a photo booth? If no, install one! After getting their hair done, customers love love having their photo taken. They want to see the new them in the mirror, as well as in digital photos. They’ll post it on social media, this way, you’ll have free exposure. It’s even better when you customize logo neon sign right above the angel wings neon sign, so people know it’s your shop and search on the Internet.

Hair Salon neon signHair Salon neon sign

Hair salon neon signHair salon neon sign

2. Female art neon signs for hair salon

Female art neon signs are ethereal additions to your hair salon. They not only serve as pleasant source of lighting, but also aesthetic wall art that resonates with female customers. Install some good quality neon signs of female art in your space, and impress your guests!

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Female hair tying neon signFemale hair tying neon sign

Hang this Female hair tying neon sign in the lounge, or the hair-washing area! Lights are adjustable, so adjust the brightness in order to give customers’ eye a break. Neon lights don’t produce glare, so rest easy knowing that it won’t cause eye strain for your customers. Besides, the gorgeous female figure all lit up in pink flamingo hue can truly transform the space into an aesthetically pleasing scene. 

Scroll down to view more female-inspired neon sign for hair salon!

Beauty Pose neon signBeauty Pose neon sign

Female back neon sign

Female back neon sign

Female Art neon signFemale Art neon sign

3. Lighten up the mood by hair salon neon sign quote ideas

Give out a positive message to your clients, and let them know they’re beautiful. Appreciation is the key to one’s heart. Break the ice during those first-time encounters by glowing hair neon sign displaying meaningful quotes. One effective business tactic to impress and stay in their minds for long!

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You’re like really pretty neon sign

You’re like really pretty neon sign

This classic Regina George quotes go from the iconic Mean Girls movie to the bleak wall in your salon. Let them know they’re gorgeous by this you’re like really pretty neon sign! The reception area, lounge or inside the beauty room are suitable spots to hang one like this.

You’re like really pretty neon signYou’re like really pretty neon sign


Another compliment, and we’re never tired of this! Spread love and appreciation to one another by BABE YOU LOOK SO COOL neon sign. Your hair salon definitely needs this motivating quote!

BEyouTIFUL neon sign

BEyouTIFUL neon sign

Celebrate individual beauty with this sign! Oftentimes, we’re too caught up with the unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated further through social media platforms, we’re often neglect the inner beauty we all possess. Picking on small imperfections, and eventually, we end up feeling inadequate and not fit in! Acknowledge these struggles of your beauty clients, and let them know they’re perfect and enough by “BE you TIFUL” neon sign

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You Glow Girl neon signYou Glow Girl neon sign

After getting hair done, customers would love to hear compliments. You Glow Girl is certainly one of the most preferred quotes. Get this quote in neon light, and hang it near the entrance. So when they walk out that door, they’ll feel over the moon. What a way to wrap up their makeover experience! I’m sure if you use this, they’ll come back next time. 

4. Communicate with hair salon neon sign Ideas

Convey the message you want to send to your beautiful clients using hair salon neon signs. These eye-catching neon signs set the tone for your shop, creating the desirable effects you’ve always wanted.  

Blondie neon sign

Blondie neon sign

This hair salon looks just majestic. And the color scheme, oh my god! You see the baby pink Blondie neon sign just fits the overall decor perfectly. This beauty salon gives off opulent vibes, and honestly, no customers can resist this gorgeous decor.

all you need is lashes neon signall you need is lashes neon sign

you belong among the wildflowers neon signyou belong among the wildflowers neon sign

Take A Seat Sweet Cheeks neon sign

Take A Seat Sweet Cheeks neon sign

So lush! This decor feels like heaven. And the pink neon sign just adds accent to the entire ambience. Using neon sign to finish off your decor is a smart way to bring out the brilliance and thoughtfulness of your decor. We understand you’ve put a lot of mindwork and physical efforts into this makeover, so there’s no excuse for not making them stand out? 

Picking the right neon sign for your hair salon can be tricky. It’s not only about aesthetics, but also function and meaning. Also, bear in mind the impression you want to leave on customers. If you’re a beginner, start with a logo neon sign for your beauty salon. More confident, customize a quote neon sign with our hair salon neon sign ideas that means a lot to you and hang it somewhere visible! Either way, you get to be in charge, take control and create the dream space you’ve planned since eleven