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Truly, there is no evidence that has been documented about the detailed history of neon signs. Thus, it's a challenge for us to pinpoint precisely when neon signs were first used in wedding decorations. The signs, however, are resurging in popularity thanks to the revolution of technology and the technical skill of expert craftsmen. That's why more and more lovebirds are taking advantage of wedding neon signs to enliven the day and mark it efficiently.

If you're curious about the history of wedding neon signs in particular, then let's take our time and stay tuned with us. With this useful information right below, we can have a breakdown of the neon sign world.

1. Origins of neon signs in the mid-20th century

Let's start diving into the history of neon sign. This kind of light source has become a popular form of decoration for many years. Because of their breathtaking appearance and the benefit they bring to users, neon signs have quickly become symbols of entertainment and a way to electrify and promote business.

The history of neon sign in the century 20thThe history of neon sign in the century 20th

The development of neon sign technology began in the 1850s before electricity was found, with the efforts of physicist Julius Plücker and glassblower Heinrich Geissler, who collaborated to build illuminating glass tubes. And then, in the mid-20th century, neon signs were developed and first used for commercial purposes. It immediately succeeded and was soon widely used not only for commercial purposes but also for living space decoration.

Neon sign is the universal appeal Neon sign is the universal appeal 

Neon signs quickly became popular for their shiny and eye-catching appearance. The sign signifies the bright future of the emerging electronic age that was beginning to sweep across the world. Major global cities, such as London, Tokyo and Las Vegas, became prime examples of locations where neon lights literally lit up the streets. The sign contributed to the establishments by creating a fun and bright ambiance.

The history of wedding neon signs can be indicated precisely The history of wedding neon signs can be indicated precisely 

Today, neon signs are often used as a trendy and modern decorative element on more special occasions. They are often used to add a pop of color, a touch of whimsy and a symbol of sophistication and glamour to the overall decor. The sign can be customized in a variety of colors and shapes to fit the theme and style of customers' needs and create a stylish and modern atmosphere.

Here are some original themes and motifs of neon signs included:

  • Retro or vintage motifs: Neon signs with classic car shapes or vintage advertising graphics.
  • Bright and bold colors: Neon signs featured bright and bold colors, such as red, orange, and yellow.
  • Simple, straightforward designs: Neon signs were designed with clean lines and minimal details.
  • Kitschy or humorous designs: Animals or cartoon characters.

2. Evolution of neon signs in wedding decor

It is likely that neon signs were used in wedding decorations in the 1970s and 1980s. Firstly, neon signs were primarily used for advertising and commercial purposes. But from this period, they have also been used for wedding decoration. Also, they are often influenced by popular trends and styles of the time.

The glorious neon sign in wedding decorationThe glorious neon sign in wedding decoration

Neon signs can be used in a wedding for a variety of purposes. It can make a colorful and eye-catching background for wedding photos. Or, the sign can be used to add a touch of whimsy and interest to the tables at the reception. To show gratitude and greet the guests, wedding neon signs will look good from the ceiling, at the entrance, or placed on a wall as a standalone decorative element.

Last but not least, the history of wedding neon signs is famous for being an effective key tool that helps personalize the day, make it unique and memorable, allowing couples to set their wedding venue apart and showcasing their personal style as well.

There are several options when choosing wedding neon signs There are several options when choosing wedding neon signs 

The use of neon signs in wedding decorations in the 1970s and 1980s likely varied depending on the individual style and preferences of the couple getting married. While neon signs were a popular decorative element during this time, they were probably just one aspect of the overall wedding decor. Here are some common designs in that period:

  • Neon sign disco and funk: The wedding decorations of the time usually go with bright and flashy neon lights and special characters.
  • Neon sign retro and vintage: The 1980s wedding neon signs with vintage motifs and designs were popular as nuptial decorations.

3. Revival of neon signs in contemporary weddings

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in neon signs as a decorative element in wedding decor. Many couples are drawn to the bright and eye-catching appeal of neon signs, as well as their versatility and ability to be customized. A combination of nostalgia, a desire for unique and personalized decor, and the trend towards Pinterest, Facebook, or other social media platform has driven the resurgence.

Neon sign in wedding helps mark your day perfectly Neon sign in wedding helps mark your day perfectly 

There are many ways that neon signs can be used in wedding decor, including as a photo backdrop, as part of the table decor, or as a standalone decorative element. Wedding neon signs can be customized with a variety of colors and designs, including the couple's initials, a special phrase or quote, or a design that fits the overall theme of the wedding.

Several factors have influenced the resurgence of neon signs in wedding decor. The signs are often associated with vintage and retro styles, which have recently become popular. Also, because of the rise of Instagram and other social media platforms, neon signs have become an essential tool that helps every photo become glorious and stylish.

You can use the neon sign wedding as a superb backdrop You can use the neon sign wedding as a superb backdrop 

And, of course, we can't miss the trend toward personalized and unique wedding decor. There are many couples those days who are looking for ways to personalize their wedding and make it memorable. As a result, neon signs offer a customizable and unique decorative element. That's why it has become increasingly famous not only for business benefits but also for decoration.

Because of the revolution of high-tech method, contemporary wedding neon sign designs are more stylish, eye-catching, and versatile. By using the sign in wedding day, the lovebirds can customize the final wedding scheme to fit your interest, style of the wedding, and other specific needs.

If you want to find inspiration for a modern wedding neon sign, let's take a look:

  • "Just married" neon sign: It is a classic design with the phrase "Just Married" written in bright neon letters. This sign could be a decorative element at the reception or as a photo backdrop for the wedding party.

Example of The Just Married wedding neon signExample of The Just Married wedding neon sign 

  • Heart-shaped neon sign: It is a romantic and whimsical design that could be used to add a touch of luxurious light to the wedding decor. The sign looks splendid when hung above the dance floor, at the focal point of the greenery wall.

The heart-shaped neon sign for wedding decorationThe heart-shaped neon sign for wedding decoration 

  • "Love" neon sign: This straightforward design could add a touch of romance to the wedding decor and be hung above the head table or at the wedding arch.

The stunning Heart wedding neon signThe stunning Heart wedding neon sign 

  • Customized neon sign: A customized one allows couples to create a design specific to their style. It could be the couple's initials or a memorable phrase or quote that is meaningful to them.

Customize a one-of-a-kind neon sign for your weddingCustomize a one-of-a-kind neon sign for your wedding 

To sum up, thanks to the latest method, the revolution of technology as well as the improvement of the technical skill of craftsmen, neon sign is more than just a sign. It becomes a critical tool that helps lighten up the venue, add a spectrum of color to wedding decor, as well as mark the day for a lifetime. For more useful information, let's browse through Zanvis' Blog now!

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