neon sign for wedding decor

Let me guess! You’ve set your heart on using neon signs to brighten up your wedding venue, and add meaning to your big day. And here comes the tough part, picking the right neon sign and making it work for your event. In this article, we’ll give you a thorough guide on which neon signs suit your wedding theme the most, and where to place the sign in order for your event to shine like thousands of twinkle stars. 

1. Choosing a design and style for the neon sign

Picking the perfect design, and style for your neon sign is no rocket science. However, it can be a little tricky for beginners. That’s why we’ve compiled these tips for selecting a design that fits the overall theme and aesthetic of the wedding.

First of all, consider the overall style and theme of your wedding: Are you having a traditional, formal wedding or a more laid-back, bohemian celebration? This will help you narrow down your design options and ensure that everything fits together cohesively. A Mr& Mrs and name neon sign are perfect options for traditional, and formal themes, while a funny quote, like you’re the cheese to my burger is great for laid-back styles. 

Second, think about the setting and location of your wedding: Is your wedding taking place outdoors in a beautiful garden or park, or is it happening in a more formal setting like a ballroom? The setting and location of your wedding can help guide your design choices. Neon signs are available in 2 options: outdoor and indoor. So if your big day is going to take place in a beautiful garden, pick the outdoor option. 

Next, pay attention to the details: The little things, like the color palette, the type of flowers you use, and the font on your invitations, can all contribute to the overall theme and aesthetic of your wedding. Make sure to consider these details when selecting your design. As you’ve determined the signature color palette and font of your party, pick the same color, and font for your neon light to create a cohesive look. 

Next, get inspiration from our Pinterest and wedding blogs: Use these platforms to get ideas for different design elements and see how they might fit together. You can also gather inspiration from your favorite fashion designers or home decor brands.

Finally, work with our professional designer: If you're having trouble pulling everything together, consider working with one of our best professional designer. They can give you useful advice on how to create a cohesive design that fits the overall theme and aesthetic of your wedding.

Here’s some of our best examples of popular wedding neon sign themes and styles:

1.1 Mr & Mrs

Perfect for formal and traditional-themed weddings, Mr & Mrs neon light is number one choice when it comes to neon signs for weddings. It’s simple, yet beautiful and above all, enough to capture the essence of your big day.

mr and mrs neon signLarge-sized Mr & Mrs neon sign hung in open-air near the entrance of the wedding ceremony

1.2 Names and initials

Neon signs displaying names, and initials are perfect to make personal statements. It’s great for any wedding theme.

ashley and justin neon signName neon sign enlightening the wooden frame

d and t custom name neon signInitials neon sign illuminating the wooden backdrop

A and A in heart neon signThe yellow neon sign adds a special glow to the reception table 

1.3 Romantic quotes

Incorporating love quotes into your wedding can be a way to share your love story with your guests and to remind everyone of the enduring and transformative power of love. They can be a meaningful and personal way to personalize your wedding ceremony and make it unique to you and your partner. Light it up in neon color to make it look brighter and more vivid!

forever and always neon sign

forever and always neon light shines bright on the metal frame

To the moon and back in neon signRomantic quote To the moon and back in neon sign hung on the metal frame shines bright, and catches attention 

1.4 Funny quotes

Lighten up the mood, and put a smile on your guests by hilarious quotes on the bright, and transparent acrylic board. If you have a good sense of humor, show this off on your important day to impress!

you are the cheese to my burger neon signFunny quote You’re the cheese to my burger casts a pink, and yellow glow over the entire mesmerizing floral garden

1.5 Love song lyrics

If you ever fall in love with love song lyrics as it describes your love story so well, light it up in neon color, and use this as an opportunity to tell the story of you two. All of me loves all of you (by John Legend), for example. Using song lyrics in a wedding can be a way to incorporate music and art into the ceremony, which can make the event more memorable and meaningful for everyone involved.

all of me lover all of you neon signJohn Legend All of me loves all of you song lyrics add accent to the white mesh metal frame

1.6 Love symbols

If words aren’t enough to convey the love you two have had, consider making a love symbol sign. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. So make one of your own, and hang this in one of the important spots at your wedding venue.

Cupid’s bow neon sign

Ton-sur-ton Cupid’s bow neon light looks gorgeous on the circled wedding arch

angle’s heart neon signPink angle’s heart neon light pervades the entire atmosphere

2. Placing the neon sign in the wedding venue

There are various places in the wedding venue where you can hang your gorgeous neon light, such as behind the head table or as a photo backdrop. If you ever feel lost while navigating the spot to set the light up, here’s some useful tips for choosing the best location for the neon sign. 

First, design a neon sign that’s cut out for the size and layout of the venue.  Measure the intended space you’ll hang the sign, get the exact measurements, and pick how many lines you want the content inside to stay on. These infos will be extremely useful in making the MAD FIT neon light for your wedding. 

Once you get your hand on the perfect sign for you, it’s time to think of where to place this. Check out how real couples incorporated neon sign into their weddings, and hopefully you’ll get inspired tp create your own look too!

2.1 Welcome board

it’s a love story shining on the wooden welcome board

2.2 Above the entrance

Welcome to our wedding is lit up in gorgeous yellow neon light above the entrance

2.3 Behind the reception table

better together neon sign

Better together highlights the bride and groom’s reception table

2.4 Behind the cake

Happily ever after neon sign behind the cakeHappily ever after brightens up the wedding cake placement spot

2.5 Bar section

ali and max neon sign

Statement-making name neon sign placed in the bar section

2.6 Photo backdrop

better together neon signNeon light as the focal point of the photo backdrop 

3. Using the neon sign as a focal point

This section is for those who want to use neon sign as focal point in their wedding decor scheme to draw the eye and create a visual impact in the decor

Here’s some tips for coordinating the neon sign with other decor elements such as flowers, linens, and lighting. 

3.1 Ceremony backdrop

Feeling gorgeous? Adorn your wedding altar with a custom neon sign that will really wow your guests. Personalize it with your last names or a cute phrase like "better together."

Better Together neon sign

Better Together as focal point on the greenery wedding backdrop

3.2 Wedding arch

Add a fun, and modern touch to your wedding arch by hanging a bright neon light of your choice.

Couple’s Last NameCouple’s Last Name lit up in glowing neon light

3.3 Wedding chuppah

Draped fabric is simple, yet enough to create that incredibly romantic atmosphere in your wedding. See how our couples incorporated neon sign into their wedding decor.

to the moon and back neon sign

Bright, and vivid neon sign makes the wedding chuppah, and patchy wall look more chic

3.4 Afterparty stage

Using a neon sign as a focal point on an afterparty stage can be a fun and eye-catching way to add some excitement and energy to the event. A neon sign can serve as a backdrop for the stage, preparing for whatever performance you’re planning to entertain your guests. Overall, a neon sign can be a creative and memorable addition to an afterparty stage, and can help to make the event more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

and so the adventure begins neon sign

In conclusion, we hope that our article comes in handy once you start working on how to incorporate a neon sign into the wedding decor. At the end of the day, it’s your event, so make it work in your own way. Look to these tips for making it a successful and meaningful element of the celebration as a guide book, and you’ll be surprised how gorgeous your neon sign will look in your wedding.