wedding neon sign themes and phrases

Looking for the perfect neon sign to display on your wedding? In this article, we’ve compiled a list of most sought-after neon lights that most couples chose for their weddings. They’re not only gorgeous, but also meaningful, making them number 1 choice for occasions like weddings, and engagement parties. Let’s explore the list below to get inspired, and materialize one for your dream weddings!

1. Just Married

A "just married" neon sign is a decorative light display that is often used as a decoration at weddings. It can be placed on a wall or hung from a wedding arch. The sign is often used to add a fun and playful touch to a wedding reception, and backdrop, and is a popular choice for couples who want to add a unique and memorable element to their special day.

just married neon sign

Warm white cut-to-board Just Married neon light hung over the wooden frame 

2. Mr. and Mrs

A neon sign with the text "Mr & Mrs" is a fun and unique addition to your wedding, bridal showers, proposals, and anniversary . It could be placed behind the head table or sweetheart table, or hung on a wall or in a window as a decorative element. You could also use it as a photo backdrop for wedding photos or as a way to mark the entrance to the reception venue. If you're interested in purchasing a "Mr & Mrs" neon sign for your wedding, you should consider having a custom neon sign made to your specifications.

As neon signs are available in various sizes, colors and shapes, make sure to measure the space, get the correct measurements, and pick the right colors that are right for your space. Once you’re done with this, leave the rest to us! We’ll turn your vision into reality and bring the sign to your door.

Mr and Mrs neon sign

Beautiful Mr & Mrs in warm white neon light 

3. I Do

Light up your engagement party with gorgeous, and meaningful She said yes neon light. If you’ve attended multiple engagement, or bachelor party and felt like the decor is getting repetitive, it’s time to make it different on your own day. 

A simple I do, or She said yes, all enlightened in colorful and bright neon can make game-changing additions to your space. Not only will this capture the essence of the party, but also lighten up the mood, and encourage everyone to get on the dance floor. Hang this on the centerpiece, the centerstage, or main backdrop to steal the spotlight. If it’s an evening party, I’m 1000% sure that the neon light will make the party shine like never before. 

She said yes neon light

Gorgeous She said yes neon light casts a stunning yellow glow over the entire atmosphere.  

4. Happily Ever After

A "Happily Ever After" neon sign is a romantic and fitting addition to a wedding reception or other wedding-related events. It could be hung on a wall or in a window as a decorative element, or used as a photo backdrop for wedding photos. You could also use it to mark the entrance to the reception venue or as part of a dessert or bar area. You should consider having a custom neon sign made to your specifications.

Happily Ever After neon sign

Gorgeous Happily Ever After Glowing on the square metal frame makes amazing additions to your space 

Happily Ever After neon signHappily Ever After in warm white neon light hung below the blossom tree 

5. Forever and Always

"Forever and always" quote  expresses strong and enduring love or devotion. Manifest a relationship that is expected to last a lifetime for you by hanging a neon sign displaying this same quote on the wedding arch, and centerpieces. As a powerful expression of love and affection, this quote is definitely it for couples who wish to be with each other until time stops.

Always and forever neon signAlways and forever quote in heart-shaped white-colored neon light is beautifully hung on the ethereal floral wall

always and forever neon signCut-to-board always and forever neon sign hung on the circle frame

6. Till Death Do Us Part

Another wedding quote that expresses strong commitment and bond between two people in love “Til Death do us part”. It’s a symbol of everlasting love, and a promise to stay together and support each other through ups and downs. 

Let’s tell the world you love each other til death parts you by customizing neon sign displaying this classic vow, and hang it where you want the attention to go. Photo backdrop, like the picture below, is a great idea!

Til death do us part neon sign

"Til death do us part" quote in gorgeous neon light hung in the photo backdrop using hanging kit

7. Love

Not a big fan of deep quotes, and want something rather simple, yet conveys the message right? A love neon sign will do the job. Gorgeous illuminating neon in 8+ colors. Plus, you get to pick the perfect fonts, and sizes for your needs. Hanging this on the mesh metal frame, or greenery wall backdrop will be an excellent way to add accent to the party, and impress your guests. 

Love neon sign

Stunning pink Love neon sign is being displayed in front of greenery background

Love neon signLarge pink Love neon sign gorgeously displayed on the mesh metal frame that is also adorned with dried florals

8. Hearts

A heart neon sign is a decorative light that is shaped like a heart and is made with neon tubes. They possess bright, bold colors and distinctive glow, making them highly suitable for a romantic or festive events, like weddings. 

You can customize this by adding your initials on the heart-shaped acrylic board, and hang this on your wedding arch, wooden board for entrance, or the reception table. These are all great spots for introducing your guests to the main characters of the party.

A + H name initials neon sign

A + H name initials glowing in white neon light on the acrylic backboard 

9. Roses

Roses are often associated with love, passion, and romance, therefore, the the presence of roses display will help you express feelings of affection and desire. Seen as a universal symbol of love and affection, roses decor should be a must at your weddings.

Normally, couples would go for real and fresh roses to adorn their wedding venue. However, we have a cooler idea to incorporate roses at your weddings. Rose neon sign brings refreshing vibes, as well as brighten up your big day. Imagine the moment where all roses neon light suddenly lit up in sync, and the main character walks in! What a grand entrance!

Why not try out this new idea, and become the talk of the town for days after the wedding?

Roses neon sign

Roses neon sign glowing in the dark corner, perfect for lighting up your evening party

10. Champagne Flutes

Of course, weddings aren’t the same without champagne flutes. These images are so iconic that we often see them in wedding cards, and other wedding-related Oftentimes, these beautiful images are printed in boring letters, and papers. It’s time you change the game. Light them up in gorgeous glowing neon light, and place this in the bar section. What an original way to draw guests to the drink section, and get them bottoms up, and dance the night away. Truly a wedding to remember!

For couples who really want a good time out of your weddings, not just ceremonies and touching words, this is the opportunity!

Champagne flutes neon signChampagne flutes in neon lighting 

11. Wedding Cake

Wedding cake needs some light too. Oftentimes, they just stand there, and forgotten. Customize a neon sign displaying your favorite quotes, in whatever font and colors of your choice, and enlighten that special corner you place your wedding cake. 

It was always you neon sign

It was always you quote neon sign hung on the rectangular metal frame behind the wedding cake table

12. Lovebirds

Get a custom neon sign made with your own personalized message or design. This way, you’ll get to display whatever quote for your wedding. For lovebirds, a Love you to the moon and back quote will do the job. Some neon signs are made to hang on the wall, while others are freestanding. This quote sign below are hung using hanging kit.

To the moon and back neon sign

To the moon and back neon sign quote brightens up the entire bleak corner, and makes it look chic

14. The Couple's Names or Initials

Get a neon sign displaying your names, or initials to celebrate a special occasion, such as an anniversary or engagement. Available in various styles and fonts, personalized name neon light is perfect choice to light up your day in the most special way. Use this as a gift to someone, or customize it for your own use. Don’t forget to add extra personal details, like the couple below for their sign.

Jake & Elise names neon sign

Jake & Elise names lit up in white neon light, connected by a pink heart sign

D + T name initials neon sign

D + T name initials within the heart-shaped warm white neon sign

14. A Quote or Song Lyric that holds special meaning to the couple

Neon signs can be be customized to include any text you want, such as your names, a special message, or a meaningful phrase. You can choose a neon sign with lyrics from your favorite song, or pick a quote that speaks to you. Remember to pick your choice of font, color, and size. A song lyric neon sign can make a great gift for friends who are a music lover on their wedding, or yourselves.

All of me lover all of you neon signAll of me song lyric by John Legend on circled mesh metal frame

All of me lover all of you neon sign

It was always you quote enlightens the metal fresh adorned with flowers

It was always you neon sign

It was always you quote lit up in white neon light, used to adorn the greenery backdrop

15. A Shape or Symbol that represents love or marriage

Besides the heart image, symbols that are sometimes used to represent love include:

  • The infinity symbol (∞), which represents eternal love
  • The dove, which is a symbol of peace and love
  • The rose, which is often associated with love and romance
  • The "love" or "I love you" hand sign, which is made by forming the letters "L" and "O" with your fingers
  • Cupid, the Roman god of love, who is often depicted with a bow and arrow
  • Swans are associated with love, devotion and romance

See how our couples incorporated these love symbols into beautiful neon light to adorn their wedding venue!

cupid’s bow neon signGorgeous cupid’s bow hung on the wedding arch

Beautiful swan neon signBeautiful swan image  in neon light

Angel’s heart neon signAngel’s heart in magical pink neon light 

16. A playful or humorous phrase

Your wedding is a great opportunity to showcase your humor, make a good laugh out of the event, and put a smile on everyone’s face. At the end of the day, it’s about living in the moment, and making the best out of each. So get your most funny joke, and make it neon light! Quotes like You’re the apple of my eye, You’re the cheese to my burger or Let’s go wild for a while are great starters for you to get inspired, and think of one by yourselves.

You’re the Cheese to my Burger neon signYou’re the Cheese to my Burger neon sign brightens up, and adds accent to the whole greenery background

Let’s go wild for a while neon sign Let’s go wild for a while neon sign complements the whole green and golden color decor scheme well

17. A vintage-inspired design

Though looking quite modern, neon signs have been here since the 20th century. Celebrating a traditional and modern mix, neon lights make gorgeous additions to vintage-themed weddings. A golden warm white color is often suggested. Though you can pick any colors out of 8+ color options to really make your event pop in its own way.

Beautiful Love is in the air neon signBeautiful Love is in the air on circle-shaped acrylic board

Surname neon sign Surname neon sign on the faux greenery backdrop

18. A modern or minimalist design

Minimalist neon signs are a great way to add a touch of modern style to any room. 

Some ideas for modern and minimalist neon signs, including a single word or short phrase, such as "love," "hope," or "dream," in a clean, sans-serif font on a geometric- shaped board, such as a triangle or circle, in a single bright color. 

BECAUSE LOVE quote neon sign

Simple BECAUSE LOVE quote neon sign on the backdrop

It was always you neon sign

It was always you neon signIt was always you neon light hung on the mesh metal frame

20. A romantic or dreamy design

Some ideas for romantic and dreamy neon signs include:

  • A neon sign with a heart or love-themed design, such as a heart-shaped neon light or a neon sign with the word "love" in a cursive font
  • A neon sign with a floral design, such as a rose or other romantic flower
  • A neon sign with a celestial or starry design, such as a constellation or a depiction of the night sky
  • A neon sign with a quote or phrase that captures the essence of romance, such as "love is in the air" or "you are my everything"
  • Name neon sign, if placed in the dreamy romantic atmosphere, is gorgeous too

These types of neon signs can be a fun and unique way to add some romance and dreaminess to your wedding venue. They can be customized with your choice of color and size. Once you’ve got your hands on the sign, hang them anywhere you feel beautiful, be it the reception table, welcome board or the backdrop. Let the magical neon light pervade the atmosphere, and shine light on your big day.

Beautiful Love is in the air neon sign

Beautiful Love is in the air on circle-shaped acrylic board

Name neon lightName neon light in romantic atmosphere where the candles are lit, the string lights create the feelings of starry night, and the mesmerizing flowers on tabletop

These are 20 gorgeous and popular wedding neon signs to add to your important day. Zanvis Neon is top-notch provider of pre-made and customized neon signs. If any designs we have shown you tickle your fancy, it’s time to make one for you. Trust in our ability, and we’ll deliver you dream neon sign to your door.