wedding neon sign ideas

To be honest, who doesn't want to be the center of the party, especially at the wedding reception? Hence, every couple always tries to be different and personalized, making their wedding the most remarkable and memorable. Displaying neon signs on the wedding day is indeed one of the best ways to fulfill your wish. In this article, let us give you some incredible wedding neon sign ideas that serve your senses thoroughly. 

Some notes when displaying wedding neon signs

Keep it minimal

Let’s bear in mind that a neon sign has all the great features that’ll take your wedding to the next level. So, once you have a wedding neon sign in your venue, you don’t have to pay for other decorative items that might break the bank. The all-in-one wedding neon sign will not only illuminate your venue but also create the most impressive overall look for the wedding. 

Make personal statement 

Nothing can help you to make a personal statement better than a one-of-a-kind wedding neon sign. Made with high-tech methods and expert craftsmen, a neon sign can be engraved with any saying or artwork you love. So, don’t hesitate to define your personality with the help of our custom wedding neon sign.

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Light up the way

In lieu of the traditional light source, such as candles, neon gas, etc., displaying a unique and superb wedding LED neon sign is such a wise and pleasant way ever. Each neon sign displayed in each place will give you a different ambiance and vibe. Hence, depending on your need and preference, let’s find out which place is the best to hang your wedding neon sign. 

Share your wedding hashtag

One of the most common elements at weddings is the wedding hashtag. Instead of bringing it into your wedding reception in a traditional way, thanks to the latest technology, we can put it in the neon light. Once switched on, the wedding hashtag neon sign will create a fun and vibrant feeling, allowing the guests to take glorious photos. This way, not only can they celebrate your day in real life but also on social media. 

Show your gratitude 

Let's greet invitees and amp up your thanks in a special way that’ll be engraved on your guests’ minds for a lifetime. If you need help expressing your emotion verbally and sufficiently, give the wedding neon sign a try. There are a lot of fun and cute ways to express your thoughts, show your appreciation and give thanks to your guests, like Better Together, Let's Party, and Cheers,... 

1. Light up your Family Name/Surname

It's not surprising at all when wedding neon signs are always on-trend. More and more lovebirds take advantage of neon signs in their day to brighten up the wedding, letting the guests enjoy the day all too well. 

One of the most famous ideas is customizing it with the family name. This way, you can go for something manageable but still very different and unique.

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The Williamsons Wedding LED Neon SignThe Williamsons Wedding LED Neon Sign

The good-looking neon sign works aesthetically whenever it is hung. For those who have a minimalist lifestyle, go for the family name wedding neon sign.

It may be a bit simple, but still keep your personalization. In addition to hanging at the wedding, the sign with your name on it will be great to hang at home, evoking a warm and happy atmosphere.

The Maya’s LED Neon SignThe Maya’s LED Neon Sign

Also, the party will never get enough without wine, music, and light. If you're trying to bring all these things to your venue, let the neon sign give you a hand. With the appearance of neon signs in your wedding venue, the day will never go wrong. 

There's no rule when it comes to creativity. So, let us know what your heart desires and Zanvis will actualize it for you.

2. Build a Photo Booth Backdrop with your Neon Sign

If you are looking for a way to create your own insta-worthy photo booth, nothing delights you better than a wedding neon sign. As we have said, the neon sign complements others, adding extra sparkles and color pops to your venue.

All You Need Is Love LED Neon SignAll You Need Is Love LED Neon Sign  

The bright pink wedding neon sign not only creates a gorgeous photo backdrop, but also attracts people's eyes. Since our eyes are easily attracted to bright lights, who can resist the appeal of neon signs? With a glittering light sign in the background, the couple shines like a diamond, attracting eyes and becoming the main characters of the party.

Happily Ever After Wedding LED Neon SignHappily Ever After Wedding LED Neon Sign 

If you don't believe it, let's take a look. How gorgeous and brilliant the wedding photo booth is. With this strikingly glorious backdrop, there's no way they would refuse to take photos. 

Of course, there's no limit to wedding neon sign ideas, encouraging you to unleash your creativity. So, feel free to mix and match decorative items until they suit your needs and preference. 

3. Mixing a neon sign with candles

The wedding neon sign looks glorious and does an excellent job wherever you display them. When combined with the candles, the splendid neon sign takes the venue to the next level, creating an intimate atmosphere and letting the couple be the party's center. 

Crazy In Love Wedding Neon SignCrazy In Love Wedding Neon Sign

Also, it makes the all-night party more romantic, stirring, and memorable. Thus, how can you say no to this bargain for the most important day of your life?

4. Say “Cheers” neon sign at wedding bar

While you're too busy to take care of all your guests, let's try making a statement that directs them to the right place and fascinates them to enjoy the party. 

Cheers Wedding LED Neon SignCheers Wedding LED Neon Sign 

One of the most extraordinary things that can help you well is the Cheers neon sign. It fits nicely in every corner, such as on the stage, the greenery wall, and the wedding bar… you name it. 

Once the Cheers neon sign switched on, the space became more brightened and appealing, exuding contentment, warmth, and excitement.  Honestly, who doesn't want to raise a toast in such a romantic and cozy atmosphere? 

The outdoor neon sign option is definitely the pleasant choice for you if your party is going to be held outdoors. The neon lights are covered safely by the LED neon tubes. Plus, The battery of the neon sign will be inside the box. So, the wedding neon sign is safe not only for touching and transporting but also for external uses. 

5. “But first bubbles neon sign” at wedding bar

Not only does the Cheers wedding neon sign do wonders at the wedding bar but also the But First Bubbles neon sign. Further, this will be an excellent addition to your living spaces, allowing you to reuse it in many different ways. 

But First… Bubbles! LED Neon SignBut First… Bubbles! LED Neon Sign 

The sky is the limit when it comes to neon sign ideas. For more incredible, outstanding, and glorious options, explore our collection NOW. 

If nothing is your cup of tea, our creative designers are HERE to work it out for you! So, don't waste time for consideration. Let's listen to your inner voice and bring it into reality.

6. Light up a flower wall with your neon sign

There's a wide range of wedding neon sign ideas for you to go for. If you’re new to the neon sign world and have no idea how to use it strategically, then try combining it with a flower wall. 

It Was Always You Wedding LED Neon SignIt Was Always You Wedding LED Neon Sign 

Flowers are an essential thing on a wedding day. Thus, let's go outside the box by adding color pops and extra lighting to it. This way, the flower wall will work beautifully and become outstanding, turning the venue into artistic artwork.

7. Personalize your wedding with initials + initials neon sign

What can personalize your wedding reception better than your neon sign engraved with you two initials? This is definitely a tricky question. 

In the past, we could still do the same thing with the wooden sign. This seems, however, rather boring and a bit out-of-date at the moment. Thus, why don’t we try another fun way with the help of custom wedding neon signs? 

A+J Wedding LED Neon SignA+J Wedding LED Neon Sign 

While customizing an initial neon sign, remember that we can add any special characters depending on your liking, personalizing your neon sign and making it as unique as possible.  

8. Your vows with neon sign

The wedding neon sign is easily transported and displayed thanks to its special design. Not only does it go smoothly at the wedding flower wall but also at the vows. With the stunning look of the wedding neon sign, the vows turn into a splendid backdrop, grabbing attention,  exceeding everyone's expectations, and letting them admire your sense of style. 

Til Death Neon Sign WeddingTil Death Neon Sign Wedding 

So, place the wedding neon sign if you plan to emphasize it and add luminous light to your vow. The Til Death neon sign is one of the most famous wedding neon signs that usually be seen on the wedding day. 

Better Together LED Neon SignBetter Together LED Neon Sign

If it doesn't reflect your personality, browse our Collection to find yours. At Zanvis, there’re always many great pre-made and customized neon sign options available for you to opt for.   

9. Light up the dance floor

Take a look at the picture! Such a strikingly glorious landscape that marks your day for years! With the appearance of the white neon sign on your dance floor, how could the guests not be enticed, impressed, and entertained? Once the music and the light are turned on, definitely all eyes are on you two!  

All Because Two People Fell In Love Wedding Neon SignAll Because Two People Fell In Love Wedding Neon Sign 

We know that there are many different ways to celebrate the all-night after-party. But try lighting up your venue, creating a fun and vibrant vibe with a wedding neon sign. It certainly won't let you down. There are still more wedding neon sign ideas for you to explore. Keep scrolling down! 

And We Danced All Night Neon SignAnd We Danced All Night Neon Sign

While the white neon sign calls for purity and elegance, the shade of red indeed screams romance, enthusiasm, excitement, and so on. For gals who crave attention, fun, and entertainment, how can you miss this glorious and eye-grabbing neon sign? 

10. Dessert decorations with neon sign

If you don’t have much time to direct your guests, point them to the food court, then try using a Let's Party neon sign. We believe that with the help of this one, the guests can find the right place they need to go. 

Let's Party LED Neon SignLet's Party LED Neon Sign 

In the past, the guests would often overlook the dessert spot. However, nowadays, you can make a little difference by adding light, contentment, and a pop of color to that area.  

This way, not only can you illuminate the venue, create a vibrant atmosphere but also take care of the invitees in the most thoughtful way ever. Plus, there are a ton of great wedding neon sign ideas that you need to explore. So, if you're ready to add joy and excitement to your party, let us know! 

11. Drape wedding neon sign on Macrame Canvas

If your wedding theme is something that combines both classic and modern, then there’s no reason you skip the wedding neon sign. 

The Sams Wedding LED Neon SignThe Sams Wedding LED Neon Sign 

While placing it on Macrame Canvas, not only the neon sign adds an ancient vibe to the wedding decorations but also makes it more special and stirring. Once you’re ready to flaunt the brilliance, place an order and let the miracle knock on your door in the next few days!

12. Puns with your sign

Nothing can showcase your sense of humor and reflect your personality better than a pun wedding neon sign. There's no rule when it comes to creativity and puns. For example, the I Got You Babe wedding neon sign. 

I Got You Babe LED Neon SignI Got You Babe LED Neon Sign 

So, if you want something one-of-a-kind for your day, jot it down and send the hand-drawn to us. Multiple wedding neon sign ideas may cause you to be overwhelmed while choosing, then this sign will serve you as inspiration.  

13. Highlight the dark wood background

You may not know, but the dark wood background and neon signs are genuinely best friends. These two contrasting materials, when combined together, create a striking and beautiful effect, drawing the eyes straightforwardly. If you want to try something new, then go for it. Surely it will satisfy you thoroughly. 

It Was Always You LED Neon Sign For Wedding ReceptionIt Was Always You LED Neon Sign For Wedding Reception 

It Was Always You Neon SignIt Was Always You Neon Sign

The neon sign on the dark wood will work splendidly in many different ways. For couples who want to greet their guests, show gratitude, and tell their love story, display it at the venue's entrance or along the pathways. 

Try adding a neon sign behind the party table for those who want to draw attention, leave an impression, and have the spotlight. This way, it will become an especially splendid background, attracting all eyes toward you. With the neon light, you won't need to do anything excessive or over the budget but still fulfill your dream. What a bargain! 

14. DJ booth decorations

Besides drink and music, a perfect wedding party will need glitz and glamorous decoration. And undoubtedly, there's nothing that can serve you better than a stunning LED neon sign. The wedding neon sign is undoubtedly a universal appeal, serving your eyesight, switching everyone's mood, and lighting up the space.  

The Stones's Neon Sign For WeddingThe Stones's Neon Sign For Wedding 

By displaying it at the DJ booth, you can spice up the atmosphere and entice your guests to have fun together. Surely they will not be able to take their eyes off the dance floor and leave the fun soon. Therefore, why don't you grab a neon sign home and let it do wonders for your big day?

15. Go green with neon

Let's enjoy your day to the fullest and make it last forever with a strikingly splendid backdrop. The Drunk In Love white neon sign complements the greenery wall perfectly, allowing you to take glorious pictures and keep memories with your guests. Not only can you take advantage of it as a glorious photo booth but also as a precious keepsake that lasts at least 15 years in your homey space.  

Drunk In Love Neon Sign On The Greenery Wall Drunk In Love Neon Sign On The Greenery Wall 

Displaying the neon sign at the focal point is such a fun way to showcase your style and reflect your personality. Also, if you are fond of Queen Bey’s iconic lyrics “drunk in love”, how can you say no to this neon sign? 

Better Together Wedding Neon SignBetter Together Wedding Neon Sign

Or how about a white neon sign which says "love together"? Either saying is excellent for the wedding reception, marking the big day, enlivening the atmosphere, boosting vivid and festive spirits, etc. 

There's no limit to going creative and outside the box when it comes to wedding neon sign ideas. You can have your very own neon sign that reflects yourself and shows off your sense of style. With the artistic artwork created by your visualization, you can take the very first step into the fashion world and become an artist!

16. Introducing the wedding theme

While decorating a wedding venue, there are several things that you have to pay attention to. The decorative items have to define your personality, match your personal style, fit the overall wedding theme, the space of the party, and so on. If you have no idea what to go first, consider the wedding neon sign. 

Happily Ever After Wedding LED Neon SignHappily Ever After Wedding LED Neon Sign 

The neon sign is one of the most versatile decor pieces that work sufficiently in every space, complementing, highlighting, and adding extra sparkle to other items. 

Also, the neon sign will help you to mark the day, create an outstanding ambiance, leave an imprint, and make the day pop - you name it. With all the great features of a neon sign, there's no use missing it on your special day. 

#Somuchinlove Neon Sign#Somuchinlove Neon Sign

The neon sign comes in several colors, sizes, and shapes. For those who have a simple style and are keen on simplicity and elegance, the white option is definitely yours! The bright and highly-intense color shades, like red, orange, and yellow, will be perfect for lovebirds who want to create festive vibes, encouraging the guests to enjoy the day to the fullest. Both are efficient and worth every penny. 

Thus, opt for the neon sign first for those who want to use the decor strategically. What's more, the neon sign can later be displayed in your home, reflecting the memorable day and letting you look back on it day by day.

17. Call to action

Not only a stunning wedding neon sign can polish your venue but also elevate the atmosphere. If you're striving to make a bold statement and fascinate the guests, try a call-to-action wedding neon sign. 

Let’s Party LED Neon SignLet’s Party LED Neon Sign 

You can use a call-to-action wedding neon sign to guide the guests to their seats, point them to the reception, encourage them to raise their glasses, etc. The Let's Party LED Neon Sign is one of the most fabulous wedding neon sign ideas that more and more lovebirds bring to their weddings. 

If you want something unique that reflects your personality, take action! Drop us the idea via our website and wait for the miracle to happen within 24 hours. Our Customer Service Team will get back to you with a mock-up, helping you to notice what your vision will be like in real life.

Love This Ways Neon SignLove This Ways Neon Sign

The Love This Way neon sign not only can be used as a direction but also a call-to-action saying. It will let the guests know that this is where the love story is happening. Such a fun and wise way to show off your love story and get their admiration! 

Using the neon sign in this way will help you to interact promptly with your guests. It's also an easy and effective way to set your facility apart, encouraging them to engage in the activities you have set up before. Not only the Let's Party saying can be used as a call-to-action neon sign but also others. For more wedding neon sign ideas, browse the Wedding Neon Sign Collection to find your liking. The sky's the limit! So, be creative and let everyone know your personal style! 

18. Inspiration

Love is one of the most important emotions and thoughts in our lives. Love heals broken souls, helps us become better versions of ourselves, and helps us to take better care of others. Therefore, spreading the love at weddings is indispensable. The spread and promotion of people falling in love will be highly effective when displaying signs engraved with love quotes and sparkling light. It catches the eyes, livens the atmosphere, and elevates moods to find the lover. 

Love Is Sweet Wedding Neon SignLove Is Sweet Wedding Neon Sign 

Of course, love is sweet! No one can live without love. A classic love quote combined with a heart-shaped quote is guaranteed to go down well at wedding reception. This game changer not only transforms the venue into a dazzling yet comfy zone but also allows everyone to celebrate the day all too well. Such a simple but effective way to mark the day! 

The neon sign is genuinely a bee's knees, a perfect addition, and indispensable for your day! Purchasing a wedding neon sign allows you to brighten up the photo booth, create an efficient ambiance, and make the day last forever. We hope our wedding neon sign ideas eliminated above will help you celebrate the day efficiently. If you have concerns about the usage, products, etc., please let us know!