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Neon signs are no longer reserved for commercial settings. Now, you can truly spot the sight of neon lights everywhere, even in friendly spaces like the living room. Homeowners and renters around the world have found tons of awesome ways to decorate their living rooms with neon signs. In this article, we guide you through our useful tips and inspirations for neon sign living rooms. 

1.  Living Room Neon Sign Styles

Neon lights are really a versatile decor item. They go well with literally any living room design styles. Let’s say from vintage to modern, from minimalistic to maximalist or from simple to bold, so it’s super easy to match up your living room furniture with the right neon. Besides, you get to be creative with your room makeover, since neon signs are available in text-based quotes, shapes, acrylic artwork and custom designs. 

We know it can be overwhelming, especially for first-time neon sign buyers. So let’s scroll down to see our pick of the best neon signs to get inspired for living room decor!


YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME Living Room Neon Sign

YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME Living Room Neon Sign

If you’re new to the neon world, we suggest you get a simple sign, broadcasting a meaningful quote or simply just sassy slogans to showcase your character. This pink YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME Neon Sign is perfect for bringing a rosy glow to your living room. It’s even better if you make it ton sur ton by placing it on the wall next to a baby pink-colored table.

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Sit down, be humble

Sit down, be humble Living Room Neon Sign

Sit down, be humble Living Room Neon Sign

Are you looking for a decor item that can illuminate the space pleasantly? Well, look no further as a well-designed neon sign in white color would satisfy your needs just fine. The eye-catching glow adds fun and edginess to the space, boosting your mood every time you sit in the living room. If you have black walls and wood-based furniture, it’s even better since neon signs complement the two perfectly. It’s up to you to choose which quotes should be carved on your signs. Let’s say your iconic catchphrase, song lyrics or a motivational quote that means a lot to you. Then customize your signs with Zanvis neon sign generator.

The Roses

The Roses Living Room Neon SignThe Roses Living Room Neon Sign

 Neon lights are truly timeless and personal decorations. Not only do they give off nostalgic and futuristic vibes but they also allow you to showcase your individuality. For example, if you’re newlyweds and want to hang something bright to celebrate your love, then a surname neon sign is the perfect choice. You can hand-write your surname and send the image to us, making it ultra-special. Or save yourself some fuss by using our quick neon sign generator. Neon signs are really the best way to make a statement and add intrigue to your space.

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Come down to the woods

Come down to the woods Living Room Neon SignCome down to the woods Living Room Neon Sign

Each neon color can produce different desired effects. Reds and pinks usually give off a warm glow, whereas blues and whites will give cooler vibes. So when thinking of a color for your neon sign, make sure you decide on the effect you’re going for in your living room. If you prefer bold and eclectic styles, then go for a bright pink as the picture above. If your style is more like neutral, black and white neon can be more suitable. 

In case readability of neon signs is equally important in both daylight and night light to you, then opt for darker hues as they are easier to read than lighter shades.

You’re so cool

You’re so cool Living Room Neon Sign

You’re so cool Living Room Neon Sign

A brightly lit orange neon sign in a vintage decor room gives off both nostalgic and futuristic feels. If you want to celebrate the future, while honoring the past, this you’re so cool living room Neon Sign is perfect for you.

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Hanging a neon sign with a motivating phrase like this will remind you of self-love and your goals. Besides the living room, such pieces are fair game to install anywhere. They can be used as alternative lighting to a side lamp or create the perfect mood for your rest time.

Come as you are

Come as you are Living Room Neon SignCome as you are Living Room Neon Sign

Living room neon signs never fail to delight anyone who has ever laid eyes upon. These signs have the power to bring the entire room to life as well as reflect the owner's personal brand.  Let’s perceive neon as a means of making your statement of a lifestyle and personal identity!

Ice Cream neon sign

Ice Cream Living Room Neon Sign

Ice Cream Living Room Neon Sign

Neon signs are super durable. Most can last up to 15 years. A neon sign that’s carved with your little kid’s name or favorite food can grow old with your child. Besides, you can reuse it to decorate your kids bedroom and make it become ultra-cool years later.

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The Listers

The Listers Living Room Neon SignThe Listers Living Room Neon Sign

Black walls and vibrant neon signs are a killer combo. If you have plain black walls in your living room and want to make it really pop, consider hanging a purple neon sign atop as can be seen in the above picture. We think that there's no point in going wild with extra accessories when words can make the statement. 

2. Simple Living Room Neon

Gangsta’s Paradise

If simplicity works best for you, then you’re in the right place. Browse  through some of our simplest, yet elegant neon sign designs and get inspired for your living room decor!

Gangsta’s Paradise Living Room Neon SignGangsta’s Paradise Living Room Neon Sign

For a living room filled with neutral colored furniture, jazz up the area by hanging a glowing neon sign. You can admire it even when you’re resting on your favorite couch, or scrolling through phones. Neon signs offer a retro look, that feels current and not so old school.

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You’re simply the best

you’re simply the best Living Room Neon SignYou’re simply the best Living Room Neon Sign

Decor plays a role in our mood changes. Bright cheerful neon decor lifts up the mood instantly. You can add your own favorite sayings, or mantras that mean a great deal to you. It’s up to you to make your signs extra special. Neon signs can cheer you up when it’s moody outside. Make use of the grand benefits neon signs offer you by bringing one to your living room!

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All you need is Love

All you need is Love Living Room Neon SignAll you need is Love Neon Sign

Make this sign the center of your living room. Entertain yourself and share conversational art work with your loved ones. Let neon signs put you to your sleep easily after a tiring day. The dimly-lit lights, the diverse brightness settings and the meaning behind the sign, all blend so well together, creating a relaxing atmosphere for your most important room. 

This sign can be used as an ideal gift for couples and newlyweds who love curling up on the sofa. What a wonderful way to spend the night together!

Why not?

Why not Living Room Neon SignWhy not Neon Sign

Add some sass to your space using our light colored neon signs for the living room! A white-colored why not sign like above can be hung against black or green colored walls to create a striking effect. It can truly transform your room to a whole new level as neon signs naturally bring out the best in others.


Dreams Living Room Neon SignDreams Neon Sign

We’ve got great news for avid readers. Get your living room lit with some cool accent neon lighting. Not only does it bring a contemporary cool light to your space, but it can also be used as a more energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting compared to side lamps. Then, you can enjoy reading your favorite book under the dimly-lit and magical neon lights.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Living Room Neon SignChristmas Tree Neon Sign

Christmas is coming and it’s high time you’re thinking of Christmas decor for this holiday season. The cold of winter can stress you out, so why not buy a couple of warm neon lights to cozy up the atmosphere. Getting a Christmas Tree Living Room Neon Sign like above can also excite your kids and give them a memorable Christmas celebration. All in all, neon lights hung in the living room are a Christmas miracle coming true.

Mountain Range

Mountain Range Living Room Neon Sign

Mountain Range Neon Sign

If you’re anything like me, afraid of the darkness, let’s install some neon lights in the living room. So when you’re getting a glass of water in the middle of the night, you’ll no longer feel scared and intimidated by the darkness.

Angel and Evil Hearts

Angel and Evil Hearts Living Room Neon SignAngel and Evil Hearts Neon Sign

Love can unite all things, even the angels and the evils. If you’re in love with someone who is somewhat different from you, but have love for each other in common, then this Angel and Evil Hearts Living Room Neon Sign can perfectly represent the love you have. Celebrate this beautiful relationship with this sign above!

3. Creative Living Room Neon Acrylic Artwork

Neon signs add intrigue to your place, and more importantly, are a channel for your creativity and individuality. Feel free to design the artwork of your dream and let us do the rest. To Zanvis Neon, everyone is an artist in their own right, so don’t feel hesitant or held back. In case you need help, contact our team and drop us your requests.

One Rose

One Rose Living Room Neon SignOne Rose Neon Sign

Minimalism is truly on the rise these days. It’s all about the “less is more” mantra, but sometimes we must admit that it can be boring living in a simplified environment. As humans, we need stimulation and motivation from outside sources. So if you’re having a minimalistic home and looking for ways to highlight your living room, then this One Rose Living Room Neon Sign is perfect for you.

Taste of Love

Taste of Love Living Room Neon Acrylic ArtworkTaste of Love Neon Acrylic Artwork

Keep it cool and sassy with this pop art Taste of Love Neon Artwork! The fiery red color really heightens the appeal after darkness falls.

Yellow Eye

Yellow Eye Living Room Neon ArtworkYellow Eye Neon Artwork

Take your living room up a notch with this magnificent Yellow Eye Neon Artwork to light your way to happy hours! Impress your guests and show off your artistic aptitude with this sign too. If only walls can stare,....

Eye Led Neon Sign For Living Room

Eye Led Neon Sign For Living Room

You can purchase this beautiful Yellow Eye Neon Acrylic Artwork with Zanvis Neon

Rainbow Flag

Rainbow Flag Living Room Neon SignRainbow Flag Neon Sign

Get this LGBT-inspired neon sign for your living room! The month of PRIDE is well past us, but it is important to celebrate this wonderful milestone everyday as it’s always close to our heart.

Colosseum Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

Colosseum Led Neon Acrylic Artwork For Living RoomColosseum Led Neon Acrylic Artwork For Living Room

Neon Acrylic Artwork allows you to feel the presence of an artistic masterpiece in your living room simply by switching it on and off. It’s a lively, vibrant and dynamic way to express art and you. 

Once traveling through the land of promise and culture, you’ll have this instinctive urge to bring a piece of the land home. Then invest in a unique neon acrylic artwork and hang this in your most important living room! Purchase this Colosseum Led Neon Acrylic Artwork or upload your idea to us. We’ll get back with the mock-up in no time!

So, that’s our take on the best neon living room ideas. We hope our content inspires you and gives you some awesome ideas for your living room decor project!