neon sign for classroom

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent looking for neon signs to upgrade decor in your classroom, you found the right place. LED Neon Lights are a wonderful way to add a color pop to your teaching space. Your classroom will look extra fun and interesting once a couple of glowy neon signs are installed. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Another bonus is that they’re customizable, so you’re free to customize your signs to your specific preferences. 

1. Cute classroom neon signs 

If you’re teaching small kids, then these cute classroom neon lights are just right for you. Having a colorfully-themed classroom has a huge impact on student academic success as a well-lit and interesting room increases attention span and enhances alertness. Small students are quite known for their short attention span and low levels of  alertness, so hanging neon signs in your classroom can help with knowledge absorption and focus levels.

Welcome Neon Sign For ClassroomWelcome Neon Sign For Classroom

It’s already back to school season, so why don’t you invest in this Welcome Neon Sign For Classroom to give all the kids a warm hello to your classroom. It is a fun way to cheer them up before every studying session. Besides, what a bright way to start off a new day with this glowing neon sign in presence!

Smiley Face Neon Sign For ClassroomSmiley Face Neon Sign For Classroom

A Smiley Face Neon Sign never goes out of style for your little angels. If anything, they just adore these cute lovely neon signs. It’s the heart-shaped eyes that impress me the most and I’m sure the kids will be fascinated by these too. Pick the right size for your room and hang them on the wall. This will create a fun and engaging environment for the kids.

Smiley Sunflower Neon Sign For ClassroomSmiley Sunflower Neon Sign For Classroom

What most classrooms cannot do without are some sunflowers decor. They’re decorative and interesting. Let’s also not forget that this flower is symbolic as well. The sunflower face turns toward the sun at all times throughout the day, embodying a strong will to live and move forward. Get this amazing Smiley Sunflower Neon Sign and promote this wonderful trait to your students now!

Smiley Face Collection Classroom Neon Sign Smiley Face Collection Classroom Neon Sign 

Unlike the Smiley Face Neon Sign shown above, this collection comprises a full set of Smiley Face Neon Signs of smaller size. If you wanna get these for your classroom decor project or games, it’s best to purchase the whole collection. You’ll be surprised at how these signs light up beautifully, whilst maintaining a budget for you. Besides decor, you can start a fun decor game for your students where they would team up and decorate the whole room with these gorgeous signs. 

2. Simple neon signs for classroom

If your audience is not 10-15 year-old children, but university students or young professionals, then simple neon signs are perfect for you. This category of neon signs does not require a lot of vibrant colors or sophisticated designs, but neutral colors are a stunner. They often appear in sign sayings or simple shapes. Take a look at some of the best signs below!

Dialogue Symbol Neon Sign For ClassroomDialogue Symbol Neon Sign For Classroom

Neon signs look great in broad daylight. They add an accent to the space and highlight other items  beautifully. Invest in some good neon lights for your next lecture or conference events and see how this neon sign can transform your venue.


Get on trend with this IT REALLY DO BE LIKE THAT SOMETIMES Neon Sign For Classroom! It’s a catchphrase that has been circulating the Internet for a while and really captured the heart of many people. Get this lighthearted phrase in neon sign and hang it on your classroom wall! You’ll capture your students’ attention and relate to them with these signs.

Dream UNTIL IT’S YOUR Reality Classroom Neon Sign Dream UNTIL IT’S YOUR Reality Classroom Neon Sign 

This simple, yet inspirational Dream UNTIL IT’S YOUR Reality Neon Sign for Classroom is just perfect to motivate your students. Get your students grinding for their goals and doing their best with this sign hung on the classroom wall.

Smile Neon Sign For ClassroomSmile Neon Sign For Classroom

Don’t forget to tell your students to smile every now and then with this brilliant Smile Neon Sign. Smile is the best medicine in the world, they say. A simple smile can erase all past misunderstandings and strengthen new relationships. So get this sign for your classroom and start making positive memories together now! Vibes Only Neon Sign For Classroom

Just like the sign above, this Good Vibes Only Neon Sign For Classroom is great for breaking the ice on first days or uplifting your students on regular days. Purchase this sign at this link and start welcoming only good vibes into your class.

Work Hard, Play Hard Neon Sign For ClassroomWork Hard, Play Hard Neon Sign For Classroom

Get your favorite quote in neon signs and hang this above your main board. This way, it’ll  enjoy higher visibility. Your favorite quote must resonate with your students, so they’ll feel relatable and heard with this sign. An effective sign boosts their morale and uplifts them during stressful study sessions. Customize your sign sayings with your meaningful quotes right here

ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR HEART - Greatness Neon Sign For Classroom

ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR HEART - Greatness Neon Sign For Classroom

As students are vulnerable to social pressures due to a lack of experience and exposure, you should install some inspirational and motivational quotes to remind them of how worthy and important they are. It is important that they’re constantly reminded to work hard towards their goals and enjoy the journey along the way, while respecting themselves and others. 

3. Creative neon signs for classroom

If you’re teaching creative subjects, let’s say drawing, painting, music or literature, then these creative neon signs are best-suited for you. Visually attractive classrooms help spark creativity and add fun to the lessons. Your students will feel relaxed and even laid-back approaching the lesson. Inspiring and relaxing learning environments helps tremendously as creativity flows easier when we feel comfortable in our own skin and free to remain true to oneself. Take a look at some of our best recommendations for creative classroom neon signs below!

Rainbow Neon Sign For Classroom

Rainbow Neon Sign For Classroom

Get this Rainbow Neon Sign For Classroom and hang this piece of art on the back of your classroom. This sign lights up the whole room perfectly, whilst not distracting kids from studying. This neon is perfect for nearly any creative classroom decor, especially drawing and painting lessons. Encourage the kids to draw, paint and have fun by adding some neon color pop into your space!

Palm Tree Neon Sign for ClassroomPalm Tree Neon Sign for Classroom

This well-lit Palm Tree Neon Sign for Classroom is an ideal choice for your classroom decor project. Not only does it bring a sense of nature into your class, but it also jazzes up the atmosphere. The kids will surely enjoy your lessons even more thanks to attractive surroundings.

Astronaut Fishing LED Acrylic Artwork

Astronaut Fishing LED Acrylic Artwork

Are your students a big fan of space and want to travel to space one day? If yes, this Astronaut Fishing LED Acrylic Artwork is just pure perfection for them. Get this sign and hang it anywhere you like inside your classroom. This sign will intrigue the kids, get them hooked on your lessons as well as have a lot of fun.

Julius Caesar Led Neon Acrylic ArtworkJulius Caesar Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

History lessons will no longer be boring with the presence of this gorgeous Julius Caesar Led Neon Acrylic Artwork. We have to admit that history is an important subject, yet it has been underrated for so long due to outdated teaching methods. Switch on the reset button and refresh your history lessons right now with this beautiful classroom neon sign. Your students will love your history lectures and absorb knowledge like crazy with this sign glowing inside the room.

Rocket Led Neon Acrylic ArtworkRocket Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

Space is a fascinating topic at school. In fact, a lot of kids wish to be astronauts when they grow up. Let’s double their love and passion for space mystery with this impressive Rocket Led Neon Acrylic Artwork. This neon sign brings a lot of fun and color to your classroom. I’m sure the kids will absolutely love it if you purchase this beautiful sign and hang them in the center of your class.

So that’s our take on 15 best neon signs for classroom decor. We hope you’ll get inspired by these brilliant ideas and be prepared for your upcoming decor project. If you want to custom make your neon signs, feel free to drop us your idea and drawing by here. We’ll turn your vision into reality in no time.