office neon sign ideas

Office design has evolved from the plain black and white room to illuminating signage. As people are incorporating more and more appealing neon signs into their office decor, these signs have started to gain position as a means of reflecting brand image and promoting productivity. If you’re new to the neon signage world, let us guide you through with some of our best office neon sign ideas below!

1. Company logo office neon signs

Company logos in neon signs not only light up your office beautifully, but also accentuate other decor furniture. Send Zanvis Neon an image of your logo or a simple hand-drawn one if you haven’t got a logo. Our team of skilled craftsmen will fabricate your dream logo in neon with painstaking attention to detail. These signs can act as a unique wall art that can both look old-fashioned and cutting edge. This way, your business will invariably impress potential clients.

TONE // SCULPT Neon Signs - Office Decoration

TONE // SCULPT Neon Signs - Office Decoration

This cut-to-shape neon sign is so attractive, yet elegant. Hanging an illuminating piece like this within your meeting room can help promote new ideas during important meetings. This is explained by the fact that blue color makes us feel calm and relaxed, thereby boosting our ability to think creatively.

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We think faster and more originally next to blue neon signage lighting. So next time you’re having a meeting with your team, invest beforehand a couple of well-lit neon signs in blue that showcase your business signature as well as drive creativity.

Picturesque photogrpahy Neon Sign - Office Decoration

Picturesque photogrpahy Neon Sign - Office Decoration

A glowing name neon sign hung on neutral gray walls is the definition of perfect. If your office has this minimalistic style decor, yet it’s still missing something that can bring out the beauty inside. Then look no more! Nothing can do a better job than neon signs at making other elements stand out.

Remember to decide which colors suit your overall ambiance the best as each color in neon signs can produce different desired effects. For example, blue represents calmness and relaxation, thereby inspiring creativity while red is most effective at enhancing focus.

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TravelBird Neon Sign - Office Decoration Ideas

TravelBird Neon Sign - Office Neon Sign Ideas

Are you looking for a natural-themed decor style for your office that is heavily characterized by three key colors: green of the trees, blue of the sky and yellow of the sunshine. Three iconic Mother Nature colors make a great nature-inspired decor theme. Neon signs have the power to instill a natural mood and bring soothing effects to your office.

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So let’s purchase a green neon sign and hang it against the greenery walls as your office decor’s focal point. Neon signs go well with other nature-inspired decor items, such as leafy arrangements, lush ferns and beautiful flowery bouquets. So if you have one of those natural decorations, don’t throw them out yet. Instead, let neon signs work up the magic for you!

Sasha Tattooing Neon Sign - Office Decoration

Sasha Tattooing Neon Sign - Office Decoration

Are you wondering how to decorate your office desk in a way that makes you feel upbeat and energized? Well, we’ve got an awesome answer for you.  Get yourself a name neon sign of your favorite color and hang this sign anywhere you feel comfortable around your work desk! Radiant glow of neon light signs adds fun to your office as well as brings a personal touch that’ll motivate you to crush your goals. 

2. Motivational text-based neon signs.

Looking for a decor item that makes a statement and motivates people. Well, look no further! We’ve got the best of the best collection to inspire you. Text-based neon signs, whether it’s a famous quote or a simple saying, have the power to boost our mood and raise our spirits, thereby increasing productivity and focus at work. There’s honestly no reason for not investing in a high quality neon sign saying for your office!


Do epic shit neon sign - Office Decoration

Do epic shit neon sign - Office Decoration

Motivate your staff with this do epic shit Office Neon Sign. We all need a push sometimes, and so do your employees. Get this neon sign in any color you want and place them on your blank white wall. It will completely transform your plain room to a whole new level and highlight everything else. Besides, text-based wall neon signs serve as a great source of motivation for staff members.

GET IT DONE Neon Sign - Office Decoration

GET IT DONE Neon Sign - Office Decoration

Hanging this GET IT DONE Office Neon Sign in an open-plan office can optimize business culture and inspire employees, driving productivity and focus. If you’re looking for neon signage that can do this, then why not order one for your office right now! Go to custom neon sign page ( ) and let us help you bring your vision into reality. 

HUSTLE - Office Neon Sign

HUSTLE - Office Neon Sign Ideas

Doing business is hard, and you’ll be distracted  from your goals every now and then. When that happens, taking a break is necessary. Once the break is over and your energy levels rise, don’t forget to get back on your feet knowing why you started in the first place. Get your mantras in neon signage to direct and guide you through thick and thin. The HUSTLE Neon Sign above is one of the examples.

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NEVER SETTLE Neon Sign - Office Decoration

NEVER SETTLE Neon Sign - Office Decoration

Make next happen now Office Neon Sign

Make next happen now Office Neon Sign

BE THE CHANGE Office Neon SignBE THE CHANGE Office Neon Sign

FOLLOW YOUR Dreams Office Neon Sign

FOLLOW YOUR Dreams - Office Neon Sign Ideas

3. Neon signs acrylic artwork for office

Once the glorious symbol of wealth and prosperity, neon signs have now become a signature of popular interior design. This neon renaissance marked the total transformation of indoor office decor, from plain rooms to illuminating and interesting workspaces.

Now, the office is more than just a place to work, but an artistic place featuring local art from paintings, photography, murals to woodwork. Let’s celebrate the unique artwork surrounding us with some of Zanvis Neon best acrylic artwork designs below.


The nature of art is to inspire, surprise, and delight the eyes of every observer. So get this GALAXY BRAIN Neon Sign and impress every person walking through that door, be it your staff or potential customers. Making a good impression can go a long way towards boosting your business’s reputation and driving sales.

Three Phoenixes Office Neon Acrylic Artwork

Three Phoenixes Acrylic Artwork - Office Neon Sign Ideas

What an original idea to hang these Three Phoenixes Office Neon Acrylic Artwork right above the line of Monstera Deliciosa plants! You can bring the whole tropical forest with birds spreading their wings in the sky and tropical plants under your feet straight to your office with our neon signs. This impressive decor will leave a strong imprint on any customers who walk through your doors. 

Local Architecture Office Neon Acrylic Artwork

Local Architecture Neon Acrylic Artwork

If you’re a nature and architecture lover, then this Local Architecture Office Neon Acrylic Artwork is born just for you.  Having wandered through the land of greatness, your instinctive urge tells you to bring the local art into your office. You’ll get inspired, be creative and be satisfied, but one problem remains. Paintings like these usually cost thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars. So why not switch to a more budget-friendly, yet high quality and super well-made neon acrylic artwork! You’ll have the art, the feels and especially the memories! 

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Colosseum Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

Colosseum Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

Have you ever visited this colossal Flavian Amphitheater and wanted to bring this whole ancient structure to your office? Or are you just simply fascinated by Roman architecture and want to hang a related artwork at your work desk? Either way, this impressive neon sign for the office can totally change the game and do wonders for your professional career.

Arc de Triomphe Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

Arc de Triomphe Led Neon Sign - Office Neon Sign Ideas

For those who are keen on French history, this Arc de Triomphe Led Neon Acrylic Artwork is perfect for decorating your workspace. Known as one of the most famous monuments in Paris, Arc de Triomphe designed on the orders of King Napoleon

honors those who fought and died for France during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. This office neon sign is a wonderful office decor for anyone who has an unabated passion for history-architecture. Let’s purchase this one right now!

4. Home office neon signs

As working from home is slowly becoming the norm, it is important that remote workers have a well-lit and interesting workspace. A decent home office can help enhance productivity and raise focus levels. 

Besides, nobody wants to work in a boring plain room with white walls and bright light bulbs, so adding extra colorful neon lights to your home office is crucial. You get to choose which colors, designs and adjust brightness, so everything is under your control. For example, dimly-lit blue neon lights blended with natural sunlights calm you down and make you focused. 

Dream UNTIL IT’S YOUR Reality Home Office Neon Sign

Dream UNTIL IT’S YOUR Reality Neon Sign

Motivational text-based neon signs for your home office can go a long way towards helping you stay on the right track and achieving your goals. It is crucial that you are given a nudge every now and then. This Dream UNTIL IT’S YOUR Reality Home Office Neon Sign is a fine choice for those looking for outside motivation. 

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Work hard STAY HUMBLE Home Office Neon Sign

Work hard STAY HUMBLE Neon Sign

Believe IN YOURSELF Home Office Neon SignBelieve IN YOURSELF Neon Sign

Life goes on, days get brighter Home Office Neon Sign

Life goes on, days get brighter Neon Sign

Zanvis Neon would like to end this article with this simple, yet meaningful neon sign for your home office featuring a wonderful life advice “life goes on, days get brighter”. Some days are ugly, so you must stay strong to get through those rainy days. As humans, we’re not perfect and there’s no need to. So give yourself a nudge now and then with this illuminating neon sign featuring impactful quotes. This sign hung in broad daylight right next to nature is the resemblance of divine beauty. 

In short, we hope that this article on office neon sign ideas for office decor & home office decor inspire you for your next office makeover project! Neon signs are not only beautiful, but also energy-efficient and cost-saving. So create one for your own with Zanvis Neon and we’ll bring gorgeous neon signs to you in no time.