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Size: 50cm | 20in
Color: Pink
Backing Style: Cut to shape
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EYE Neon Sign

    Bring your empty walls to life with our best handcrafted illuminating Eye Neon Sign! Sophisticated, yet affordable lighting decor that bring joy to your life.  If you've ever felt that your room lacks depth or is too stuffy, eye lighting decor like this is the final missing piece!

    Eye LED Neon Sign

    Handcrafted by our top craftsmen, the sign consists of LED lights mounted on a transparent acrylic board and covered safely inside silicone tubes. The design allows neon lights to transmit more effectively, thereby a brighter and more vivid effect. Meanwhile, the silicone layer acts as eye protector as it makes the lights more pleasant and safer to be looked at. Use the remote control or dimmer to change the level however you prefer in case you want to adjust the level of brightness. 

    Eye LED Neon Sign

    The sign comes in 5 sizes between 30 and 150cm in width. You should get that measuring tape to measure the space you intend to hang the sign beforehand as this will help you achieve the neon sign exactly how you envision it. Also, it's available in 9 stunning color options, make sure you pick the right color to level up the look of your space to your liking. 

    Eye Neon Sign is preferably used as an accent wall art to dispel any evils from your living space. It is like a guard inside your own home, protecting the people living inside. Hang this in the living room, or large communal space, so that everyone will be blessed with its presence. If you want to enjoy some guarding light in your workspace, replace that old uninspiring painting of yours, and hang this instead. Welcome this new change as you welcome good things to happen to you. 

    Let's hit that "Buy now" button, and bring home one of the most sought-after lighting decor of the year!



    9 colors

    Can display at

    Home room, Bedroom, Living room,...


    Acrylic + LED

    Mounting Type

    Wall Mount

    Power Supply




    Wireless Remote



    • Made from long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly LED neon strip, mounted on a clear acrylic back board - the sign comes standard with a 5 meter clear power cord and white or black power bank - with plug fit for each shipping country.
    • Light designed to last at least 10 years.


    • Neon Sign Customized to Your Specifications
    • Power Supply and Adaptor
    • Wireless Remote
    • 24-Month International Manufacturer Warranty
    • Digital Installation Video Guide (Available on Each Product Page)
    • Installation Screws
    • 100% Shipping insurance

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