How To Hang Neon Sign Wedding

Nowadays, wedding neon signs have become an ideal way to make it personal for the bride and groom. It's a versatile decor item that can be hung as you please, such as at wedding receptions, along the hallway, on the flower wall, etc. But the big question for customers is how to hang neon sign weddings straightforwardly and efficiently. In this article, we will show you the answers that you're looking for! Let's scroll down!  

1. How to hang neon signs at wedding?

The wedding neon sign is a flexible item you can freely decorate in every corner of the venue. There are 3 ideal ways to hang neon signs at weddings. Select one way that suits your needs the most! 

1.1 Mounting Pins

Follow these step-by-step guidelines for customers who want to stick wedding neon signs permanently to their places. While using mounting pins, the neon sign will stay where you want it to be for a long time.

Step 1: Open the package carefully and pull out the supplied wall mount kit. 

Step 2: Mark the ideal spot you want to hang it with a pencil. Make sure to mark the ones that match up with the pre-drilled holes on the LED neon sign. 

Step 3: Take the drill and drill the holes at every spot that has been marked. Use the hammer to pound the wall anchors or the while gib. 

Step 4: Take the longer hollow mounting pin up to the hole. 

Step 5: Match the sign holes with the small ones through the hollow entry. 

Step 6: Repeat the process with other hollow bases and turn the LED neon sign on.

Use Mounting Pins To Hang Neon Sign Wedding
Use Mounting Pins To Hang Neon Sign Wedding
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1.2 Hanging Kit

Using both the hanging kit and the four-step guidelines is also a pleasant way to hang neon signs at a wedding. Follow these instructions: 

Step 1: Thread the wire through the ceiling mounts.

Step 2: Measure the distance carefully and then drill them to the ceiling.

Step 3: Thread the cable wire through the aluminum holes in the acrylic backboard. 

Step 4: Tighten and secure the wire. Repeat the process with the other side. Plug in and let the LED neon sign lighten up your space.

Use Hanging Kit To Hang Neon Sign Wedding

Use Hanging Kit To Hang Neon Sign Wedding

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1.3 3M Command Strips

In case you don't want to cause damage to the wall or you want to transport it from the wedding reception into the house, take advantage of the 3M Command Strips. This is ideal for the permanent and non-permanent installation of wedding LED neon signs. Simply follow these instructions to hang neon signs at weddings. 

Step 1: Turn the wedding neon sign over and apply the 3M Command Strips to the back.

Step 2: Press it tightly against the wall.

Step 3: Turn on the wedding LED neon sign and enjoy the comfy zone.

Use 3M Command Strips To Hang Neon Sign Wedding

Use 3M Command Strips To Hang Neon Sign Wedding

2. Two popular places to hang neon sign wedding

The wedding neon sign is one of the greatest elements that help you personalize the nuptials and impress the guests for a long time. That's why more and more pairs use it in the wedding venue.

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While searching for creative ideas on how to hang neon sign wedding, there are many popular ways that you may come across. To us, there are 2 ways to hang it on your wedding reception, not taking too much effort and time. Keep scrolling down to find out which one is your preference! 

2.1 The flower wall 

Believe it or not, the wedding neon sign surely goes well with the flower wall on every occasion, especially on the wedding day. They complement each other perfectly, bringing simultaneously vibrant moods and romantic vibes to the wedding reception or even the afterparty.

Happily Ever After Wedding LED Neon SignHappily Ever After Wedding LED Neon Sign

Just Married Wedding LED Neon Sign

Just Married Wedding LED Neon Sign 

The text-based wedding neon sign is an ideal addition to your wedding venue. You can customize it freely that suits your need and showcases your personality. While looking for inspiration, these Happily Ever After and Just Married sayings may come across you. If you are craving another one, our Wedding Neon Sign Collection will inspire you to customize your signature.  

All You Need Is Love Wedding LED Neon Sign

All You Need Is Love Wedding LED Neon Sign 

Love Wedding Neon SignLove Wedding Neon Sign

Try hanging the neon sign on the central spot of the flower wall and letting it do miracles for your wedding. The modish look of the wedding neon sign will elevate the guests' mood and create a festive vibe, allowing you enjoy your day to the fullest.

The Ensches Wedding Neon SignThe Ensches Wedding Neon Sign 

The wedding neon sign plays a key role in personalizing your nuptials. It helps outshine your wedding more than others and also upgrades the venue's overall look. Try replacing the traditional wood wall backdrop with a flower wall hanging a one-of-a-kind wedding neon sign. You will be blown mind, indeed!  

2.2 The wedding arch 

Things may change, but memories stay forever. Let's make your day as memorable as possible with the help of neon signs. We bet that nothing can be engraved on your mind better than its eye-catching look. If you are striving to create a comfortable zone, then what can be better than the aesthetic look of wedding neon signs? 

With the help of wedding neon signs, you can transform the wedding venue to the next level while on a budget. Hanging the neon sign at the wedding arch is also an excellent way to make it a day to remember. It gives off warmth and delight, allowing you and your spouse to evoke happy feelings.

Better Together Wedding Neon SignBetter Together Wedding Neon Sign 

Better Together Wedding LED Neon Sign Better Together Wedding LED Neon Sign 

The Better Together Wedding LED Neon Sign looks good both on the flower wall and the wedding arch. The neon sign is made with advanced technology and is suitable for exterior and interior uses. It is extremely safe to touch and transport, allowing you to decorate the venue as you please. With the assembly installation given above, hanging the neon sign at the wedding ceremony is just child's play.

The Wards Wedding LED Neon SignThe Wards Wedding LED Neon Sign

Ashley & Justin Wedding Neon SignAshley & Justin Wedding Neon Sign 

Hanging neon signs at the wedding arch will help you obtain the party's spotlight. Try to customize a signature one that will set your wedding venue apart. Besides a text-based wedding neon sign that demonstrates your last name, you can also engrave your first name on the LED neon sign. This is also a superb way to personalize your wedding ceremony.

To The Moon And Back Wedding LED Neon Sign Light To The Moon And Back Wedding LED Neon Sign Light 

Mr & Mrs Wedding LED Neon SignMr & Mrs Wedding LED Neon Sign

The advanced feature of a wedding neon sign is it looks glorious not only in broad daylight but also at night. The brilliant look helps enliven the entire venue, boosting festive moods and fascinating everyone to raise a toast. This is the best way to keep memories last forever. 

All in all, the wedding neon sign is available in 10+ colors along with multiple hanging methods. Let's start customizing a signature wedding neon sign that showcases your style and reflects personality. Send Zanvis Neon your hand-drawn sketch and we will get back to you ASAP!