what to do with neon signs after wedding

Have you bought a wedding neon sign and wondered what to do with neon signs after wedding? Whether you intend to preserve it as wedding mementos or utilize it as trendy decor? If you have any of these concerns, Zanvis is here to work them out. This article will serve as a source of inspiration for you. Let’s find out which is your most satisfying solution!

1. In the living room

Not everyone is aware that neon signs are reusable after the wedding. For the living room, we can put it on the wall or over the sofa. Either way is great for illuminating the entire space and creating a festive vibe in our private space. If you are looking for a classic, yet high-quality and budget-friendly home decor piece, then the wedding neon sign is a great choice.

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Better Together Neon Sign Wedding

Better Together Neon Sign Wedding

Take a closer look at this one! A wedding neon sign may also be utilized as a glorious backdrop for us to take gorgeous pictures this Christmas. With the help of the Better Together Wedding LED Neon Sign, you can turn the whole space into a cozy and comfortable one that allows everyone to have fun. Hence, there's no reason that we skip this for both the nuptials and the living room.

Believe it or not, wedding neon signs are the most versatile decorative items ever. Not only it is well-known for commercial poverty but also it works well in your home. With our devoted designers, Zanvis Neon can conduct your vision into reality, whether it's a one-of-a-kind neon sign or a basic one. An eye-catching, built-to-last, and energy-efficient piece that complements other decors perfectly.

Happily Ever After Wedding Neon Sign

Happily Ever After Wedding Neon Sign

Why don't we upgrade the living room to the next level and invite them to visit on special occasions? The brilliant white light is excellent at creating a pure look and making the home airy and spacious. This way, not only can you showcase your personality, but you can also have a great time with your significant others.

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2. In the bedroom

 Don't hesitate to have one on your wedding day just because you don't know what to do with neon sign after the wedding. Allow us to assist you. Hanging wedding neon signs in the bedroom is also a fun way to repurpose them. It will create an intimate atmosphere that helps you to de-stress and recharge your energy. 

Furthermore, a neon sign contains neither toxic elements nor buzzing noise that cause damage to your home as well as the environment. So, for customers seeking environmentally conscious, this is for you!

With the modish look of the wedding neon sign, your bedroom becomes more appealing and attractive. Additionally, the wedding neon sign is ideal for you if you are sensitive to intense lights. Unlike traditional ones, neon signs glow naturally, providing pleasant lighting that safeguards your sight. It is also easily adjusted using a remote control.

The wedding neon sign hung in your living room is a fantastic way to remind you of your big day. Not only do wedding neon signs provide pleasant lighting but they also help mitigate stress as well.

This way, having a good sleep is no longer a challenge. While you have sweet dreams, you will have better mental wellness. Also, the quality of your work increased positively. Hence, with all the cutting-edge features a neon sign has, there is no use in considering it.

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3. In the home office

Keep scrolling down if you’re still wondering what to do with neon sign after wedding. Besides its aesthetic look, the wedding neon sign is functional, allowing you to take advantage of it. The neon sign can be used as an alternative light source, illuminating the entire space on a budget. Made of innovative technology and expert craftsmen, the wedding neon sign requires less energy than traditional ones, costing you a few cents.

Make sure to use wedding decor strategically to save your pennies thoroughly. While wedding flowers can be preserved, wedding neon signs will go smoothly in the home office. It will brighten up the space as well as boost motivation.

All You Need Is Love Wedding Neon Sign

All You Need Is Love Wedding Neon Sign

Neon signs are an effective way to enhance your mood while working. Displaying a neon sign above the computer helps you see things clearly and protects your eyesight from digital blue light fatigue. For customers looking for an extraordinary one, there are plenty of great options that you can choose from our wedding neon sign collection

The neon sign is so colorful and vibrant that it can stand on its own. Besides, it can complement other items as well. When you want to make a change to your home, let’s try this way! And don't forget to choose one that fits your home office theme.

4. Anywhere else in your home

Let’s think outside the box. A wedding neon sign is not only used in the wedding ceremony but also in our houses. Our home will be filled with warm and happy feelings by hanging these multicolored neon signs. Unlike other types of neon lighting, wedding LED neon signs can be transported straightforwardly. Hence, you can use neon signs in many ways as you please.

The Franklins Wedding LED Neon SignThe Franklins Wedding LED Neon Sign

The wedding neon sign is suitable for both exterior and interior use. The neon sign will easily make a house a home thanks to its luminous light. While hanging it outside can grab attention, hanging it inside your home will exude warmth and excitement, allowing you to avoid stress and anxiety. Plus, it can make a significant change to the ambiance of your house. 

Size Guide Mockup LED Neon Sign
Size Guide Mockup LED Neon Sign

If you’ve already purchased a wedding neon sign and don't know whether it fits your space or not, then take a look at the Size Guide Mockup. This way, you can know what size to get and where to hang neon signs around your house.

With the information we have provided, do you agree that neon signs are a flexible decor item? Try to use wedding neon signs strategically and reduce wedding costs! Not only do they make memories last forever, but they also create a cozy and energetic space. Let's create a homey and comfortable space together.  

We hope those ways can serve as inspiration for you well. Neon signs are really the best of both worlds. As your most memorable day is approaching, stop hesitating and bring your first neon signs home.