What font is used for neon signs on different occasions?

One of the key elements that contribute to the appeal of neon signs is the font used. Each neon sign font produces different effects for your signs. For example, couples use Barcelony for wedding neon signs as it's stylish, and sophisticated.

In this article, we will explore the six most popular neon sign fonts that our customers adore so that you know how to choose your neon sign font, and have some inspirations to make the greatest sign for your needs.

1. Barcelony Neon Font

Barcelony neon sign font is a contemporary and elegant choice for wedding neon signs. It features clean lines, stylish curves, and a touch of sophistication. The uppercase letters are bold and well-defined, making them highly visible from a distance. This font lends a timeless and classic charm to wedding signage, making it a popular choice among couples aiming for a refined and luxurious aesthetic.

Name neon sign for wedding

Name neon sign for wedding in Barcelony font

Barcelony font has become a beloved choice among couples for their wedding neon signs. The elegant curves and refined aesthetic of Barcelony perfectly capture the romance of occasions like Happily Ever After and Forever and Always. For those Crazy in Love, Barcelony font adds a touch of sophistication and charm to their neon signs. Moreover, the combination of "The" with the surname in Barcelony font creates a personalized and elegant statement piece. With its timeless beauty and captivating design, Barcelony font beautifully enhances the wedding ambiance, serving as a visual representation of the couple's love and commitment in a single stroke.

2. Rocket Neon Font

The Rocket neon sign font is a bold and eye-catching option that adds a playful and energetic vibe to wedding neon signs. It features a unique combination of sharp edges and rounded curves, creating a sense of movement and dynamism. This font is perfect for couples seeking a modern and youthful atmosphere, as it effortlessly captures attention and infuses the space with a lively ambiance.

Cheers neon sign using rocket neon font

Cheers neon sign using rocket neon font 

The best neon sign in rocket font features "Cheers", "Let's party", or "Let's dance", best used for afterparty in order to encourage everyone to raise their glass, loosen up and move their body to the beat.  Placed at the bar or near the entrance, these signs become focal points that set a jubilant and spirited tone for the celebration.

3. Hesterica Neon Font

Hesterica neon sign font is an exquisite script font that imparts an air of romance and elegance to wedding neon signs. It showcases delicate and fluid letterforms with intricate loops and flourishes, mimicking the artistry of handwritten calligraphy. The Hesterica font is highly versatile, lending itself beautifully to both vintage-inspired and contemporary wedding themes. Its graceful curves and timeless appeal make it a popular choice for couples who desire a touch of sophistication and sentimental charm.

The Hesterica Neon font is an excellent choice for showcasing the names of the bride and groom in a stylish and graceful manner. The font's intricate loops and swashes add a sense of elegance and refinement to the signage, making it a standout piece in the wedding decor. The Bride and Groom Names sign in Hesterica font becomes a personalized and visually captivating element that celebrates the couple's union.

Neon sign in Hesterica Neon Font
Neon sign in Hesterica Neon Font

Hesterica Neon sign font can also be used to showcase wedding vows or meaningful quotes that hold significance for the couple. The font's graceful and intricate details elevate the words, giving them a sense of importance and reverence. Whether it's a snippet of the couple's vows or a cherished quote, presenting it in the Hesterica font adds a touch of elegance and emotional resonance to the wedding decor.

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4. Neonglow Font

The Neonglow font is a modern and eye-catching choice for establishments looking to create a vibrant and electric atmosphere. This font features bold, uppercase letters with a glowing neon effect, reminiscent of the iconic neon signs found in city nightlife. The Neonglow font adds a contemporary and energetic touch to neon signs, making it a popular choice for bars, nightclubs, and restaurants that want to stand out and create a visually striking ambiance.

Neonglow font is perfect for showcasing the name or logo of a bar or restaurant,open or Welcome signs at bars and restaurants. Neonglow font is an ideal choice for highlighting Happy Hour or daily specials, and can be used to showcase specific food items or the type of cuisine served at a restaurant.

5. Retro Sign Neon Font

As the name suggests, the Retro Sign Neon font embraces a nostalgic aesthetic inspired by vintage neon signage. This font replicates the look of traditional tube lights and neon signs, featuring bold and curvy letters with a retro flair. The Retro Sign Neon font adds a sense of old-school charm and a touch of nostalgia to neon signs, making it a preferred choice for establishments that want to create a vintage-inspired ambiance, such as retro-themed bars, diners, or speakeasies.

Buffalo Bar neon sign in Retro Sign font

Buffalo Bar neon sign in Retro Sign font


The NEONTUBE neon sign font is another font that pays tribute to classic neon signage. With its bold, uppercase letters and tube-like strokes, this font perfectly captures the essence of neon lights. The NEONTUBE font is ideal for establishments that want to showcase a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, while still maintaining a connection to the nostalgic charm of neon signs. It works well for modern bars, lounges, and restaurants that aim to create a trendy and visually captivating atmosphere.

NEONTUBE neon sign font

COWBOY BAR neon sign in NEONTUBE font

7. Alexa Font

 The Alexa font combines elegance with a touch of retro flair, making it a versatile choice for various types of establishments. With its sophisticated yet playful design, the Alexa font features graceful, cursive letters with distinct loops and swashes. It adds a sense of refinement and style to neon signs, making it suitable for upscale bars, cocktail lounges, and fine dining restaurants that want to convey a sense of elegance and exclusivity.

Let's Eat neon sign in Alexa font

Let's Eat neon sign in Alexa font 

Ultimately, the selection of fonts for neon signs is an artful decision, allowing weddings, bars, pubs, and restaurants to create a cohesive and visually appealing image. By carefully choosing fonts like Barcelony, Rocket, Hesterica, Neonglow, Retro Sign Neon, NEONTUBE, and Alexa, you can effectively communicate their desired ambiance and style, enhancing the overall customer experience and leaving a lasting impression.

We hope this article shines light on different neon sign fonts in use, how they differ so you can make better decision on which font is best for your sign. Now, let's customize neon signs and pick the font to your liking for your sign.