Can neon signs change color

You're fascinated by the beautiful glow and versatibility that LED neon signs boast. You can't wait to bring one home, but first you're wondering if there's a type of LED neon that can change colors upon pressing a button on the remote. You've come to the right page. In this article, we're gonna introduce to you the latest version of LED neon technology - RGB color changing type that will surely help you make dazzling impression on anybody. 

1. What are RGB LED Neon Signs?

A. How RGB LEDs differ from traditional neon signs

RGB LED neon signs are a modern alternative to traditional neon signs, providing vibrant and customizable lighting options for various applications, like home decor, event and business venues. Unlike traditional neon signs that use glass tubes filled with neon gas, RGB LED neon signs utilize energy-efficient LED technology integrated with special LED chips to produce a color-changing aesthetic effect.

With RGB LEDs, you have the ability to modify the color of your sign, create flashing, pulsating, or flickering effects, as well as adjust its brightness level effortlessly using a simple button press.

Compare LED neon sign vs traditional neon lights:

B.  Components of RGB LED neon signs

RGB LED neon signs consist of LED chips that emit red, green, and blue light. These three primary colors can be combined in different intensities to create a wide spectrum of colors. The RGB color system is used to control the intensity of each color, allowing for endless possibilities of color customization and effects. By adjusting the brightness of LED, RGB LED neon signs can achieve gradients, color-changing effects, and even animated patterns.

C. Advantages of RGB LED neon signs

One of the key advantages of RGB LED neon signs is their energy efficiency. LEDs consume significantly less power compared to traditional neon signs, making them a more sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution. Additionally, LEDs have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.

RGB LED neon signs also offer versatility in terms of design and installation. The flexible nature of LED strips allows for easy customization of shapes and letters, making it possible to create intricate and detailed designs. Unlike traditional neon signs that require delicate glass tubes, RGB LED neon signs are typically made of flexible silicone, which is more durable and resistant to breakage. This flexibility and durability make RGB LED neon signs suitable for various applications, including indoor and outdoor signage, architectural lighting, and creative displays.

RGB LED neon signs provide greater control over lighting effects. With the ability to adjust individual LEDs and manipulate color combinations, users can create dynamic lighting displays tailored to specific themes or moods. RGB LED neon signs can be programmed to cycle through colors, fade in and out, or synchronize with music, adding an interactive and captivating element to any environment.

2. Can I customize a RGB LED sign?

A. Color Range

RGB LED neon signs offer an extensive palette of colors and a multitude of captivating lighting effects that can be achieved. From vibrant primary hues to subtle pastels, the wide range of colors available allows for creative expression and the ability to evoke specific moods or atmospheres. Additionally, RGB LED neon signs can produce mesmerizing color transitions and dynamic modes, adding a dynamic and visually stunning element to any space.


RGB LED neon signs produce a wide range of colors

RGB LED neon signs produce a wide range of colors (7 color options)

If you use an app called Happy Lighting , you can achieve many more color combinations. Read more to see how.

B. Adjust brightness and create dynamic color-changing effects

You can use our remote to adjust the lighting, and change dynamic modes to your liking. You can pick the brightness level, at 25%, 50% and 100%. There are 8 dynamic modes to experience for your space. To allow for more flexibility, speed can also be adjusted as well. 

Remote control for LED neon signs

Remote control for LED neon signs 

 If you want more color options, download the app called Happy Lighting (link mentioned above) to experience with multiple lighting options. Here's a sneak peak of how Happy Lighting allows for more than 9+ color options. 

C. How RGB LED neon signs can be customized

 Moreover, the flexibility of custom RGB LED neon signs allows for the creation of unique designs, including logos or intricate patterns. Whether it's a modern and vibrant look or a more sophisticated and understated aesthetic, RGB LED neon signs can be tailored to reflect the desired image of a business, enhancing its visual presence and leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Right-click on the link above to get your RGB custom LEDs now.

3. Applications of RGB LED Neon Signs

A. Different uses of RGB LED neon signs.

RGB LED neon signs are valuable assets in many industries and businesses. In restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, you can utilize RGB LED neon signs to create captivating and immersive environments. The ability to change colors and lighting effects enables them to set different ambiences throughout the day or for special events.

Retail stores can enhance their visual merchandising by incorporating RGB LED neon signs into window displays or interior signage, effectively attracting attention and creating an engaging shopping experience. Additionally, entertainment venues, such as theaters or concert halls, can leverage RGB LED neon signs to add an element of excitement and anticipation to their spaces.

Last but certainly not least, your home, especially during holidays, can use illuminating RGB LED signs to elevate the look of your home. The signs add visual interest to the space as well as allow you to personalize your home exactly how you want it. So your home will become your safe haven where you're the artist behind every piece of creative artwork.

B. Can RGB LED neon signs be used indoors and outdoors

 All LED neon signs at Zanvis Neon can be perfectly used indoors. We do offer outdoor version for your LED custom signs if you do state so on your request. RGB LEDs are made of sturdy waterproof mica material that helps the sign stay illuminated in open air. 

 You can hang RGB outdoor LED signs in various locations and for various occasions, like on wedding arch, on celebration backdrop, on storefront windows, above your entrance door to your shops, ....etc. These are not only effective at grabbing attention of bystanders, but also stunning decor piece that can be reused multiple times. 

See how indoor vs outdoor LEDs compare:

In conclusion, RGB LED neon signs offer an array of advantages and benefits that make them an exceptional choice for businesses. Their versatility allows for endless creative possibilities, enabling businesses to tailor their signage to perfectly align with their brand and messaging. The custom RGB LED neon signs, coupled with their ability to produce a spectrum of vibrant colors and captivating lighting effects, ensures that businesses can captivate their audience and leave a lasting impression.