What color neon is best for bedroom

Choosing the right color for your neon sign in the bedroom can be tricky. Out of 9 standard colors that LED neon strips are available in, only a few can fit into the bedroom aesthetics.  Beside choosing the right size, the right colors can help you create the effect you want to achieve in the bedroom, be it relaxing, cute or romantic. 

This article will guide you how to pick the right neon sign color for the effect you desire. Let's dive in, and have a good read before making the final decision on what LED neon signs to hang for your bedroom.

1. Warm white for a gentle glow

Among the various options, warm white neon lighting stands out as it creates a gentle and inviting glow in the bedroom - definitely the most sought-after effect for bedtime. Warm white color offers several advantages for a bedroom. Warm white neon lighting instantly adds a sense of warmth and comfort to the space. The soft, gentle glow helps create a cozy ambiance, perfect for unwinding after a long day. 

It was all a dream neon sign

It was all a dream neon sign in warm white adds a pleasant glow to bedroom ambiance

Warm white neon lighting creates an atmosphere that is perfect for snuggling up in your reading corner, sipping your favorite evening herbal tea, and reading your favorite book. You can also enjoy your healthy meditation or yoga sessions under the warm glow of neon. 

Good news for interior design lovers! Warm white LED neon signs can effortlessly blend with various bedroom styles and decor themes. Therefore, it can enhance the overall aesthetics of the room without overpowering other elements.

Unlike harsh and bright lights, warm white neon lighting doesn't interfere with the body's natural sleep cycle. It promotes relaxation, making it an ideal choice for creating a soothing environment conducive to a good night's sleep. 

2. Light Blue to bring calm and serenity

Another excellent color choice for a bedroom's neon sign is light blue. Unlike blue that can be too bright, this color is sure to bring calming and serene qualities, offering immense benefits for your sleep routine. 

Good vibes only
Good Vibes Only Neon Sign in calm light blue brings a sense of rest and peace to your sleep

Light blue neon lighting evokes a sense of peace and serenity, perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere in the bedroom. It can help to reduce stress and promote a feeling of calmness. Light blue is also associated with increased focus and concentration. Having a light blue LED neon sign in your bedroom can create an environment that supports productivity and mental clarity. 

Custom neon sign quote

Custom neon sign quote saying Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze. Check out customize neon sign just for you,

Light blue adds a refreshing touch to the bedroom, evoking a sense of coolness and cleanliness. It can create a visually appealing and refreshing ambiance that promotes relaxation. 

3. Pink for a lovely cute touch

For those seeking a touch of charm and sweetness in their bedroom, go for pink LED neon colors lights.

All you need is Love neon sign

All you need is Love neon sign highlights the scene, while blending in so perfectly with the decor theme

Pink neon signs bring a delightful and playful element to the bedroom decor as the soft pink glow adds a touch of romance and intimacy, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Also, incorporating a pink neon sign in your bedroom can uplift your mood and infuse the space with a cheerful ambiance.

Pink neon sign for bedroom

Another Pink neon sign in bedroom space

Pink complements a wide range of bedroom styles, from modern to vintage, making it a versatile choice for various decor themes. Whether you prefer a cute and girly look or a more sophisticated aesthetic, pink neon lighting can be easily incorporated.

Check out BABE YOU LOOK SO COOL LED neon sign in dreamy pink. 


BABE YOU LOOK SO COOL neon sign permeates a pretty pink glow over the whole room

4. Purple gives off romantic vibes

Purple LED neon is perfect for couples' bedroom. Beside exuding royalty and luxury, purple neon sign brings romance and sensuality. The deep hues of purple evoke a sense of mystery and allure, setting the stage for intimate moments and romantic encounters. With neon sign glowing in the background, you and your special someone will surely have a wonderful intimate time to spice things up after once in a while. 

The purple lighting goes best on neutral-colored walls, or white walls. So if you have wall paint like so, purple neon lighting is the way to go. 

Name neon sign

This couple custom made their name neon sign in purple, and hung on the bedroom walls to celebrate their love bond with their pets

Now, let's think of a few outstanding picks for purple neon sign hung on your bedroom walls. How about a LED neon sign that says "This is where magic happens", because the bedroom is where you make magic? Or "This must be the place" meaning that your bedroom is the ultimate heaven on Earth. 

This Is Where The Magic Happens Neon Sign

This is where magic happens neon sign

 This Must Be The Place Neon Sign

This must be the place neon sign

If you want to display certain designs on your walls, "Hand of God" or "Peachy Female" would be our top 2 picks for you. The good news is these are our bestselling signs too.

Hand Of God Neon Sign
Peachy Female Neon Sign


 5. Best neon sign quotes for bedroom

5.1 Good vibes only neon sign

Bring good vibes to your sacred sleeping space with Good vibes only in cute pink. The sign not only boosts your mood, but also serves as positive affirmations to draw in great things into your life. 

5.2 You're like really pretty neon sign

There's no better compliment than the one you gave to yourselves. Let this "You're like really pretty" comment comes from within, so hanging a piece of neon light with this quote in LED neon strips is an amazing road to self-love.

5.3 This must be the place neon sign

After all the chaos outside, you return home to take a rest and recharge your batteries. Home is the only place where you feel true to yourself, free to be who you are, and heal completely. Isn't it amazing that you come home, and you're welcomed by "This must be the place" neon light glowing in the hallway. Grab one for yourself!

These are our advice on which neon sign color is best for your bedroom. We hope you learn a thing or two from this, and put the new know-how to good use. Browse neon signs for bedroom if you're looking to illuminate your bedroom walls with neon signs.

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