Violent Monopoly Gun Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

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Violent Monopoly Gun Neon Sign

Big fan of the famous Cash Grab Game? Bring this super cool Violent Monopoly Gun neon sign home and live out your game fantasy right at your safe haven!

Featuring the collab we’d never expected, yet needed between the innovative UV Printing method and Neon Acrylic, this super interesting Violent Monopoly Gun UV Printed is guaranteed to give you the “cool homeowner” title.

The transparent acrylic backing gives off luxurious and sleek vibes, while the white layer of UV printing underneath makes the artwork color pop. The innovative UV Printing Method utilizes ultra-violet lights to dry ink as soon as it hits the acrylic board, giving it the ultimate seamless look. 

Aside from the phenomenal look, Violent Monopoly Gun UV Printed lights are super pleasant to human eyes, as LED neon lights are tightly secured inside silicone tubes. It uses less electricity, and thus costs less, around 20 cents if switched on 24/7.

This neon acrylic artwork looks gorgeous in your bedroom and game room, so hang it above the headboard or on a blank wall on the side to add fun to your space.

Violent Monopoly Gun Neon SignIf you have a game room, let’s elevate it by fixing this to the wall above your game desk. Ambient lighting makes a big difference to your gaming atmosphere. It’s neither too harsh nor too dark, so it’s perfect to light up the interiors, while preventing optical damage. Get inspired by more ideas on neon signs for game room!

The living room is another space to consider. Adding Violent Monopoly Gun UV Printed to neutral-colored walls, beside some plant pots would be a killer. Don’t have any green scenes in the living room? Well, hang this above the couch, or next to the bookshelf. It’ll enhance the look, add extra ambient lighting as well as spruce up the atmosphere. 

I bet your space is screaming for Violent Monopoly Gun UV Printed neon acrylic artwork right now, so grab it ASAP!



1 colors

Can display at

Home room, Bedroom, Living room,...


Acrylic + LED

Mounting Type

Wall Mount

Power Supply




Wireless Remote



      • Made from long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly LED neon strip, mounted on a acrylic back board - the sign comes standard with a 3-5 meter clear power cord and power bank.
      • Light designed to last at least 10 years.


      • Neon Sign Customized to Your Specifications
      • Power Supply and Adapter
      • Wireless Remote
      • 24-Month International Manufacturer Warranty
      • Drill holes for installation & Installation Screws
      • 100% Shipping insurance

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