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Size: 75cm | 30in
Color: Blue + Pink
Backing Style: Cut to shape
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Let's make a statement that is sufficiently representative of your personality and extremely meaningful. How about The World Is Yours? Shoot for the stars and make your life the most memorable because you only have one life to live. It becomes incredibly simple to enjoy it and live freely as birds, pursuing everything we've dreamed of, once we realize that this world is actually ours.

The World Is Yours Neon Sign

The World Is Yours Neon Sign 

The universe is nothing more than a color palette. Whatever color you want to add to your life is yours to choose. Consequently, the world is truly yours once you are courageous and creative enough. If you agree with us, then you should opt for The World Is Yours LED neon sign. You will be reminded to enjoy life and live it fully by this affirmation, which will shine brightly day or night. 

The area becomes livelier and more dynamic thanks to the sign's rainbow of brightly lit colors. Therefore, if you're looking for something unique and magnificent for your room makeover, there is nothing better to choose than this. Think about how your room will become brighter and more alive with the addition of this neon sign. Without a doubt, you won’t ever feel disappointed when holding it with your bare hands. 

The World Is Yours LED Neon SignThe World Is Yours LED Neon Sign

The World Is Yours is another way to demonstrate that you can own everything you want. It's your playground, so let's make it the most amazing and fantastical that will live in people's memories forever. Be honest, what can help you to make your statement and simultaneously upgrade your private zone better than this sign?

The sign functions effectively in addition to having a striking aesthetic appearance. It helps to clarify who you are, bring your inner thoughts into the outside world, make things visible, liven up the environment, and anything else you can think of. All these wonderful features will come in only a package. What a deal! 

If you’re ready to meet these advanced features in life, place an order and let us deliver it to your front door in the next few days!



8 colors

Can display at

Home room, Bedroom, Living room,...


Acrylic + LED

Mounting Type

Wall Mount

Power Supply




Wireless Remote



    • Made from long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly LED neon strip, mounted on a clear acrylic back board - the sign comes standard with a 5 meter clear power cord and white or black power bank - with plug fit for each shipping country.
    • Light designed to last at least 10 years.


    • Neon Sign Customized to Your Specifications
    • Power Supply and Adaptor
    • Wireless Remote
    • 24-Month International Manufacturer Warranty
    • Digital Installation Video Guide (Available on Each Product Page)
    • Installation Screws
    • 100% Shipping insurance

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