Are you dreaming of adding a mesmerizing touch to your wedding backdrop? Imagine the soft glow of a neon sign casting a romantic ambiance over your special day.

Attaching a neon sign to your wedding backdrop is easier than you might think, and in this article, we'll explore three simple yet effective methods that will make your wedding decor truly shine. Each method ensures that your neon sign seamlessly blends with your backdrop, whether it's a fabric drape, a floral arch, shimmer sequin or a rustic wooden frame.

1. Using fishing line to attach neon sign to backdrop

Fishing line to hang neon signs

Fishing line to hang neon signs on backdrop

Use fishing line to attach neon sign to shimmering sequin wall:

Start by having your custom neon sign on your hands. Next, cut a piece of fishing line that is long enough, and put the fishing line through the pre-drilled homes on the neon sign (preferably the top holes). Make sure you thread a tiny knot to secure the positioning (for the sign not running). Once you're done with this, position the sign against the sequin wall at the desired height and location. To finish installing, attach the fishing line to shimmering wall panel to hold up the sign, or use a clamp on top of the panel, and connect it to the fishing line to secure the spot. You can attach balloon bouquets onto the clamp area to cover the device. 

Use fishing line to attach neon light to fabric drape, backdrop:

With this installation on fabric backdrop, you're gonna need safety pins beside fishing line. Then thread the fishing line through the safety pin (tie a minimum of three knots because fishing line can slip out very easily and that's the last thing you want to happen at your event). Pin the safety pins into the back of your backdrop. Turn the backdrop around, and take the other ends of the fishing line and tie that to the neon sign. You can now measure where you want your neon sign to be, and then make a knot (three knots preferred) at that spot. If you mess up, go to the back and change the positioning of the neon sign. 

Use fishing line to attach neon sign to flower, greenery wall:

To attach a neon sign to a floral wall using fishing line, ensure that you have a sturdy neon sign and a wall with a floral arrangement or a decorative floral backdrop. Begin by selecting a spot on the wall where you want to position the sign. Next, cut a length of fishing line that is long enough to reach from the sign to a secure point on the wall. Tie one end of the fishing line to one hole drilled on the neon sign. Then tie the fishing line to the other hole on the other side to maintain balance, ensuring that it is taut but not so tight that it puts strain on the sign. Place the neon sign on a designated spot, and adjust the positioning of the sign as needed to achieve the desired display. Tie the fishing line to the rod on top to secure the spot.

Finally, step back and double-check that the neon sign is securely attached and hanging straight. With this method, you can showcase your neon sign against the backdrop of a beautiful floral wall, creating a captivating visual display. 

2. Use hanging chains

Using hanging chains to hang your neon sign is much easier as it requires much less labor work. You can buy hanging chains of suitable length, or ask Zanvis Neon to include hanging chains in their installation kit. Normallly, we provide mounting kit for you to attach the sign to the wall. This method of installation is permanent, but go for hanging chains if you want the installation to be temporary.

Check out 3 ways to hang neon sign on wedding backdrop:

To hang the neon sign on circle metal arch, or other backdrop, gather the necessary materials: a sturdy neon sign and a set of hanging chains with hooks. Determine the ideal placement of the sign on the wall or ceiling, ensuring it is visible and secure.  Attach one end of the chain to one hole on the neon sign, and the other end on the other hole, ensuring a secure connection. Hang the sign on clamps on the metal arch to secure the sign. Then cover the clamps with flowers, greens or balloons. With the neon sign suspended from hanging chains, you'll create a visually striking and captivating display that commands attention.

Hanging chains to attach neon signs

Hanging chains to attach neon signs to wedding backdrop

3. Using Command Hooks on wooden backdrop

 Using Command Hooks to hang a neon sign on a wooden backdrop is a practical and damage-free solution. Start by selecting Command Hooks suitable for the weight and size of your neon sign. Ensure that the wooden backdrop is clean and free of dust or debris. Next, determine the optimal placement for your neon sign on the wooden backdrop, considering factors such as visibility and balance. Attach the Command Hooks to the wooden surface at the chosen locations, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Press firmly to ensure a secure bond. Allow the adhesive to set for the recommended duration before proceeding. Carefully hang your neon sign on the hooks, ensuring it is level and securely positioned. Step back and admire your illuminated creation against the rustic charm of the wooden backdrop. With Command Hooks, you can effortlessly showcase your neon sign without leaving any permanent marks on the wooden surface.

Use command hooks to hang neon signs on backdrop

Use command hooks to hang neon signs on backdrop

 In conclusion, there are several effective ways to hang and install a neon sign on a wall or backdrop. From utilizing fishing line or hanging chains to using Command Hooks, each method offers its own benefits for creating a captivating display. Whether you opt for a subtle and discreet approach or prefer a more industrial aesthetic, these methods provide versatile and damage-free solutions for showcasing your neon sign. With careful consideration of placement and proper installation, you can effortlessly elevate your space with the luminous charm of a hanging neon sign. Purchase gorgeous illuminating neon signs at affordable prices at Zanvis Neon