blue neon sign

Forget about a plain area that calls to boredom and melancholy moods. Follow this creative way to give your space a new look that draws everyone's attention on a limited budget. The irresistible look of the blue neon sign can fit your preference the best, allowing you to stay in an artwork place. So, why don't you give it a go with this inspirational blog? Scroll down to see some incredible designs that you might love at first sight.  

1. Blue neon sign 

As many scientists have shown, colors play a vital role in improving mental wellness. To be more specific, the luminous blue light calls for positive aspects, such as serenity, calmness, commitment, and so on.  For youngsters searching for ways to boost mood and improve mental health, the blue neon sign is undoubtedly born just for you!

Blue Shark LED Neon Sign

Blue Shark LED Neon Sign 

Whale LED Neon Sign

Whale LED Neon Sign 

Believe it or not, blue is one of the most universally appealing colors in the world. It works well in every situation, conveying many positive emotions. While looking for a budget-friendly psychological treatment, let's try investing in a blue neon sign

Additionally, when it comes to the marine world, nothing is more related than the blue color. What could be better than these stunning blue neon sign designs if you are a marine lover? Both the Blue Shark LED Neon sign and the Whale LED Neon Sign are associated with the sea world, so feel free to choose one that fits your need. 

Among Us Blue Neon Sign

Among Us Blue Neon Sign 

Alien Blue Neon SignAlien Blue Neon Sign 

Suppose you are a movie buff and intensely fond of cartoon characters, nothing can match your style better than these blue neon signs. Don't hesitate to bring it home if you want to stay in a relaxing zone. Both are suitable for creating a playful and festive area, letting you be on cloud nine. The blue neon light also screams excitement and stability. 

Good Vibes Only LED Neon Sign Good Vibes Only LED Neon Sign 

Good Vibes Only is a definitive statement. It illuminates the area and showcases your positive aspects, letting people know you're the one who always looks on the bright side. Also, this might be a pleasant gift for customers striving to cheer their friends up. The Good Vibes Only comes in various sizes and shapes, so you can freely mix and match. 

Smiley Face Blue Neon Sign Smiley Face Blue Neon Sign 

Sometimes, the world is moving too fast, giving you a little chance to enjoy the joy to the fullest. But don’t worry, let us give you a hand. Bring this Smiley Face Blue Neon Sign into your home and hang it anywhere you usually pay attention to. This is your friendly reminder to smile every single day. Needless to say, a smiley face is truly a representation of happiness and enjoyment.   

2. Text-based blue neon sign 

It’s high time for you to stop settling for a monotonous place. Let’s find an innovative way to add a pop of color to your area and stay in a festive zone. How about a text-based blue neon sign featuring your favorite saying, a spiritual quote, or anything that you have a love for? Feel free to make up your mind and find out which is the best choice. 

With the help of text-based blue neon signs, you can have an airy room and dynamic feelings. When it comes to the color blue, there are a lot of therapeutic benefits that you can take advantage of.  Its bright light gives off happy and vibrant moods, protecting you against profound sorrows.

One LED Neon SignOne LED Neon Sign 

Let’s utilize blue neon signs as a trendy home decor item. The One LED Neon Sign is the ultimate decor for those with a minimalist lifestyle. Although it looks simple, the brightly-lit blue neon light will give your space a new ambiance, transforming it into an artistic place. If you are an aesthetic lover, we bet that this dreamy blue neon light suits your preference perfectly. 

Happy Birthday Blue Neon SignHappy Birthday Blue Neon Sign 

As your other half's birthday is approaching, grab this opportunity and give them a precious gift. The high-quality Happy Birthday Blue Neon Sign is a pleasant choice that can reflect your long-term relationship and enhance it. Even this sign will last as valuable memorabilia, allowing you and your partner to look back day by day. 

Chill Neon Sign

Chill Neon Sign

Good Vibes Only LED Neon SignGood Vibes Only LED Neon Sign 

If you are afraid that a blue neon sign can’t reflect calmness and serenity enough, then let's add more detail. Take a brief look at these Chill Neon Sign and Good Vibes Only Blue LED Neon Sign. They can be your best personal statement, letting people know your place only permits positivity and excitement. In other words, when staying in your private space, there’s no chance for everyone to have anxiety and depression! 

Game Over Blue Neon SignGame Over Blue Neon Sign 

Love Wedding LED Neon SignLove Wedding LED Neon Sign 

People have long believed that blue is considered as a spiritual color, evoking vivid and energetic moods. And it’s true! Many types of research have shown that the blue color is associated with boosting spirits and improving productivity. Go for these blue neon signs as you plan to have a home office or a game room. Not only can they be used as an efficient light source but also as a timeless item that embellishes your space.     

3. Light blue neon sign

When you are a blue sky lover, what can be better than a light blue neon sign calling to you? It is truly a representation of heaven, dedication, courage, and also productivity. The blue neon light doesn’t only brighten up the space but also gives your space a newly modish look. If you haven’t found your favorite one yet, keep scrolling down. We have multiple great ideas for you to explore!  


Are you a nature lover? If yes, PLEASE do have this one! It is the best selection for gals who are always concerned about environmental problems. Made with the-state-of-art technology, the Palm Trees And Ocean Breeze Blue Neon Sign contains no hazardous elements, causing neither damage nor a footprint on the environment.

While the palm tree image reflects the chilling vibe, the blue neon light revitalizes your feeling straightforwardly. Also, this dreamy baby blue neon sign can be hung anywhere you want to emphasize thanks to its especially transparent backboard. With these advanced features, there’s no reason that you can miss it for your space. 

Good Vibes Only LED Neon SignGood Vibes Only LED Neon Sign 

As you can see, the Good Vibes Only LED Neon Sign are available in various sizes and shapes. If this design is still not your cup of tea, please let us know your personal style. All you need to do is jot down your favorite quotes, take a photo of them, and send it via our website. With our dedicated designer teams, Zanvis will promptly give you what your hearts desire. 

The Chill Pill Led Neon Acrylic ArtworkThe Chill Pill Led Neon Acrylic Artwork

While one light blue color can’t fulfill your wishlist, let's add more color. The Chill Pill LED Neon Acrylic Artwork comes in 3 bright colors, lightening up the entire space in a fraction of time. This way, you can dive into a playful area and have great memories with your significant others.      

It Was All A Dream Neon SignIt Was All A Dream Neon Sign  

If you are craving attention, then these light blue neon signs work wonders. It grabs the pedestrians' eyes from afar, fascinating them to come to your space. This is the best way to advertise your business and build brand personality simultaneously when you have a limited budget. These two designs will only serve as a source of inspiration. Hence, don’t worry if it isn’t your thing. The neon sign is customizable, so don’t hesitate to browse our Collection to find more and more incredibly customized blue neon signs. 

Besides, the neon sign goes well in weddings. It grabs attention, illuminates space, and livens things up at the same time. Plus, it can be used as a direction, helping the guests know exactly where your party is. As you and your future spouse want to personalize the big day, consider a light blue neon sign before it's too late. 

Take It Easy LED Neon SignTake It Easy LED Neon Sign 

Do you get stuck in a rat race? Or do you have too much on your plate? If yes, we know exactly how you feel. Sometimes, we have to try harder to keep pace with modern life and achieve the things we’ve always strived for. This may cause you to be exhausted and overwhelmed. But we have an idea. Let’s make a note that’ll bear in mind for years. If you agree with us, bring this home. 

The text-based Take It Easy LED Neon sign calls for peace and comfort. If you, also want your room to have an ethereal look, it will work well that exceeds your expectation. The light blue neon sign evokes a sense of excitement, immersing you in a wonderful world and avoiding stress. This is such a high-quality product to be true.

The blue neon sign is truly the best of both worlds. It has all the cutting-edge features that we could ask for. So whether you are looking for an item for your home or business, try investing in the neon sign. Indeed you won’t be disappointed. Shop now with Zanvis!