Be Merry And Christmas LED Neon Sign

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Size: 50cm | 20in
Color: Multicolored
Style: Indoor use
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Be Merry And Christmas LED Neon Sign

Needless to say that Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. That's why it has become one of the most awaited seasons, excelling at enhancing the mood and doubling the joy. And, of course, decorating to celebrate the day is an indispensable activity. While you're looking for inspiration to mark the season efficiently, why don't we go for a LED neon sign that not only shines bright even day or night but also demonstrates precisely the meaningful saying of this kind of day? 

Be Merry And Bright LED Neon SignBe Merry And Bright LED Neon Sign

The classic piece Be Merry And Bright Christmas LED neon sign lets us treat ourselves and capture vivid spirits and happiness at the same time. With the neon sign, the space will no longer be empty, boring, and dull. The sign, of course, has advanced features that we should not skip at all. 

It is also an environmentally beneficial decorative item. It has a longer lifespan than standard ones and no harmful materials. For ecologically aware customers, why not hang this amazing object in your empty space and have a blast doing it? 

Be Merry And Bright Neon SignBe Merry And Bright Neon Sign

Christmas Day is all about giving, relaxing, and enjoying as well. Thus, if you're going to hold an all-night party, this ultimate piece is a must-have factor. Its dazzling light readily outshines and attracts people's attention. By investing in this,  enjoying the party to the fullest while on a budget is no longer a challenge. 

Be Merry And Christmas LED neon sign is handcrafted by skilled artisans and emanates grandeur and sophistication. The backing board is composed of durable acrylic material that has a pure, translucent appearance. All of the LED Neon Lights are encased in silicone tubes, which not only give them a natural glow but also protect your eyes from other types of brightness. 

Be Merry And Bright Christmas Neon SignBe Merry And Bright Christmas Neon Sign

The sign is available in a range of fonts, sizes, and colors. Literally, there are no rules to mix and match it, so feel free to invest in one and display it wherever it pleases you. There isn't time for thought as Christmas Day approaches. Place an order before the dull decoration keeps you down and makes you forget to have fun.


Color 10 colors
Can display at Christmas, Home room, Party
Material Acrylic + LED
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Power Supply Yes
Adaptor Yes
Wireless Remote Yes


    • Made from long lasting, durable and environmentally friendly LED neon strip, mounted on a clear acrylic back board - the sign comes standard with a 10-16ft clear power cord and power bank
    • Light designed to last at least 10 years and reusable every year
    • Shine bright even in the dark depths of winter with a low electricity consumption
    • Option for Indoor or Outdoor use


    • Neon Sign Customized to Your Specifications
    • Power Supply and Adapter
    • Wireless Remote (Only applicable for indoor use option)
    • 24-Month International Manufacturer Warranty
    • Drill holes for installation & Installation Screws
    • 100% Shipping insurance

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