Zanvis started with a man and a dream; The American Dream. Freedom is the name of the game for Alan Russell, who had an idea of starting a company to help create freedom, both in time and financially, so that he could spend more quality time with his family and express his need to create as a human being.  Alan worked full-time in the corrections system, a place that literally had the opposite philosophy of “freedom” that he was trying to achieve.   

Since starting Zanvis in 2017, there are many ways this business has vastly improved his life. Alan was able to resign from the prison system to pursue the business full-time. One of the most exciting facets to this business is building relationships with the customers, and the suppliers, advertising and marketing professionals and working together to find solutions.  Whether it be helping a customer create a one of a kind design that tells their own unique story, starting a relationship with other businesses to sell our products or working hard each day to meet the high volume and demand for our product, we feel so lucky to have this be our “job” and to employ a staff of folks who share the same vision. 

But this is only the beginning of our journey.  We’re so thankful that you’re helping us build a life by design.  We’re blessed to able to create a custom Neon Art piece for you.  Contact us today and we can walk you through the easy, efficient and affordable process of ordering your art from Zanvis.