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Wedding Neon Signs

We know uninspired yet colorless items may not catch the eye and serve your needs enough for your upcoming wedding.

Wedding neon signs not only bring modern luxury but also adds festive vibes to your big day. Let our signs transform your wedding into a visually pleasuring wonderland now, and you will never regret it!

Create Your Surname Neon Sign

5 Handy Tips On Picking The Ideal neon Sign For Wedding Decorations

  • Think about the style scheme of your wedding to ensure the neon sign matches and complements the overall theme and color scheme.
  • Consider where your neon sign will be placed, like on a wall, a table, or freestanding, to make sure it will be displayed splendidly in the way you want.
  • .Opt for the right size for your wedding neon sign, so it creates a visually exciting display, whether in a spacious venue or a smaller one
  • For a specific mood, choosing the right colors, like white and yellow, will create an elegant atmosphere; meanwhile, red or orange exudes a dynamic one.
  • To maximize the uniqueness, the custom-to-made neon sign is surefire better than a pre-made one. 
wedding neon sign

Fantastic ideas for customizing wedding neon signs

  • Welcome gate: Use a personalized wedding neon sign close to the lobby or entrance to create a strong first impression as invitees enter the venue.
  • Background: For the wedding props or backgrounds, hang a sizable neon sign. This gives the venue a striking and captivating effect, letting visitors record special moments
  • Bar Sign: To highlight the drinks, energize the area, and entice customers to overindulge, hang a neon sign with catchy, upbeat phrases like "Let's Dance" or "Party Time."
  • Sweetheart Table: To create a uniquely romantic and private atmosphere, hang a neon sign over the sweetheart table as a unique addition to the wedding decor.
  • Wedding favors: Couples can have a unique keepsake of their special day to take home later, thanks to this creative way of incorporating neon elements into the wedding decor
wedding neon sign