If you’re a beginner check out our best tips on how to elevate your space with LED neon signs!

  • Pick the Perfect Spot: Your neon sign should be visible from your kitchen's most frequently used areas. Consider hanging it above your stove or near your dining area.
  • Keep it Simple: Neon signs make a statement on their own, so don't go overboard with other decorations. Keep it simple and let your sign steal the show!
  • Get Creative: Your neon sign should reflect your personality and style. Choose a design that makes you smile and adds a touch of whimsy to your kitchen.
  • Match Your Colors: Coordinate your neon sign with the rest of your kitchen decor. Make sure the colors complement each other for a cohesive look.
  • Play with Lighting: Neon signs look best when they're the only source of light in the room. Dim your overhead lights and let your neon sign shine!

Don’t know how to make your kitchen truly pop with neon signs! Let’s check out some of the best ideas below!

  • Above the sink: Hanging a neon sign above the sink is a great way to bring some personality to this often-neglected area.
  • Over the bar: If you've got a bar area in your kitchen, hanging a neon sign above it is a must! Choose a sign that speaks to your love of libations, like "wine not?" or "let's get fizzical."
  • Near the dining table: Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for meals by hanging a neon sign near your dining table. Choose a sign with a message that reflects your love of food, like "eat, drink, and be merry" or "bon appétit."
  • Above the stove: Draw attention to your culinary prowess by hanging a neon sign above your stove. Choose a sign with a message that reflects your cooking style, like "spice up your life" or "sizzle and sear."
  • In an open shelving unit: Show off your eclectic kitchenware collection by hanging a neon sign on the wall behind your open shelving. Choose a sign with a fun message, like "kitchen queen" or "chefs rule."

Absolutely! So, there you have it - a fabulous collection of kitchen neon signs that are sure to spice up your cooking space. From cheeky messages to playful designs, these custom neon signs are perfect for anyone looking to add some personality and color to their kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today and let the good times glow!