Neon wedding sign and 5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Neon Sign For Your Wedding

Neon is everywhere. It was big in interiors last year and is now all over the Australian and US wedding markets. By the way, Neon signs are a great way to personalize your wedding, not to mention get across any information needed for your guests. Whether it's a menu, the order of the day, directions, or a kind greeting, signage may help.

But where on earth do you find a gorgeous wedding neon sign for your big day? Can they be personalized? Can you hire them? And how much do they cost? If you've fallen for neon, worry not - We're here to help answer all of these questions.

1. How To Use Your Sign On Your Wedding Day

As you can see in the gallery above, neon wedding signs look amazing wherever they are placed. Our preferred methods? As a ceremony backdrop at the end of your aisle, then relocated to a floral-filled wall for your guests' photos. Above your ceremony room's front door. Alternatively, set it on your dessert table or cocktail bar, allowing your guests to dive in.

All you need is love Neon sign

 All you need is love Neon sign

2. Do we need to purchase Or Hire A Neon Wedding Sign?

The good news is, that there are lots of great places to hire a neon wedding sign from. Generally, you'll have the sign for around 5 days, which means you've got time to send it back after your wedding day. Whether you hire or buy is totally down to your needs. If you're certain you'd like a personalized piece that will be used as decor in your home following the big day, then treating yourself is a lovely idea - plus you'll have a permanent reminder of your wedding day on your wall.


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If you want a more basic sign, such as a neon heart or slogan, consider hiring - it's somewhat less expensive and you won't wind up with a large neon sign to find a home for. Allow a couple of months for a bespoke item to be built, sent, and tested at home before ordering. Nothing is worse than failing to examine an item until the big day, only to realize that it is broken.

 Better Together Neon light sign

Better Together Neon light sign

3. How Much Does Neon Wedding Sign Cost?

Expect to pay approximately $220 for a personalized neon wedding sign (naturally, the larger/more characters you choose, the more costly your sign will be). If you want to buy a sign, you may get little ones for approximately $0 and larger ones for roughly $00/$00. The cost of hiring a neon wedding sign starts from $200.

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4. What is the difference between neon and LED wedding sign?

4.1. Material

You've probably heard of neon, but what about LED? They both produce light, but the way they are processed gives each a distinct visual taste. The most noticeable distinction is that neon signs use genuine glass tubes. LED signs, on the other hand, are made from strips of light-emitting diodes connected together to produce the illusion of a neon-like effect. LEDs, which are wrapped in a polymer jacket to protect each diode, can be difficult to repair if broken.

 Double Heart Led Neon Sign

Double Heart Led Neon Sign

4.2. Appeal

Because of the diverse and brilliant light they generate, neon signs have remained popular with companies all over the world. Neon is an intriguing bundle for most creatives trying to gain attention because of the nostalgia aspect and allusions to glamour and prestige. LED signs, on the other hand, are incredibly energy efficient and offer a somewhat cheaper alternative for those who cannot afford to go the neon way.

4.3. Brightness 

There has been much debate about which type of lighting is the brightest, and if you're going to treat yourself to a personalized neon sign, it had better be authentic. When shopping about, keep in mind that neon signs cast a wide light source, lighting in all directions - no gaps. LED, on the other hand, is a directed light source. This means that the light it emits is directed forward, much like a flashlight. A "hot-spot," or erratic lighting, will be produced by an LED sign.

 Pinky Led Neon Sign

Pinky Led Neon Sign

5. 5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Neon Sign For Your Wedding

5.1. Neon wedding signs look fantastic

It goes without saying that light-up neon wedding signs are spectacular! Over the years, I've used a wide variety of neon signs at weddings, and they never fail to wow. They create a strong statement with a very modern approach. You may include them in your theme or style, whether you are planning an alternative wedding or a typical party.

5.2. In the evening, light-up neon wedding signs are an excellent lighting option.

Not only do neon signs look great during the day, but they truly shine once the sun goes down. They are an excellent method to illuminate your reception and add drama, or to accent a specific spot during your wedding. Furthermore, depending on the color you choose, they may give a truly ambient light on the dance floor.

 I Love You Led Neon Sign

I Love You Led Neon Sign

5.3. Neon signs can be fully customized

Did you realize that you can't just purchase a neon wedding sign off the shelf? But did you know you can also have them made to order? Zanvis Neon Signs allows you to upload your own design, making it completely unique to you. Making your day unique to you is something I frequently discuss. So what better way than with your wedding signs? Fill in the blanks with your names, wedding date, initials, a private joke, something significant, or your color scheme. The sky is truly the limit, and you may have a lot of fun making your design. Furthermore, no one else will have the same creation as you.

5.4. Signs with Multiple Functions

Neon signs may be utilized in several ways. Your banner might be used as a background for your wedding aisle or top table, for your cake table, or as the ideal photo booth backdrop. Maybe you'd want to utilize your neon sign as a welcome or a navigational sign. It's entirely feasible.

5.5. After that, you can use your sign at home

Bring your wedding decor into your house after the wedding to be more sustainable and to avoid it being abandoned in a dusty corner of your garage. I believe it is always a good idea to consider the future of your wedding decor before purchasing it. And the best part about having a neon wedding sign is that you can take it home and display it proudly in your favorite area. This will not only serve as a lifelong memento of your wedding, but it will also look fantastic.

6. Conclusion

Alternatively, take the easy option and hire a venue where a neon sign is already part of the decor like The Bell or Preston Court. You may also get lucky if there are any neon signs up for grabs over on Recycle My Wedding - our preloved wedding marketplace. Happy neon hunting.

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