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If you are looking for a way to describe feelings without saying a word, then emoji neon signs are born just for you. It’s not only used as home decor but also as a modern way to express your personality. Made by highly-skilled craftspeople, the emoji neon sign is a perfect home accessory. Right below is a list of common emoji neon signs that can serve as great inspirations. Let’s check it out! 

Emoji faces neon sign  

Emoji faces nowadays are a universal preference. They can mostly be seen on social media posts as well as text messages. Emojis not only convey emotion well but also help spice up your conversation. 

Whether you are an emoji lover or a decor lover, what can be better than emoji neon signs that call to you? It’s an ideal way to add a sense of refreshment to your home as well as brighten up the whole space. An emoji face can represent an emotion, subject, and symbol. Coming in various shapes and sizes, emoji neon signs offer endless ideas for you to customize a special one.

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Smirking Face Emoji Neon SignSmirking Face Emoji Neon Sign

Let’s take a look at this Smirking Face emoji neon sign. If you are looking for a way to make a strong statement, consider this neon sign. It’s a cool, yet signature way to show off your style. 

Provided with a wireless remote, neon sign lighting can be adjusted easily. If you are sensitive to intense lighting, then a neon sign is a pleasant choice for you. Under the dim light, it helps relieve stress and anxiety. 

Woozy Face With Crossed-Out Eyes Emoji LED Neon Sign

Woozy Face With Crossed-Out Eyes Emoji LED Neon Sign

Whether you are following a minimalist or modern lifestyle, an emoji neon sign will do best for both. It's an ideal way to feature your personality as well as add a glow to your space. A fierce red neon sign can convey passion and enthusiasm. Hanging this in your working space can elevate your mood and improve work efficiency.

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Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes Emoji Neon SignSmiling Face With Heart-Eyes Emoji Neon Sign

Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes Emoji LED Neon Acrylic Artwork

A cheerful and stunning emoji neon sign can reflect your personality well. This Smiling Face emoji neon sign allows you to feature that you're a sociable and imaginative person. 

A handcrafted neon sign made by our highly-skilled artisans can last up to 15 years. This is good news for anyone who strives to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Not only it has a long lifespan but also eco-friendly. While you upgrade your space's overall appearance, our environment can also be protected.
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Squinting Face With Tongue Emoji LED Neon Acrylic Artwork

Squinting Face With Tongue Emoji LED Neon Acrylic Artwork

Grinning Squinting Face Emoji Neon Sign Grinning Squinting Face Emoji Neon Sign 

Do you want to compliment your significant others as well as strengthen your relationship? Then, consider a funny emoji neon sign as a special gift. A unique, yet lovely neon sign can make their day. In this way, they will be elated.

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 Smiling Face With Crossed-Hand Eyes Emoji LED Neon Acrylic Artwork

Smiling Face With Crossed-Hand Eyes Emoji LED Neon Acrylic Artwork 

If you are going to hold a party, what can be better than a Smiling Face With Crossed-Hand Eyes emoji LED neon sign? Hanging this fantastic neon sign, you can outfit your home as well as add a sense of festivity to your game. 

As you can see, a white emoji neon sign can boost your mood to the next level and transform your plain area into an artistic space. Additionally, it can complement other home decors well. This way, a neon sign can make your space both delightful and enticing. 

Loudly Crying Face Emoji Neon Sign

Loudly Crying Face Emoji Neon Sign 

Kissing Face With Closed Eyes Emoji Neon Sign Artwork Kissing Face With Closed Eyes Emoji Neon Sign Artwork 

Believe it or not, pink has become one of the most favorable colors nowadays. A Kissing Face pink neon sign can look best in rooms, especially your bedroom. This brightly-colored emoji neon sign allows you to relax and release anxiety. You can enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage while immersing yourself in a magical world.

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Natural emoji neon signs 

Let's move to another type of emoji LED neon sign. As a nature lover, a natural emoji neon sign is an ideal option for you. It’s a good way to bring light to your home as well as add a sense of refreshment to it. Unlike traditional gas neon signs, this modern one is super energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Potted Cactus Emoji LED Neon SignPotted Cactus Emoji LED Neon Sign

If you don’t have a lot of time to keep your houseplants alive, let's consider a Potted Cactus neon sign. A natural emoji neon sign won't take you time to take care of it. Besides, it can bring nature into your house. This way, you can feel energized and relaxed.  

Palm Tree LED Neon Sign

Palm Tree LED Neon Sign 

Colors have a key role in boosting people’s moods thoroughly. Obviously, each color produces diverse effects. While the pink neon sign immerses you in a magical scene, a green neon sign will bring to mind a refreshing feeling. It also allows you to recharge your energy after a long day at work.

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The Earth LED Neon Sign

The Earth LED Neon Sign 

For customers who seeking environmentally conscious products, Zanvis Neon provides eco-friendly products that suit your needs perfectly. Not only do they make your place look more attractive but also bring refreshing energy. A green light also lifts up your energetic spirits and helps increase your focus. If you haven't purchased this yet, please do! 

Food emoji neon sign  

If you are owning a restaurant, then go for this food emoji neon sign. Needless to say, this concept will add a personality to your brand as well as add a pop of color to it. Neon signs are certainly an ideal way to grab pedestrians' attention and leave a strong imprint on them.

Mango Emoji LED Neon Acrylic ArtworkMango Emoji LED Neon Acrylic Artwork 

Because ideas are endless, you can freely opt for special, yet glorious emoji neon signs that fit your needs. They are splendid decor that can set a tone for your house as well as your business. If you want your store to stand out from the competition, try hanging an emoji LED neon sign on the front door! In this way, it can draw people’s attention from afar effortlessly. Also, it’s a great opportunity for your guests to take a photo of your restaurant.

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Burger LED Neon Acrylic ArtworkBurger LED Neon Acrylic Artwork 

What can be better than hanging a well-made neon sign with your restaurant’s signature dish in your area? Not only it can be used as a decoration but also make the guests aware of what food you are offering. With such unique decor, your business can turn into an incredible place for them to spend time.

Red Apple Emoji LED Neon SignRed Apple Emoji LED Neon Sign 

How about hanging a Red Apple emoji LED neon sign in your greengrocer's? This fierce red radiant of emoji neon sign hung on the black wall can create a striking impact. It will turn your space into a piece of art that allows people to admire your store's signature decor.  

Hand symbol emojis

Let's move to hand symbol emojis. If you are a text-message lover, then you must know there are various hand emojis to express emotions effortlessly and smoothly. A hand symbol emoji can feature congratulations, confirmations, or excitement. Depending on personal preferences, you can choose a unique one that works for you.

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OK Hand Emoji LED Neon Acrylic Artwork

OK Hand Emoji LED Neon Acrylic Artwork 

OK Hand emoji is absolutely a universal sign. It's now being used as a way to confirm information or acknowledge a message. Furthermore, it can be used when you want to let someone know you are totally great.

Index Pointing At The Viewer Emoji LED Neon SignIndex Pointing At The Viewer Emoji LED Neon Sign

This blue light will look great above a couch, or in any space whether that's at home or corporate space. If you are looking for a way to boost your work morale, this one is definitely a great idea. 

Besides, this hand symbol emoji neon sign can be used as a direction. You can hang it inside your restaurant to help the guests find their way around. With this, you can enhance their experience at the highest level. 

Call Me Hand Neon Emoji

Call Me Hand Neon Emoji 

Give this Call Me Hand directly to your significant other. This way, it will remind them to give you a call whenever they see it. Not only it helps spice up your relationship but also transforms your space into a cozy, yet fascinating room.

Heart Hands Neon EmojiHeart Hands Neon Emoji

If you are shy about confessing love to your loved one, then use this hand symbol emoji neon sign. It is not only a meaningful gift but also to convey your feelings to them. Whether you are in tough times or not, a heart hand neon sign can keep the relationship going further.

Thumbs Up Emoji LED Neon SignThumbs Up Emoji LED Neon Sign

While the thumbs down features something that is not good enough or a very bad option, the thumbs up express approval. At Zanvis Neon, we always give you a free installation kit and guides so installing will be a piece of cake. 

Victory Hand Emoji LED Neon Acrylic Artwork

Victory Hand Emoji LED Neon Acrylic Artwork 

Colorful Victory Hand Emoji Neon SignColorful Victory Hand Emoji Neon Sign

As you may know, a V-sign stands for victory in North America. But in Britain, it is considered a rude gesture. So, before you give this symbol neon sign to someone, don’t forget to think carefully. Obviously, no one wants to be misunderstood.  

To sum up, an emoji neon sign not only brings light to your house but also makes a great statement about your personality. If you want to customize a unique and signature one, let us know. With our creative designer team, Zanvis Neon will turn your idea into reality ASAP. So, let's make up your mind. 

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