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Scientists have shown that interacting with animals helps boost moods and recharge energy, allowing us to have fun and avoid stress. While caring for pets may take a lot of effort and time, an animal neon sign is a pleasant substitute. A well-made, yet high-quality animal neon sign can last at least 15 years, capturing precisely the image you've always strived for. If you're looking for inspiration to get started, explore this article! 

1. Pet neon signs

Animals play an integral role in our life that can elevate moods and simultaneously reduce people's stress. If you're not ready for a dog or a cat, consider an animal neon sign. It is a great way to demonstrate precisely your favorite pet as well as add life to your space. It's indeed a great addition to your home, and you won't ever regret purchasing it.


A Glaring Of Cats Pet Neon Sign

A Glaring Of Cats Pet Neon Sign

Do you want to go a little out of the box? Then opt for this cute, yet eye-catching pet neon sign. This creative way allows you not to have only one pet but four instead. The luminous and stylish look of the A Glaring Of Cats pet neon sign will go well wherever you hang it. The radiant blue light exudes warmth and happiness, creating a comfy zone that allows you to stay in and have some funs.

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Sailor Moon Cat LED Neon Sign Sailor Moon Cat LED Neon Sign 

If you and your kids are big fans of the Sailor Moon series, then this Sailor Moon Cat LED neon sign is a great present that you should invest in. Surely you won’t be disappointed when hanging it in your home. Not only you can use it as home decor but also as a light source that’ll illuminate your space. The Sailor Moon Cat LED neon sign can be customized freely, using a spectrum of colors that suits your preference.

Walking Cat Pet Neon Sign Walking Cat Pet Neon Sign 

Chilling Cat Animal LED Neon Sign Chilling Cat Animal LED Neon Sign 

If you already have a furry friend but are still looking for one more, these pet neon signs will be perfect. The stunning designs of these neon signs will light up the whole space and add joy to your area. Also, this unique item will become a new best friend of your furry friends. The more friend they have, the better!

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Dog Pet LED Neon Sign Dog Pet LED Neon Sign 

The cute look of this Dog Pet LED neon sign is a perfect addition to your space. Its fiery red light will surely spice up the atmosphere, giving you and your loved one a chance to have heartwarming talks. With the wireless remote control, users can adjust the brightness of the LED neon sign as they please, delivering the right amount that suits their needs.

Best Dog Dad Ever Neon Sign Best Dog Dad Ever Neon Sign 

Nothing screams for congratulations more than the Best Dog Dad Ever neon sign if your furry friend has just become a father. A splendid pet neon sign will be so perfect for your home. This way, you no longer settle for a monotonous space, letting you dive into the charming and comfortable zone.

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Naughty Rabbit Pet Neon SignNaughty Rabbit Pet Neon Sign

This is a good-looking, yet high-quality pet neon sign that you can't miss. Try hanging this artwork in your bedroom to lighten up your space and upgrade its overall look. We bet that nothing can add colors pop into your area better than the brightly-colored Naughty Rabbit pet neon sign. The animal neon sign will be a keepsake for your best friend if they always crave a cuteness rabbit.  

Playboy Bunny Pet Neon Sign

Playboy Bunny Pet Neon Sign 

White Rabbit Pet Neon Sign

White Rabbit Pet Neon Sign 

It's high time to add colors and contentment to your room. While you don’t have a chance to get a real pet then an animal neon sign is good as well. For the rabbit designs, we have multiple great options in the Animal Collection that you can choose from. If nothing can showcase your style, drop us your requirements. Zanvis Neon has a highly-skilled creative team that can turn your vision into life in a fraction of the time.  

2. Wild animal neon signs

Why not art up the space with a stylish, yet energy-efficient and affordable animal neon sign? This is a splendid way to add life to your home and transform it into a cozy spot that allows you to have some sweet talks. Also, this could be a unique gift for your significant others. 

An animal neon sign captures not only the look of a pet but also other wild animals. There are a lot of well-designed wild animal neon signs, such as fox neon signs, elephant neon signs, etc., turning your space into a piece of art. If you're ready to get your very own artwork, keep scrolling down!

Fox Animal Neon Sign

Fox Animal Neon Sign 

As you don't have enough time to take care of a pet, then animal neon signs are a great option that you should consider. This ideal decor item illuminates your space and evokes an intimate and positive feel. Also, it will go well with your house theme if you have a simple lifestyle.  


Howling Wolf LED Neon Sign


If your favorite animal is a wolf, but you can't bring it home, then this Howling Wolf LED neon sign is made just for you. The neon sign is designed in detail, showing the majesty of wolves. The animal neon signs from our collection all have 8+ lighting settings and 5 sizes that you can freely choose.

Sleepy Fox LED Neon Sign

Sleepy Fox LED Neon Sign 

The Sleepy Fox LED neon sign's cuteness is a hit with everyone. The animal neon sign is made of robust materials that can last at least 15 years. Also, it consumes less energy than the traditional gas neon, helping you decorate your home on a budget. The less energy the neon sign requires, the better!

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Kangaroo LED Neon SignKangaroo LED Neon Sign 

Elephant Animal LED Neon SignElephant Animal LED Neon Sign 

Besides pet neon signs, you can customize any animal you are fond of. As purchased at Zanvis Neon, your orders include a wireless remote to dim or increase the brightness of the neon sign. For customers who are sensitive to harsh lighting that the LED neon sign is a perfect option that you can go for. The warmly-colored neon sign helps increase the quality of your sleep. This way, you can recharge your energy after a long day at work.  

3. Customized animals neon sign

Let's fulfill your wishlist with customized neon signs. A one-of-a-kind neon sign not only showcases your style but also makes a statement for you. You can become an artist while customizing a stylish and brilliant animal neon sign. Send us your hand-drawn sketch and let our highly-skilled craftsmen get your back! 

Magical Unicorn Neon SignMagical Unicorn Neon Sign

Dabbing Unicorn Neon SignDabbing Unicorn Neon Sign

A brightly-lit unicorn neon sign is a pleasant way to bring light to your home. Additionally, with its creative look, the neon sign will exude contentment that will delight you highly. The unicorn neon sign is customizable, so feel free to make one that upgrades the look of your area to the next level. 

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The Butterfly LED Neon Sign The Butterfly LED Neon Sign 

As you live independently, try adding life to your space, keeping you away from anxiety and easing your loneliness. A bright-lit Butterfly LED neon sign brightens the whole area and jazz up the atmosphere. What's more, the LED neon sign super is super eco-friendly. Thanks to its long lifespan, you don't have to repaint or repurchase, not cause harm to the environment. 

Whale LED Neon SignWhale LED Neon Sign 

Shark LED Neon Sign Shark LED Neon Sign 

If you are a marine lover, then nothing better than these customized neon signs. They are suitable for both external and internal use. Not only it can be hung on a blank wall, along the corridor, or even at the entrance. Wherever you are going to hang it, these animal neon signs grab people's attention and leave an imprint on them.

All in all, an animals neon sign is not only customizable but also functional. It can be used as a special gift, home decor, etc. It will emit neither harsh nor dark light, giving you pleasant lighting that is safe for eyesight. Don't waste time hesitating anymore! Shop now and let an animal neon sign do wonders for you. 

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