custom neon sign décor for your wedding

Wedding neon signs are colorful and modern décor options for your upcoming big day. Their vibes add retro touch to your wedding, while the vibrant neon color exudes playful feels. Custom neon signs for weddings allow you to be the designer for your day, while serving as a useful decor item, to tell stories, convey feelings and direct guests. If you want neon signs to light up your wedding, check out these inspos for a memorable event!

1. Surname custom neon signs as eye-catching backdrop

Weddings aren’t the same without the gorgeous lit-up backdrop. It gives you and your guests abundant opportunities to strike a pose and add to their Insta stories. Be creative with neon signs decor! Make your statement with this! Engrave your surname on the sign, be wild and let it rock your day!

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The Gustafson’s wedding neon sign

The Gustafson’s wedding neon sign

This couple looks so in love! And also how the picture turns out amazing with nThe Gustafson’s wedding neon sign glowing in the backdrop. The vibrant hue of red neon looks strikingly eye-catching on the wooden pallet. Strike a passionate kiss with our custom wedding neon signs!

The Bradfords wedding neon signThe Bradfords wedding neon sign

This couple decided to get a surname neon sign for their wedding arbor and they loved it! If you’re planning to throw a country wedding like these two lovebirds, let’s light up the wooden arbor with a gorgeous neon sign! Breathtaking view to share a passionate kiss with your beloved partner, right?

The Walterscheids wedding neon sign

The Walterscheids wedding neon sign

Neon signs make perfect addition to any types of wedding backdrop. Look at how this surname neon sign illuminates the plain greenery wall, while giving it a color pop. Stunning scene to share a passionate kiss with your future spouse! Don’t be afraid! Customize your wedding neon signs, place them on the wedding backdrop and show the love! It’s your day, and you are the main character.

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The Connollys wedding neon sign

The Connollys wedding neon sign

Neon signs are  eye-catching display to your venue. If placed on the metal frame behind bride and groom’s reception seats, the sign just draws attention to the main characters, while adding accent to the entire decor scheme. 

The Barnes wedding neon signThe Barnes wedding neon sign

Raise your glass of champagne, look into your partner’s eyes and strike a cute pose for the pic! So mesmerizing and dreamy, like a scene straight out of a romantic Hollywood movie. The warm white neon sign reflects the magical light onto the bride and groom’s face, adding a bit of shimmering into the scene. How ethereal!

The Johfsons wedding neon signThe Johfsons wedding neon sign

Dried flowers wrapped beautifully around the entrance frame does serve the look for a country rustic wedding. If you ever feel like it needs some more accent, do consider neon signs as amazing lighting source. Hanging your custom wedding neon sign on the wedding entrance not only brightens up the atmosphere, but also adds fun to the atmosphere. Who doesn’t want fun on their wedding day?

Van Heerden Wedding neon signVan Heerden Wedding neon sign

Warm white neon signs looks majestic on a mahogany wooden pallet. Share a passionate kiss with your spouse under this magical lights feels like a love dream come true.

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Meyer EST.2021 wedding neon sign

Meyer EST.2021 wedding neon sign

The Gillespies wedding neon signThe Gillespies wedding neon sign

The Reynolds wedding neon sign

The Reynolds wedding neon sign

After the wedding, neon signs can be used as meaningful keepsakes. Hang this sign in a special corner at home. as illuminating home decor. You’ll be reminded of your love as you grow old with your spouse. One day your kids get married, you get to pass this on to their weddings. Neon signs are handcrafted from robust materials and built to last, so they can normally last up to 15 years if kept in good condition. 

2. Mr & Mrs custom neon sign for weddings

Mr & Mrs wedding neon signMr & Mrs wedding neon sign

This cut-to-board Mr & Mrs wedding neon sign adds a cool and modern touch to your wedding entrance. If you plan to have a simple entrance, then get a neon sign to enhance aesthetics. A clever way to polish your big day, while saving the bank for the next adventure.

Mr & Mrs wedding neon sign

Mr & Mrs wedding neon sign

Featuring Mr & Mrs in neon light on the florally adorned wooden frame is a great approach to an impressive, yet cost-saving wedding decor. Look extraordinary on a budget has never been so easy with neon signs. Plan to throw a beach wedding? Even better, cause this decor style screams for a beach wedding!

Mr & Mrs wedding neon signMr & Mrs wedding neon sign

Illuminating neon signs on forested backdrop make your woodland fairy wedding dreams come true.  If you’re planning to exchange your vows under a canopy of trees, forested woodland  is the ideal venue. Make sure you adorn your arch with pampas grass decor and finish up with a bright neon sign in the background.

Mr & Mrs wedding neon signMr & Mrs wedding neon sign

Hang Mr & Mrs wedding neon signs in your bedroom or in a corner in your living room to light up the whole place. You’ll enjoy a good break from regular lighting and immerse in magical lights, while savoring those sweet moments from the most special day of your life.

Mr & Mrs wedding neon signMr & Mrs wedding neon sign

Neon light looks magical in the darkness, doesn’t it? Perfect lighting for the photo booth. Guaranteed with neon signs, your pictures will turn out amazing!

Mr & Mrs wedding neon signMr & Mrs wedding neon sign

In love with this color scheme! White twinkling lights, warm yellow neon signs, blue wedding cakes and the iconic black and white of a suit and wedding dress. All elements blend and highlight each other well against the brownish wooden backdrop. Imagine you and your spouse share a passionate kiss under this scene! A dream comes true, indeed. 

3. First name custom neon signs

Monica & Peter wedding neon signMonica & Peter wedding neon sign

This couple in Texas wanted a name neon sign for their big day. After working with them, this is the final result. Gorgeous illuminating neon sign displayed on the wooden pallet and the couple loved it! A truly impressive backdrop for wedding ceremony and photo booth. 

Ali + Max wedding neon signAli + Max wedding neon sign

Customize your neon sign to brighten up those cocktail hours. Feature your names in the front of your wedding bar. This new addition brings a modern touch to your bar decor, while making you and your spouse the center of attention. 

Ashley & Justin wedding neon signAshley & Justin wedding neon sign

Red custom neon sign, along with twinkling lights add a romantic mood lighting to the whole decor scheme. The brick backdrop enhances the appearance further, giving retro and modern vibes at the same time. Wrap up this ethereal  look with some fresh flowers on the side of the metal frame. Simple, but so sleek!

4. Custom neon signs displaying your initials

D & T wedding neon signD & T wedding neon sign

Need some warm glow at your wedding. Let custom neon signs do the job for you! Handcrafted, superb quality, customizable and super effective at emitting neon lights. Looking for a lighting option that ticks all the boxes. Pick this sign!

J&K wedding neon signJ&K wedding neon sign

Strike a pose with our glowing neon sign displaying your initials! Share this meaningful moment with your soon-to-be spouse. I’m sure this’ll help you make the best out of this big day. Seriously, take a look at these two lovebirds! They surely cannot hide their overwhelming joy with yellow neon reflecting on their gorgeous faces.

B&C wedding neon signB&C wedding neon sign

Custom neon signs is a versatile decor item that can give it a modern look, and add celebratory accent to the whole party. Free-spirited couples, watch out for this cool decor!

A&C wedding neon signA&C wedding neon sign

Light up the reception table with your initials neon sign within a heart-shaped frame! What a way to impress your guests with this decor! You’ve attended lots of weddings already, and no one has ever incorporated this sign into their decorations. No one wants their wedding to look like the other 100. Be the pioneer for your wedding!

You gotta agree with me that custom neon signs for wedding make your day extra brighter and more special. Now that all is said and done, it’s high time you customize one wedding neon sign for your big day. Stop hesitating! Use our online neon sign customiser and we’ll make your big day the happiest time of your life!