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Whether you’re a freelance or a full timer, gorgeous bedroom neon sign ideas are something to die for. Not only do they introduce a color pop into your somber space, making it a great spot for snuggling up, but also enhance your sleep quality. More and more home owners are starting to use neon signs to decorate their bedroom, and you’re next. But first, let’s check out this article on the neon signs for the bedroom to get inspired for your upcoming neon sign decor project!

1. Couple's bedroom

Whether you’re just married, or celebrating 20-year anniversary, the right bedroom neon sign will spice up your marriage life, and make you both happy. We’ve spent more time in the bedroom than ever before. If your bedroom decor doesn’t fill your hearts with joy, and treat your eyes, it’s a loss. Make up for this loss by hanging a gorgeous neon sign in your favorite spot. Lights up, Lie down and enjoy! 

We know each couple has different sets of preferences, we’ve hand-picked every neon sign for bedroom based on your personality. Scroll down to see what tickles your fancy and looks just perfect in that empty space!

1.1 The couple with strong personality

If you’re a couple with vibrant and fun personality love adding bursts of color into your bland room. Oftentimes, the grey walls, white sofa and other neutral-colored  furniture that you have may be the root of the problem why you don’t feel yourselves in your own home, or constantly feel drained of energy. Create a bedroom space that fuels and uplifts you. Customize neon signs for bedroom to infuse your home with your personality in your own sacred space. But first, let’s browse through a list of cool bedroom neon signs below to add character to your space, without breaking the bank.

Lips dripping LED Neon Sign

Lips dripping LED Neon Acrylic Artwork

Add a sense of playfulness into your bedroom to encourage those role-play sessions. Not only with this piece of neon artwork spice up those moments, but also provide an environment and feels right and nurture your character.  

Kiss Bedroom Neon Sign

Kiss Bedroom Neon Sign

Does your mind immediately play back to those romantic, intimate moments with your lover once your eyes stumbled upon this gorgeous Kiss Bedroom Neon Sign? Yes, this neon sign has the power to awaken your imagination, and open land to the impossible in love. If you’re looking for a light-up decor that can spice up the atmosphere inside the bedroom, definitely consider this one for that empty spot at home. 



Everyone loves a good compliment. No matter whether you’re married, or simply living together, a compliment on how your partner looks today goes a long way. Besides making their day, this BABE YOU LOOK SO COOL Neon Sign deepens the bond between you and that person as time passes by. Let each other feel loved and appreciated in each other’s presence, and create a beautiful home together. 

Oh Baby Bedroom Neon Sign

This Oh Baby Bedroom Neon Sign can be understood in many ways. One of which is to hang at your baby shower, or kids’ birthday. Another use of this is to install this bright illuminating neon light to brighten up your party, whether it’s a friendly party or wedding afterparty. This new addition will guarantee to break the ice, get everyone up dancing and enjoy the wonderful time. 

After the party ends, couples can bring this home, to hang in their bedroom. This is one brilliant way to create extra light for reading as well as jazz up the atmosphere during hot play time. 

Shit happens Get over it Bedroom Neon Sign

Taste of Love Acrylic Artwork Bedroom Neon Sign

This Taste of Love Acrylic Artwork displaying a beautiful pair of lips, with a cigar is perfect for everyone, especially free-spirited and creative couples. No need to use a lot of words, a single piece of neon artwork is enough to really make a statement and add an accent to your space.

1.2 The couple loves romance

With neon signs, designing your bedroom around the romantic concept doesn’t have to be a challenge. With a bit of pink, and sensual designs all lit up in magical, divine neon light, you will instantly become the owner of one of the most romantic bedroom ever. Scroll down to see how these couples spiced up their bedrooms with customized neon sign of their choice.  

Ray & Iissy Bedroom Neon Sign

T & S Bedroom Neon Sign

To the moon & back Bedroom Neon Sign

la vie en rose Bedroom Neon Sign

All you need is love Bedroom Neon Sign

Neon lights really transform the ambiance of the bedroom however you like. A sexy lips neon sign spices up the relationship between you and your spouse. No need to waste thousands bucks on a lavish dinner date, overpriced champagne bottle. Save money and get a gorgeous lighting decor that lasts years. Get your hands first on this wonderful piece of art. 

1.3 The couples love simplicity

Starting off can be overwhelming since there are millions of  dazzling bedroom neon sign ideas to choose from. However, Zanvis Neon suggests you start with something simple instead of big neon signs for the bedroom. Something that brings you joy and represents your love. Bedroom neon signs can display your married names, or the cute nicknames you call each other, or positive quotes and two hearts’ shape. They serve as a constant reminder of your sweet bond as you and your partner grow into each other. Let’s look at how these couples utilized neon signs for decorating their bedrooms!

Two hearts  Bedroom Neon Sign

String of hearts Bedroom Neon Sign

LET’S STAY HOME Bedroom Neon Sign

“Good Vibes Only” bedroom neon signs

It is time for a statement to be made. No more toxic relationships or self-sabotaging habits. Let go of the sufferings your surroundings inflict upon you and only good vibes are accepted. Fire up that order now button, and bring  “Good vibes only” neon sign home right now!

Life is beautiful Bedroom Neon Sign

la vie est magnifique bedroom neon sign

2. Single person's bedroom

Let me guess! If you’re scrolling down here, chances are you’re still spending Christmas all by yourself. Being single is never the dead-end. In fact, it’s an amazing opportunity to get to know yourself and build that healthy relationship with the person you’re looking at in the mirror. Once that understanding is established, let’s get to work with some representation! Customize your own neon sign that reflects your personality and adds a sense of playfulness to your bedroom! You’ll see how it rocks!

2.1 Single Woman

Custom neon signs  add personal touch to your space. By hanging name neon sign in the corner, and see it glows everyday helps boost self-love and self-esteem. If you’re a sassy kind of woman, great! Let’s infuse more sass into your bland bedroom with sassy quotes, like BE A BADASS WITH A GOOD ASS or TEA, YES YOU MAYBE. 

Need GIRL POWER in your space! Let’s empower the atmosphere using powerful and energizing quotes. Besides all of those, neon signs for bedroom act as secondary souce of light. You can either set it up by the bedside table as bedside light if you prefer to keep your walls bare. Second brilliant way to decorate this is hang them on the empty walls! Make sure to pick a bold-colored and make this space pop when you need to. To induce sleep, choose blue above all else!

Akiera bedroom neon sign

There’s nothing better than waking up the next morning and seeing your custom name glowing on the bedroom wall. You’ll feel confident and bold all day long knowing that you’re special and there’s only one you in the entire world. Neon name signs uplift you, giving you the confidence that no matter what happened yesterday. Today is a fresh start and you’re gonna unlock new achievements. 

Mackenzie Bedroom Neon Sign


Hello Gorgeous Bedroom Neon Sign


Do whatever makes you happy Bedroom Neon Sign

GIRL POWER Bedroom Neon Sign

tea, yes you, maybe Bedroom Neon Sign

‘Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream Bedroom Neon Sign

Beauty Pose LED Neon Sign

Do you always crave creativity and freedom? If yes, then everything must start from you and your environment. It is hard to be creative when your living space is boring. Decorate your bedroom with this sensual Beauty Pose LED Neon Sign and start seeing changes in your world. This timeless piece of visual art displaying the ethereal beauty of female species will surely revive the creative and free forces within you. 

Cat lying Bedroom Neon Sign

2.2 Single Man

Enjoy a variety of tasteful and sophisticated neon signs from our bedroom neon sign collection. Utilize these gorgeous signs to add color pops to your space. We all know your space has enough gray, white and black already, so feel free to introduce some bright colors into your aesthetically lacking place. We have compiled some of the best bedroom neon signs that would be perfect for your pad. Come take a look!

DON’T QUIT Bedroom Neon Sign

King Crown Bedroom Neon Sign

We’re all gracious, brave and committed human beings, so we deserve to wear this crown on our head. This Crown Led Neon Sign will surely put a smile on you or whoever you intend to give this to in the near future. Let your loved ones know that they’re forever loved and treasured in our hearts by gifting them this one-of-a-kind Crown Led Neon Sign

King and crown Bedroom Neon Sign

inspired af Bedroom Neon Sign

Just relax Bedroom Neon Sign

Peace sign Bedroom Neon Sign

Hand of God Bedroom Neon Sign

3. Children's bedroom

Create a magical wonderland for your kids’ bedroom just by affordable, high quality handcrafted neon signs. They let your kids design their own neon light without hurting your bank account. We all know kids can run wild sometimes with their ideas, but neon signs always stay within the realm of possibility.  A moon neon sign can shine bright, giving the impression that they’re floating in the universe. This is great to curl up with a good book. Neon signs for bedroom also add playful and fun vibes into the room, creating the perfect play space for them and their friends.  Browse through some of the most brilliant neon signs for kids’ bedroom below and find your own calling!

3.1 Girl’s bedroom

Neon signs in pinks and pastels are so popular among girls. However, you don’t have to conform to the traditional stereotypes if you don't want. Bedroom neon signs are available in a range of shapes, sizes, colors and fonts, so feel free to customize your own that reflects your individual personalities. Whether you’re pink-loving princess, or a playgirl, pour all your ideas into our online built-in neon sign generator and cook up a brand new neon sign to refresh your bedroom scene! We’ve rounded the most stunning neon signs for girls’ bedroom below, take a look and get inspired!

CHARLIE Bedroom Neon Sign

Unicorn Bedroom Neon Sign

Scorpio Bedroom Neon Sign

Butterfly Bedroom Neon Sign

Smiley faces Bedroom Neon Sign

Moon Bedroom Neon Sign

Sweet Dreams Bedroom Neon Sign

Mario Mushroom Bedroom Neon Sign

3.2 Boy's bedroom

Your boys’ bathroom should look and feel like the boy who is living in it. That means everything should be designed to accommodate his needs and personality. Give the room a playful appeal, and thus make him feel safe and secure. If your boy loves playing video games, get him a GAME CONTROLLER neon sign. If he’s a space boy whose dream is to become an astronaut, display a few PLANET, or ASTRONAUT FISHING Neon Sign on the bedroom wall to brighten up the atmosphere. For footballers, a SOCCER BALL Neon Sign would really put a smile on their face every time they see it. 

Game controller Bedroom Neon Sign

Planet Bedroom Neon Sign

Astronaut Sitting on planet Bedroom Neon Sign

Pac Man Bedroom Neon Sign

Soccer ball Bedroom Neon Sign

So that's our best picks on +45 brilliant bedroom neon sign ideas for bedroom decor. We hope you enjoy it and bring home your dream neon sign! If you want to customize one, go to custom request. 

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